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Cold Man

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Robot Master Info
MM&B - Cold Man Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man & Bass.
MM&B - Cold Man Portrait.png
Stage portrait(s).
General information
Name(s):Cold Man, Coldman
Group(s):Robot Masters, King's Army
Appearances:Mega Man & Bass
Related Numbers:Serial Number: KGN-002
Built by:King
Designer:Koji Izuki
Game Info
Weapon(s):Ice Wall
Weakness(es):Lightning Bolt
Stage(s):Cold Man's stage

Cold Man (or Coldman) is a Robot Master appearing in Mega Man & Bass and part of King's Army. He was created by King as a "guardian robot", using a sample of frozen dinosaur DNA that he found in Dr. Light's research centre. His core is kept at absolute zero, granting him ice powers, but limiting his movement.[1]

Cold Man appears as a stout-looking robot, with a blocky torso somewhat resembling a freezer and a face mostly obscured by his collar and green hat, leaving only his eyes visible. His signature weapon is the Ice Wall, which allows the user to conjure and push around a wall of ice; other attacks let him release Mokumokumo robots from under his hat or freeze his enemies with erupting blasts of ice.

In the Games

Mega Man & Bass

Boss sprite from Mega Man & Bass.

In Mega Man & Bass, Cold Man is among the three (out of the total eight) Robot Masters that can be selected at the start of the game, appearing as the top-most choice of his column on the stage select screen and connecting to Burner Man and Pirate Man.

In battle, Cold Man repeatedly uses his signature weapon, the Ice Wall, to create a spiked wall of ice and either slide it across the room immediately or cause several cold bursts from the floor first, which deal no damage, but will freeze Mega Man/Bass if they get caught in them. The wall blocks shots and reflects once off the opposite wall, but will eventually break when it returns to Cold Man or is shot at enough. He can also jump towards Mega Man/Bass, either reducing the amount of space they have to dodge the wall or jumping all the way across the room based on their position.

After Cold Man has lost half of its health, he will stop moving around or creating bursts, but instead begin to alternate his wall attack with flipping open his hat to release a Mokumokumo, a robot head in a cloud that slowly floats towards Mega Man/Bass. If not taken care of, this enemy can attach to Mega Man/Bass, greatly reducing their speed and jump height and effectively rendering them unable to dodge Cold Man's ice walls. The only way to escape its grasp is to wait for it to briefly detach, then destroy it before it can attach again.

Cold Man is weak to the Lightning Bolt (acquired from Dynamo Man), which deals 3 damage and stuns him while also destroying his ice wall (and Mokumokumo) instantly. However, the weapon does not have enough uses to fully destroy him unless the Energy Saver is equipped. He also takes 2 points of damage from the Wave Burner. Conversely, using his own weapon against him in the rematch restores his energy, healing more depending on the speed the Ice Wall is going.

Defeating Cold Man grants Mega Man or Bass the Ice Wall and unlocks Burner Man's stage and Pirate Man's stage on the stage select screen.

Battle Network era

Cold Man has a Net Navi equivalent in ColdMan.EXE, appearing very similar to his robot version apart from wearing a shawl and further emphasising his resemblance to a refrigerator, to the point of also being known as FridgeMan.EXE. He first appears as a tournament opponent in Mega Man Battle Network 4 and his Operator is Ivan Chillski.

Official Data

Mega Man & Bass CD

As with other Robot Masters that are part of the Mega Man & Bass boss lineup, Cold Man's CD is hidden in his own stage. It is found near the end of the stage, encased in an ice block that requires Burner Man's Wave Burner to melt.

083 Cold Man
MM&B - CD - Cold Man.png A robot created to freeze DNA for dinosaurs. His body temperature is kept at absolute zero. GOOD POINT:
Carefree attitude
Slow perception
"Do you want me to cool your head!?" DISLIKE:
El Nino effect

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Cold Man is one of many Robot Masters with an ice theme. Others include:



  1. Mega Man & Bass English Instruction Booklet, "KGN 003 Ground Man" - "King modified a sample of dinosaur DNA from a special freezer unit in Dr. Light's research center, turning it into a guardian robot. The center of this unit is always kept at absolute zero. It has the power to instantly freeze a target. Due to its low body temperature, it has a slow rate of movement."