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Mega Man X5

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Game Info
MMX5 - Box Art NA.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man X5, Megaman X5, Rockman X5
Release Date(s):
JP: November 30, 2000
NA: February 1, 2001
EU: August 3, 2001
JP: May 24, 2002
NA: August 20, 2002
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player

Mega Man X5, known in Japan as Rockman X5 (ロックマンX5, Rokkuman X5) is the fifth entry in the main X series, developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation in 2000-2001, and later ported to Windows in some regions.


Back from the dead, Sigma causes a huge explosion that spreads the Sigma Virus across the globe. To make matters worse, the giant space colony Eurasia begins to fall to the Earth. In response to the emergency, Hunter Base fights through mass panic to execute the Enigma and Space Shuttle operations to destroy Eurasia. However, this situation threatens to awaken the true Zero that X never knew: a fearsome Zero who burns with hostility towards him.[1]


Name Image Description
X MMX4 - X.gif X is a Reploid who leads the 17th Unit of the Maverick Hunters. Although as a Hunter he is ranked B-Class because he dislikes combat, he actually has ferocious fighting ability.[2]
Zero MMX4 - Zero.gif Zero is the leader of the Special 0 Unit and an SA-Class Maverick Hunter. He is always cool-headed and accomplishes his mission without slightest hesitation.[2]
Signas MMX5 - Signas Dialogue.png When the previous general of the Hunters resigned to take responsibility for the Repliforce war, Signas was selected for the general's post. Although his fighting abilities are not well-developed, he has the most precise CPU of all existing Reploids.[2]
Alia MMX5 - Alia Dialogue.png Alia started out as a researcher in Reploid engineering. She has mastered all programming languages and has extensive technical knowledge. She has been chosen as a navigator for the Hunters.[2]
Douglas MMX5 - Douglas Dialogue.png Douglas is a mechanic who makes and maintains everything for Hunters, from weapons and vehicles to facilities. He makes Power-Up Parts for X and Zero.[2]
Lifesaver MMX5 - Lifesaver.png Lifesaver supports the Hunters by doing maintenance on them and developing virus vaccines. He is suspicious of Zero's virus reaction.[2]
Dynamo MMX5 - Dynamo.gif Dynamo is a mercenary hired by an unknown agent. Though he is a troublemaker, his skills are higher than an SA-Class Hunter. He pesters X and Zero to disrupt their mission.[2]
Sigma MMX5 - Sigma.png Having returned once again, Sigma is the source of both the Eurasia and Sigma Virus disasters. He appears to be pushing X and Zero to their absolute limits in an attempt to finally break them.
Dr. Light MMX4 - Dr. Light.gif The creator of X, who has left Light Capsules to deliver Armor Parts to him, years after his own passing.


Minor Enemies

Name Image Description Stage(s)
Batton Bone B82 MMX5 - Batton Bone B82.png
Crusher NEO MMX5 - Crusher NEO.png
Death Press D MMX5 - Death Press D.png
Dejira MMX5 - Dejira.png
Dejira GR MMX5 - Dejira GR.png
Dragon Magma MMX5 - Dragon Magma.png
Eagle G MMX5 - Eagle G.png
Electric gate[conj.] MMX5 - Electric gate.png
Hotarion MMX5 - Hotarion.png
Hover Gunner MMX5 - Hover Gunner.png
Giga Death B MMX5 - Giga Death B.png
Gulpfer R MMX5 - Gulpfer R.png Tidal Whale's stage
Killer Sphere MMX5 - Killer Sphere.png
Mad Drill MMX5 - Mad Drill.png Crescent Grizzly's stage
Mad Taxi MMX5 - Mad Taxi.png
Metall T MMX5 - Metall T.png
Pararoid Jumbo MMX5 - Pararoid Jumbo.png Dark Necrobat's stage, Burn Dinorex's stage
Prism Generator MMX5 - Prism Generator.png
Purple Rose MMX5 - Purple Rose.png Spike Rosered's stage
Raiden MMX5 - Raiden.png
Rollin' Gear MMX5 - Rollin' Gear.png
Seil Gabyoall MMX5 - Seil Gabyoall.png
Shishimaru Dump MMX5 - Shishimaru Dump.png
Shitapper MMX5 - Shitapper.png
Sigma Virus MMX5 - Sigma Virus.png
Sniper MMX5 - Sniper.png
Spark Gunner MMX5 - Spark Gunner.png
Spike Marl MMX5 - Spike Marl.png
Spiky Mk-II MMX5 - Spiky Mk-II.png
Star Mine MMX5 - Star Mine.png
Togeroid MMX5 - Togeroid.png Spike Rosered's stage
TriScan Gold MMX5 - TriScan Gold.png
Walk Shooter MMX5 - Walk Shooter.png
Zero Virus MMX5 - Zero Virus.png

Mini Bosses

Name Image Description Stage(s)
Prism Guardian MMX5 - Prism Guardian.png Shining Firefly's stage
Pteranoid MMX5 - Pteranoid.png Burn Dinorex's stage
U-555 MMX5 - U-555.png Tidal Whale's stage



Name Image Description Weapon Weakness
X Zero X Zero
Burn Dinorex / Mattrex MMX5 - Burn Dinorex.gif Ground Fire Quake Blazer Wing Spiral W-Shredder
Crescent Grizzly / Grizzly Slash MMX5 - Crescent Grizzly.png C-Shot C-Sword Spike Ball Twin Dream
Dark Necrobat / Dark Dizzy MMX5 - Dark Necrobat.gif Dark Hold F-Laser C-Flasher
Shining Firefly / Izzy Glow MMX5 - Shining Firefly.gif F-Laser C-Flasher Tri-Thunder E-Blade
Spike Rosered / Axle the Red MMX5 - Spike Rosered.gif Spike Ball Twin Dream Ground Fire Quake Blazer
Spiral Pegasus / The Skiver MMX5 - Spiral Pegasus.png Wing Spiral W-Shredder Dark Hold
Tidal Whale / Duff McWhalen MMX5 - Tidal Whale.png Goo Shaver F-Splasher C-Shot C-Sword
Volt Kraken / Squid Adler MMX5 - Volt Kraken.gif Tri-Thunder E-Blade Goo Shaver F-Splasher

Other Bosses

Name Image Description Weakness
X Zero
Sigma Head MMX5 - Sigma Head.png
Dynamo MMX5 - Dynamo.gif
Shadow Devil MMX5 - Shadow Devil.png
Rangda Bangda W MMX5 - Rangda Bangda W.png
X MMX5 - X (Boss).gif
Zero MMX5 - Zero (Boss).gif
Awakened Zero MMX5 - Awakened Zero.gif
Psycho Sigma MMX5 - Psycho Sigma.png
Final Sigma W MMX5 - Final Sigma W.png


For X

Name Image Description
X-Buster File:MMX5 - X-Bustet.png
C-Shot File:MMX5 - C-Shot.png
Dark Hold File:MMX5 - Dark Hold.png
F-Laser File:MMX5 - F-Laser.png
Goo Shaver File:MMX5 - Goo Shaver.png
Ground Fire File:MMX5 - Ground Fire.png
Spike Ball File:MMX5 - Spike Ball.png
Tri-Thunder File:MMX5 - Tri-Thunder.png
Wing Spiral File:MMX5 - Wing Spiral.png

For Zero

Name Image Description
Z-Saber File:MMX5 - Z-Saber.png
C-Sword File:MMX5 - C-Sword.png
C-Flasher File:MMX5 - C-Flasher.png
Dark Hold File:MMX5 - Dark Hold.png
Eclectic Blade File:MMX5 - Eclectic Blade.png
Frost Splasher File:MMX5 - Frost Splasher.png
Quake Blaker File:MMX5 - Quake Blaker.png
Twin Dreamer File:MMX5 - Twin Dreamer.png
Wing Shredder File:MMX5 - Wing Shredder.png



Name Image Description
Energy Pellet File:MMX5 - Energy Pellet.png
Energy Capsule File:MMX5 - Energy Capsule.png
Weapon Energy Pellet File:MMX5 - Weapon Energy Pellet.png
Weapon Energy Capsule File:MMX5 - Weapon Energy Capsule.png
1-Up File:MMX5 - 1-Up.png
Heart Tank File:MMX5 - Heart Tank.png
Sub-Tank File:MMX5 - Sub-Tank.png
EX Tank File:MMX5 - EX Tank.png


Name Image Description
Anti-Virus Guard File:MMX5 - Anti-Virus Guard.png
Burst Shot File:MMX5 - Burst Shot.png
Buster Plus File:MMX5 - .png
Hyper Dash File:MMX5 - Hyper Dash.png
Jump File:MMX5 - Jump.png
Quick Charge File:MMX5 - Quick Charge.png
Shock Buffer File:MMX5 - Shock Buffer.png
Shot eraser File:MMX5 - Shot eraser.png
Speed Shot File:MMX5 - Speed Shot.png
Speedster File:MMX5 - Speedster.png
Super Recover File:MMX5 - Super Recover.png
Ultimate Buster File:MMX5 - Ultimate Buster.png
Virus Buster File:MMX5 - Virus Buster.png
W-Energy Saver File:MMX5 - W-Energy Saver.png
Z-Saber Extend File:MMX5 - Z-Saber Extend.png

Relation to other games

Super Smash Bros. series

Name Source Game Weapon Assist Trophy Smash Tour Item Boss Stage Mii Costume Enemy Trophy Spirit Music
X Mega Man X, Mega Man X5 X-Buster - part of the Mii Costume, Mega Legends - part of Mega Man's Final Smash, also Mega Man's ability to Wall Jump N/A N/A N/A N/A X's Armor, X's Helmet N/A File:SSB4 - X.png 905 - File:SSBU - X.png, 906 - File:SSBU - Full Armor X.png File:SSBU - X vs ZERO.oga
Zero Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X5, Mega Man Zero N/A File:SSB4 - Zero.png N/A N/A N/A Zero's Armor, Zero's Helmet N/A File:SSBU - Zero.png 907 - File:SSBU - Zero (Zero Buster).png, 906 - File:SSBU - Zero (Z-Saber).png, File:SSB4 - Mega Man Zero.png File:SSBU - X vs ZERO.oga, File:SSBU - Zero (Theme of ZERO (from Mega Man X)).oga

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