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Fire Boy

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Enemy Info
MM6 - Fire Boy Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 6.
General information
Name(s):Fire Boy
Appearances:Mega Man 6
Game Info
Damage:3 (contact)
2 (flames)
Other Info
Similar Enemies:Changkey Maker, Fire Telly

Fire Boy[1] is an enemy appearing in Mega Man 6. It is a humanoid robot with a flame on its head (similar to Fire Man), which it can throw at will.

In the Games

Mega Man 6

in-game sprite.

In Mega Man 6, Fire Boys appear exclusively in the Oil Field (Flame Man) stage, where they are one of multiple enemy types that can interact with the stage's oil gimmick. They are stationary foes that hurl flames randomly in either a short or a somewhat longer arc, which disappear when they touch the ground. Though the flames can hurt Mega Man, the greatest threat stems from the Fire Boys' ability to ignite the oil pools they are often placed beside and turn them into fiery pits that act like instant-death spikes, a trait shared with the Fire Telly enemies found earlier in the stage.

Once the oil has been ignited, it never stops burning, even after Mega Man loses a life, making Fire Boys a rare example of an enemy that can permanently affect Mega Man's progression through the stage (unless the player restarts the stage entirely).

Official Data

Fire Boy appears under "Mega Man 6" in the Database in Mega Man Legacy Collection.

MM6 - Fire Boy Art.png Fire Boy
Modified from a stolen garbage-incinerating robot. It can turn an oil puddle into a sea of flames, so watch out.
HP 04 AT 03 MMLC - Icon Weakness.png MMLC - Icon Blizzard Attack.png

Related Enemies

  • Changkey Maker (Mega Man 2) - A stationary robot that throws flame-like Changkeys in a similar manner.
  • Fire Telly (Mega Man 6) - Another enemy that sets oil pools on fire.


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