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Capcom Times

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The Capcom Times is a newspaper seen in the Classic era. It appears to be a black-and-white or sepia publication that reports on important news stories. Its title references the Mega Man franchise's primary developer, Capcom.

In the Games

Classic era

Mega Man 6

A picture of the newspaper can be seen in the ending of Mega Man 6. It reports on Dr. Wily's arrest as its front page story, showing a picture of the evil scientist behind bars. Apart from the newspaper's title, the publication date (20XX) and Dr. Wily's name, all text is replaced with a dingbat font, making it impossible to read any of it. However, the fact that names are shown in English even in the Japanese version of the game may indicate that it is intended to be an English-language publication.

Mega Man 7

The newspaper appears again in the intro of Mega Man 7, which picks up where the previous game left off. The front page again shows a story about Wily's arrest, but now renders its title in full English as "Dr. Wily is arrested!!" and includes a small picture of Mega Man next to a photo of Wily. Most other text on the newspaper is again made unreadable, but uses a different font that resembles English letters in some sections and Japanese or Chinese writing in others.

Besides the front page story, two panels from a vertical comic strip called "CUTMAN 2" can also be seen. The strip apparently features Cut Man and Guts Man talking with speech balloons, but cannot be seen in any more detail.