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Top Man

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Robot Master Info
MM3 - Top Man Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 3.
Portrait from Mega Man 3. Portrait from The Wily Wars.
Stage portrait(s).
General information
Name(s):Top Man, Topman
Group(s):Robot Masters
Appearances:Mega Man 3, Mega Man II, Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Related Numbers:Serial Number: DWN-021
Mega Man & Bass CD: 021
Built by:Dr. Light and Dr. Wily
Designer:Yasushi Konjiki
Game Info
Weapon(s):Top Spin
Weakness(es):Hard Knuckle
Stage(s):Top Man's stage (Mega Man 3), Top Man's stage (Mega Man II)

Top Man (or Topman) is a Robot Master first appearing in Mega Man 3. He is one of the Robot Masters created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily to search alien worlds for energy crystals so they could power their peace-keeping robot, Gamma. Like his fellow Robot Masters, he becomes part of Dr. Wily's evil plan, and has since been cast as a villain in most of his appearances.

Top Man is fashioned after a spinning top and is able to produce several copies of the toy from his head. He is also the master of the Top_Spin, which allows him to spin around very quickly and become invincible for its duration.

In the Games

Mega Man 3

Boss sprite from Mega Man 3.

In Mega Man 3, Top Man is one of the main bosses that can be selected from the start and the fifth listed on the stage select screen, in reading order. Despite being based on a spinning top, his stage has a greenhouse theme, with only a few top-themed enemies.

In battle, Top Man attacks by launching three tops into the air, which spin in midair for a while before flying down directly at Mega Man. He then begins to spin around in place, deflecting Mega Man's attacks, before rapidly whirling to the other side of the room, forcing Mega Man to jump over him. He will repeat this pattern with no variation until he is defeated, making him very predictable.

Though Top Man is weak to the Hard Knuckle, which deals 7 damage to him, he is also one of two Robot Masters in Mega Man 3 to take double damage from the Mega Buster, the other being Magnet Man. Like all of Mega Man 3's Robot Masters, he also takes 4 damage from his own weapon during his Teleporter Room rematch. Defeating him grants Mega Man the Top Spin, which functions as a short, damage-dealing twirl when used by the player.

Mega Man II

Boss sprite from Mega Man II.

In Mega Man II on the Game Boy, Top Man is one of the second batch of Robot Masters, accessible via the top-right teleporter hatch in Dr. Wily's fortress. His stage is fashioned after his original one, apart from the addition of water.

Top Man retains his weakness to the Hard Knuckle, though it now deals only 4 damage and he is no longer exceptionally weak to the Mega Buster. As before, defeating him yields the Top Spin.

Battle Network era

Top Man has a NetNavi equivalent in TopMan.EXE, reinterpreted as an old and poorly made Navi prone to malfunctioning. He first appears as a tournament opponent in Mega Man Battle Network 4 (both versions) with his operator, the elderly top maker Tensuke Takumi.

Super Smash Bros. series

Name Source Game Weapon Assist Trophy Smash Tour Item Boss Stage Mii Costume Enemy Trophy Spirit Music
Top Man Mega Man 3 Top Spin, Mega Man's Dash attack N/A N/A N/A Wily Castle (Wii U and Ultimate) N/A N/A N/A 890 - SSBU - Top Man.png File:SSBU - Top Man Stage.oga

File:SSBU - Mega Man 3 Retro Medley.oga

Official Data

Mega Man & Bass CD

Top Man's CD in Mega Man & Bass is located in Magic Man's stage. It is buried in the vertical section with bell ringer robots and can only be retrieved by Mega Man using Rush Search.

021 Top Man
MM&B - CD - Top Man.png Being equipped with the auto balance system, he can spin rapidly. GOOD POINT:
Ice skate
"You spin me right round, baby!!" DISLIKE:
A bad dancer

Mega Man Legacy Collection Database

Top Man appears under "Mega Man 3" in the Database in Mega Man Legacy Collection and is the fifth Robot Master listed for the game. Like other Robot Masters, he can be fought by pressing a designated button while viewing his data.

MM3 - Top Man Art.png Top Man
Spins at high speeds and has a shield system that renders incoming attacks ineffective. He's popular at New Year's, because he can produce toy tops from his head.
HP 28 AT 06 MMLC - Icon Weakness.png MMLC - Icon Hard Knuckle.png