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Mega Man X5

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Game Info
MMX5 - Box Art NA.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man X5, Megaman X5, Rockman X5
Release Date(s):
JP: November 30, 2000
NA: February 1, 2001
EU: August 3, 2001
JP: May 24, 2002
NA: August 20, 2002
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player

Mega Man X5, known in Japan as Rockman X5 (ロックマンX5, Rokkuman X5) is the fifth entry in the main X series, developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation in 2000-2001, and later ported to Windows in some regions.


Name Sprite Description
X File:MMX5 - X.png
Dr. Light File:MMX5 - Dr. Light.png via Hologram recorded messages
Alia File:MMX5 - Alia.png
Signas File:MMX5 - Signas.png
Douglas File:MMX5 - Douglas.png
Dynamo File:MMX5 - Dynamo.png
Lifesavor File:MMX5 - Lifesavor.png
Sigma File:MMX5 - Sigma.png
Zero File:MMX5 - Zero.png


Minor Enemies


Japanese Name English Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
X Zero X Zero
Burn Dinorex Mattrex File:MMX5 - Burn Dinorex.png Ground Fire Quake Blazer Wing Spiral W-Shredder
Crescent Grizzly Grizzly Slash File:MMX5 - Crescent Grizzly.png C-Shot C-Sword Spike Ball Twin Dream
Dark Necrobat Dark Dizzy File:MMX5 - Dark Necrobat.png Dark Hold F-Laser C-Flasher
Shining Firefly / Shining Hotarunius Izzy Glow File:MMX5 - Shining Firefly.png F-Laser C-Flasher Tri-Thunder E-Blade
Spike Rosered Axle the Red File:MMX5 - Spike Rosered.png Spike Ball Twin Dream Ground Fire Quake Blazer
Spiral Pegasus / Spiral Pegacion The Skiver File:MMX5 - Spiral Pegasus.png Wing Spiral W-Shreader Dark Hold
Tidal Whale / Tidal Makkoeen Duff McWhalen File:MMX5 - Tidal Whale.png Goo Shaver F-Splasher C-Shot C-Sword
Volt Kraken Squid Alder File:MMX5 - Volt Kraken.png Tri-Thunder E-Blade Goo Shaver F-Splasher

Mini Bosses



Name Sprite Description Weakness
X Zero
Black Devil File:MMX5 - Black Devil.png
Wall Eyes File:MMX5 - Wall Eyes.png
X File:MMX5 - X.png
Zero File:MMX5 - Zero.png
Sigma File:MMX5 - Sigma.png
Sigma Part 2 File:MMX5 - Sigma Part 2.png


For X

Name Sprite Description
X-Buster File:MMX5 - X-Bustet.png
C-Shot File:MMX5 - C-Shot.png
Dark Hold File:MMX5 - Dark Hold.png
F-Laser File:MMX5 - F-Laser.png
Goo Shaver File:MMX5 - Goo Shaver.png
Ground Fire File:MMX5 - Ground Fire.png
Spike Ball File:MMX5 - Spike Ball.png
Tri-Thunder File:MMX5 - Tri-Thunder.png
Wing Spiral File:MMX5 - Wing Spiral.png

For Zero

Name Sprite Description
Z-Saber File:MMX5 - Z-Saber.png
C-Sword File:MMX5 - C-Sword.png
C-Flasher File:MMX5 - C-Flasher.png
Dark Hold File:MMX5 - Dark Hold.png
Eclectic Blade File:MMX5 - Eclectic Blade.png
Frost Splasher File:MMX5 - Frost Splasher.png
Quake Blaker File:MMX5 - Quake Blaker.png
Twin Dreamer File:MMX5 - Twin Dreamer.png
Wing Shredder File:MMX5 - Wing Shredder.png



Name Sprite Description
Energy Pellet File:MMX5 - Energy Pellet.png
Energy Capsule File:MMX5 - Energy Capsule.png
Weapon Energy Pellet File:MMX5 - Weapon Energy Pellet.png
Weapon Energy Capsule File:MMX5 - Weapon Energy Capsule.png
1-Up File:MMX5 - 1-Up.png
Heart Tank File:MMX5 - Heart Tank.png
Sub-Tank File:MMX5 - Sub-Tank.png
EX Tank File:MMX5 - EX Tank.png


Name Sprite Description
Anti-Virus Guard File:MMX5 - Anti-Virus Guard.png
Burst Shot File:MMX5 - Burst Shot.png
Buster Plus File:MMX5 - .png
Hyper Dash File:MMX5 - Hyper Dash.png
Jump File:MMX5 - Jump.png
Quick Charge File:MMX5 - Quick Charge.png
Shock Buffer File:MMX5 - Shock Buffer.png
Shot eraser File:MMX5 - Shot eraser.png
Speed Shot File:MMX5 - Speed Shot.png
Speedster File:MMX5 - Speedster.png
Super Recover File:MMX5 - Super Recover.png
Ultimate Buster File:MMX5 - Ultimate Buster.png
Virus Buster File:MMX5 - Virus Buster.png
W-Energy Saver File:MMX5 - W-Energy Saver.png
Z-Saber Extend File:MMX5 - Z-Saber Extend.png


Relation to other games

Super Smash Bros. series

Name Source Game Weapon Assist Trophy Smash Tour Item Boss Stage Mii Costume Enemy Trophy Spirit Music
X Mega Man X, Mega Man X5 X-Buster - part of the Mii Costume, Mega Legends - part of Mega Man's Final Smash, also Mega Man's ability to Wall Jump N/A N/A N/A N/A X's Armor, X's Helmet N/A File:SSB4 - X.png 905 - File:SSBU - X.png, 906 - File:SSBU - Full Armor X.png File:SSBU - X vs ZERO.oga
Zero Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X5, Mega Man Zero N/A File:SSB4 - Zero.png N/A N/A N/A Zero's Armor, Zero's Helmet N/A File:SSBU - Zero.png 907 - File:SSBU - Zero (Zero Buster).png, 906 - File:SSBU - Zero (Z-Saber).png, File:SSB4 - Mega Man Zero.png File:SSBU - X vs ZERO.oga, File:SSBU - Zero (Theme of ZERO (from Mega Man X)).oga

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