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Magic Man

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Robot Master Info
MM&B - Magic Man Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man & Bass.
MM&B - Magic Man Portrait.png
Stage portrait(s).
General information
Name(s):Magic Man, Magicman
Group(s):Robot Masters
Appearances:Mega Man & Bass
Related Numbers:Serial Number: KGN-006
Mega Man & Bass CD: 087
Built by:Unclear, possibly King
Designer:Iwamoto Yoshihiro
Game Info
Weapon(s):Magic Card
Weakness(es):Tengu Blade
Stage(s):Magic Man's stage

Magic Man (or Magicman) is a Robot Master appearing in Mega Man & Bass and part of King's Army. He is a former member of the "King Army Circus Group" and enlisted to look cool, though his colleagues think of him as a geek due to his tendency to show off magic tricks, which he spends a lot of time researching.[1]

Magic Man is based on a stage magician and dressed in befitting attire, including a top-hat, tuxedo, bowtie, domino mask and baton, as well as large packs of playing cards for shoulder pads. His weapon, the Magic Card, allows him to flick cards that steal life energy and return to him, while his other attacks can cause enemies to appear.

In the Games

Mega Man & Bass

Boss sprite from Mega Man & Bass.

In Mega Man & Bass, Magic Man is among the five (out of the total eight) Robot Masters that appear in the second column and cannot be confronted until a connected Robot Master in the first column has been beaten. He appears as the bottom-most choice and is unlocked (together with Tengu Man) by defeating Ground Man.

Magic Man spends his fight quickly dashing back and forth between the walls, stopping to use one of his attacks every now and then or to counter-attack when he himself is hit. He has three attacks, all of which have further complexities to them:

His first attack to use at a distance is to fire either one, two or three glowing green orbs straight forward from his wand, which can be jumped over or slid under. If Mega Man/Bass shoots at a sphere, a Rompers (or multiple, depending on damage dealt) will appear from it, which sticks around until destroyed and can get in the way of shots or immobilise Mega Man/Bass long enough for a different attack to hit him.

His second attack is to jump straight up into the air and throw a yellow ball diagonally downward, aiming for Mega Man/Bass. When this ball hits something, it breaks open and releases three white doves, similar to a Pipi egg. This fly in circles and try to home in, but will eventually go off screen and take only a single shot each to defeat.

Finally, his trademark attack, the Magic Card, can only be used at a closer range. Magic Man will throw a card straight forward at a high speed, which returns to him in a straight line. If it connects, it will remove life energy from Mega Man/Bass (visualised as a large Energy pick-up) and bring it to Magic Man, restoring two points of his health. (Unlike Mega Man/Bass when he receives the weapon, he can only throw the cards forward.)

Though he takes 2 damage from the Wave Burner, Spread Drill and Lightning Bolt, Magic Man's primary weakness is the Tengu Blade, which deals 3 damage to him at a distance, but 4 when used as a slash attack. The latter will also temporarily cut him in half and make him drop his cards, though this does not change his pattern apart from stunning (and thus interrupting) him. Defeating him grants Mega Man/Bass the Magic Card, which he can throw upwards as well as straight ahead and returns any items it touches to him.

Battle Network era

Magic Man has a NetNavi equivalent in MagicMan.EXE, a very different take on his concept that is based on a classic wizard rather than a modern magician. He appears as a major boss in the first Mega Man Battle Network, operated by Lord Wily's right-hand man, the monk Yahoot.

Additionally, the NetNavi HatMan.EXE from the Japan-only Rockman.EXE mobile phone games was based on his Robot Master design, despite not sharing the name.

Official Data

Mega Man & Bass CD

As with other Robot Masters that are part of the Mega Man & Bass boss lineup, Magic Man's CD is hidden in his own stage. It is hidden in the ground directly after the Shishi Roll miniboss room, requiring Mega Man and Rush Search to uncover.

087 Magic Man
MM&B - CD - Magic Man.png He loves to amaze people with magic and tricks and has recently practiced fortune-telling. GOOD POINT:
Hard worker
"Can you detect the trick?!" DISLIKE:
Revealing too much

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Magic Man is one of a few Robot Masters with a "toy" or amusement park stage theme. Others include:


  1. Mega Man & Bass English Instruction Booklet, "KGN 006 Magic Man" - "Formerly with the King Army Circus Group, Magic Man enlisted in King's army (he thought it would make him look cooler). He is always showing off magic card tricks to other troops, so actually he is considered something of a geek. He puts a lot of effort into researching his magic tricks, but few people think of him as a hard worker."