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Zero era

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The Zero era is a fan-made term referring to media set in the fictional universe of Mega Man Zero, released in 2002 for the Game Boy Advance. It is the third era of the universe's original timeline, being a sequel to the X era now set in the year 23XX, chronicling the aftermath of the Elf Wars and the age of Neo Arcadia, a tyrannic dystopia that is fought against by rebels such as Zero and the Resistance.

In official Capcom material, this series is referred to as simply Mega Man Zero.


Elf Wars

After the X era, but still during the Maverick Wars, Zero put himself into stasis so his mysterious body could be researched. This research yielded Cyber-elf technology, most importantly the Mother Elf whom X used to delete the Sigma Virus and end the Maverick Wars.

However, this peace was short-lived. The scientist Dr. Weil secretly altered the Mother Elf into the evil Dark Elf, whose influence again turned Reploids to violence. In the resulting four years known as the Elf Wars, 60% of all humans and 90% of all Reploids perished, and the world was desolated. Weil was allowed to use Zero's dormant body to create Omega to stop the Dark Elf, but the two betrayed the world and intended to conquer it. To stop Weil and Omega, Zero's mind was uploaded into a replica body, and he worked with X to defeat Omega.

In the aftermath, Dr. Weil was exiled and Omega was launched into space. Zero chose to seal himself away again, fearing his own power. X founded a city-state called Neo Arcadia and created the Four Guardians to help govern and heal the planet. However, the Dark Elf continued to run amok. Eventually, X chose to sacrifice his body to seal her within a tower called Yggdrasil, becoming a Cyber-elf himself in the process.

Neo Arcadia sought to replace their missing leader, so the young scientist Ciel created Copy X. He ruled fairly for a time, but when an energy crisis hit, Copy X turned on the Reploids and began persecuting them for the sake of the humans. In response, an underground Resistance formed against his iron-fisted rule, with Ciel as their leader.

Mega Man Zero

Zero is awoken from his stasis by Ciel, who asks him to help fight the oppression of Neo Arcadia. Although he has lost much of his memory, Zero agrees and begins helping turn the tide in the Resistance's favor.

After infiltrating Neo Arcadia, Zero finally faces Copy X in person. Copy X sets the area to self-destruct upon his defeat, but Zero is whisked far away to safety by Cyber-elf X. However, he is now constantly hunted by Neo Arcadian forces.

Mega Man Zero 2

One year later, Zero finally collapses from fighting Neo Arcadians. He is returned to the Resistance by Sage Harpuia, where he meets their new general Elpizo, as Ciel has stepped back to develop a solution to the energy crisis. Zero remains wary of Elpizo's arrogance.

When Elpizo's plans fall apart, he goes insane and breaks into Yggdrasil to awaken the Dark Elf and destroy Neo Arcadia. Zero defeats Elpizo, but the Dark Elf escapes from its seal and flees to parts unknown.

Mega Man Zero 3

Ciel's project leads to a ceasefire between the Resistance and Neo Arcadia. However, Omega suddenly returns from space and reunites with Dr. Weil, who has rebuilt Copy X and now has his fingers in Neo Arcadia's leadership. The ceasefire ends, and a race begins to catch the Dark Elf.

Omega absorbs the Dark Elf and Zero fights him again, discovering he is the owner of his original body from years ago. Despite inhabiting a copy body, Zero finishes Omega, and watches the Dark Elf revert to the Mother Elf and vanish.

Mega Man Zero 4

Dr. Weil remains the ruler of Neo Arcadia, and civilians begin to flee. Zero and the Resistance meet a Caravan headed to Area Zero, a lush oasis in the wasteland. However, the Neo Arcadian commander Craft has begun an operation called Ragnarok to destroy it, forcing Zero to stop him.

With the true Ragnarok revealed to be an orbital laser cannon, Craft turns on Dr. Weil and destroys Neo Arcadia with it. Zero stops Craft's massacre, but Weil survives the attack and pilots Ragnarok to crush Area Zero. Zero and Weil fight one last time aboard the falling space laser, and although Zero ends him once and for all, he sacrifices himself and perishes in the satellite's explosion.

Two centuries later, the events of the ZX era occur.


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