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Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

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Game Info
MHX - Box Art NA.png
MHX - Box Art JP.png
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Maverick Hunter X, Irregular Hunter X
Release Date(s):
JP: December 15, 2005
NA: January 31, 2006
EU: March 3, 2006
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):PlayStation Portable

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, known in Japan as Irregular Hunter X (アイシー・ペンギーゴ), is a remake of the first Mega Man X game, developed by Capcom and released for the PlayStation Portable in 2005-2006. The game is also cross-playable on the PlayStation Vita via PSN Download.

This remake features gameplay and story largely similar to the original Mega Man X, though with major script differences, extensive character redesigns, and redone graphics and soundtrack. It also features a new mode where the player controls Vile instead of X, and a short animated movie called "The Day of Σ" that serves as a prologue to the game's story.


The year is 21XX. Humans live in peace alongside mass-produced, highly-intelligent robots called Reploids. However, no technology available has been able to completely eliminate the danger that comes with robots running on artificial intelligence. As a result, malfunctions have started occurring, leading Reploids to start attacking humans. These Reploids, having exceeded the bounds of their protocols, are called Mavericks. In order to round them up and protect humans from the Maverick threat, the Maverick Hunters were formed.

Among the Maverick Hunters, one Reploid in particular stood out from the crowd as the most advanced Hunter of them all. His name is Sigma. "Reploids of the world! Take up arms and unite! Now is the time for revolution!" Out of the blue, this was Sigma’s call to arms, igniting a rebellion across the globe. Now X, another Maverick Hunter from the same team as Sigma, along with his best friend Zero, set out to put down the rebellion and put a stop to Sigma. Who knows what fate holds for these two...[1]


Name Image Description
X MHX - X Concept 2.png A Reploid in Unit 17 of the Maverick Hunters. Who made him? What is his purpose? These questions are shrouded in mystery. Despite going up against Mavericks, his gentle side tends to make him hesitate at times while destroying his opponents. This has held him back at a B Hunter Rank (other Hunters view his kindness as weakness). Zero and Sigma are the only ones who sense X’s true potential.[1]
Vile MHX - Vile Concept 5.png A Reploid formerly of Unit 17. With an irregularity in his central processing core, he will stop at nothing to destroy Mavericks, no matter the cost. He seems to enjoy his mission of hunting down Mavericks with a crazed obsession, and is considered to be borderline Maverick. Lately his superiors had incarcerated him on suspicion of actually being a Maverick, but he managed to escape under the fog of the rebellion.[1]
Zero MHX - Zero Concept 2.png A Reploid in Unit 17, the same as X. One of the few who senses X's true potential. Zero completes his missions with speed and precision, and is second only to Sigma as an SA Rank Hunter. People find it strange that Zero worries so much about X, a B Rank Hunter. As for X, who doesn’t seem to get along with other Hunters, Zero is the only one he truly respects and can confide in.[1]
Sigma MHX - Sigma Concept 4.png Created by Dr. Cain, inventor of the Reploids, Sigma is the ultimate Reploid, with higher intelligence and battle capabilities than any other Reploid. Formerly headed the Unit 17 that X, Zero and Vile belong to. Always calm, cool and collected, playing the perfect leader off the battlefield, and the perfect war machine on the battlefield. However, one day he suddenly became a Maverick on his own and started a rebellion against all humans. Why would he do such a thing? What truth lies beneath the surface...?[1]
Navigator MHX - Navigator Art.png A mass-produced navigator Reploid employed by the Maverick Hunters. She relays important information to X at crucial moments, and also appeared in the animation "The Day of Σ."
Dr. Light MHX - Dr. Light Art 1.png The original creator of X. He only appeared in-person during flashbacks in "The Day of Σ," but a hologram replica of himself dwells within the Light Capsules to posthumously bestow Armor Parts to X.
Dr. Cain MHX - Dr. Cain Screenshot.png The human scientist who unearthed X and created the Reploids, including Sigma. He only appears in the "The Day of Σ." He extended his life to watch over his creations, but apparently perished in Sigma's uprising.


Minor Enemies



Eight Mavericks

Name Image Description Special Weapon Weakness Stage

Other Bosses

Name Image Description Special Weapon Weakness Stage


X Weapons

Like in Mega Man X, X wields the X-Buster by default and can equip Special Weapons from defeated Mavericks. However, many of the Special Weapons have been adjusted slightly, especially their Charge Shot versions. The secret Hadouken attack also returns.

Name Icon Description Source
MHX - X-Buster Icon.png
X's default weapon. It fires up to three shots horizontally, and can be charged up for a Charge Shot of two levels. Collecting the Arm Parts unlocks a third Charge Shot level, which varies if gained from the Light Capsule or from Zero. Default
Homing Torpedo
MHX - Homing Torpedo Icon.png
Fires a torpedo which changes trajectory to home in on enemies.
Charge Shot fires four piranha-shaped torpedoes simultaneously.
Launch Octopus
Chameleon Sting
MHX - Chameleon Sting Icon.png
Fires three lasers at different angles, which can be angled up or down.
Charge Shot makes X flash colors, giving him temporary invincibility while allowing attacks.
Sting Chameleon
Rolling Shield
MHX - Rolling Shield Icon.png
Fires a rolling shot that bounces off of walls.
Charge Shot summons a barrier around X that defends him from most enemy attacks while allowing attacks.
Armored Armadillo
Fire Wave
MHX - Fire Wave Icon.png
Fires a short-range flamethrower as long as the button is held. Doesn't work underwater.
Charge Shot drops a fireball that bursts into a moving wave of fire on the ground.
Flame Mammoth
Storm Tornado
MHX - Storm Tornado Icon.png
Fires a horizontal tornado that pierces through enemies.
Charge Shot drops a spark that creates a vertical tornado.
Storm Eagle
Electric Spark
MHX - Electric Spark Icon.png
Fires an electric shot which splits vertically on contact.
Charge Shot shocks the entire screen in an electric blast.
Spark Mandrill
Boomerang Cutter
MHX - Boomerang Cutter Icon.png
Fires a boomerang that curves upwards before returning to X. Collecting it refills Weapon Energy.
Charge Shot fires four giant boomerangs that fly around X before disappearing.
Boomerang Kuwanger
Shotgun Ice
MHX - Shotgun Ice Icon.png
Fires an ice shot that shatters backwards into four fragments on contact.
Charge Shot creates an ice sled that slides forwards until contact.
Chill Penguin
Hadouken N/A By inputting the Hadouken command from Street Fighter (quarter-circle right FIRE), X throws a powerful fireball that can defeat all enemies and bosses in one hit. Secret Light Capsule

Vile Weapons

Vile has his own unique arsenal, divided into three categories: Shoulder, Arm, and Leg weapons. They are then further divided into three weapons types each, which are unlocked by defeating Maverick bosses. Each weapon also has a cost, and Vile's capacity increases with every boss defeated. Vile also has two armor power-ups that he also gains by defeating bosses, but are not actually weapons.

Name Icon Description Cost Type Source
Cherry Blast
MHX - Cherry Blast Icon.png
With a range of approximately 25 feet, this vulcan is easy to use. 2 Vulcan Default
Zip Zapper
MHX - Zip Zapper Icon.png
Though boasting extreme accuracy, this vulcan lacks extensive range. 8 Armored Armadillo
Buckshot Dance
MHX - Buckshot Dance Icon.png
The scattering power of this vulcan results in less than perfect aiming. 12 Sting Chameleon
Distance Needler
MHX - Distance Needler Icon.png
This vulcan has good range and speed, but cannot fire rapidly. 6 Chill Penguin
Triple 7
MHX - Triple 7 Icon.png
Boasting both power and spread, this vulcan consumes much power. 16 Flame Mammoth
Humerus Crush
MHX - Humerus Crush Icon.png
Missiles offer more power than vulcans, but consume more energy. 4 Missile Launch Octopus
Popcorn Demon
MHX - Popcorn Demon Icon.png
This missile splits into 3 and can cause great damage. 6 Sting Chameleon
Banzai Beetle
MHX - Banzai Beetle Icon.png
A set of wings allows this missile to glide, contacting many enemies. 6 Storm Eagle
Lost Lamb
MHX - Lost Lamb Icon.png
This missile travels at an odd angle but can be very useful. 6 Boomerang Kuwanger
Serotinal Bullet
MHX - Serotinal Bullet Icon.png
This missile is extremely slow, but can be set as a trap. 4 Chill Penguin
Go-Getter Right
MHX - Go-Getter Right Icon.png
A rocket punch sends your fist flying to teach enemies a lesson. 6 Rocket Punch Spark Mandrill
Spoiled Brat
MHX - Spoiled Brat Icon.png
Though lacking in power, this rocket punch offers intense speed. 6 Launch Octopus
Egoistic Pill
MHX - Egoistic Pill Icon.png
This punch can pierce enemies and objects, but can be stubborn. 12 Armored Armadillo
Golden Right
MHX - Golden Right Icon.png
Though suffering from a short range, this weapon is among the strongest. 20 Flame Mammoth
Infinity Gig
MHX - Infinity Gig Icon.png
Advanced homing technology can be difficult to get a handle on. 16 Chill Penguin
Front Runner
MHX - Front Runner Icon.png
This cannon not only offers power, but can be aimed up and down. 2 Cannon Default
Trident Line
MHX - Trident Line Icon.png
This weapon fires 3 rounds, but leaves you open for a moment. 6 Sting Chameleon
MHX - Fatboy Icon.png
The most powerful cannon around, it consumes a lot of energy. 10 Boomerang Kuwanger
Fire Murrain
MHX - Fire Murrain Icon.png
This weapon spreads explosions on contact, damaging lots of enemies. 8 Flame Mammoth
Longshot Gizmo
MHX - Longshot Gizmo Icon.png
This cannon fires 5 shots at once, but leaves you open to attack. 14 Storm Eagle
Cerberus Phantom
MHX - Cerberus Phantom Icon.png
Not as powerful as other weapons, this laser fires in 3 directions. 6 Laser Sting Chameleon
Nervous Ghost
MHX - Nervous Ghost Icon.png
This laser can be aimed with the up and down directional buttons. 8 Spark Mandrill
Rising Specter
MHX - Rising Specter Icon.png
It cannot be aimed, but its wide shape covers a large area. 18 Flame Mammoth
Straight Nightmare
MHX - Straight Nightmare Icon.png
Though slow, this laser can burn through multiple enemies in a row. 14 Storm Eagle
Necro Burst
MHX - Necro Burst Icon.png
Use up all your energy at once to unleash a powerful energy burst. 28 Launch Octopus
Metal Crescent
MHX - Metal Crescent Icon.png
Use the directional buttons to aim this weapon that fires 3 cutters. 4 Cutter Boomerang Kuwanger
Quick Homesick
MHX - Quick Homesick Icon.png
This cutter travels in an arc like a boomerang. Use it to pick up items! 4 Spark Mandrill
Parasite Sword
MHX - Parasite Sword Icon.png
Fires cutters that grow as they fly and can pierce enemies. 6 Chill Penguin
Two Headed Slash
MHX - Two Headed Slash Icon.png
This specialized weapon unleashes 2 cutters at once. 6 Launch Octopus
Marooned Tomahawk
MHX - Marooned Tomahawk Icon.png
This long-lasting weapon spins in place and goes through objects. 12 Armored Armadillo
Bumpity Boom
MHX - Bumpity Boom Icon.png
This powerful leg weapon launches hot napalm, but leaves you open. 2 Napalm Default
Rumbling Bang
MHX - Rumbling Bang Icon.png
This napalm sports a wide horizontal range but cannot attack upward. 12 Spark Mandrill
Splash Hit
MHX - Splash Hit Icon.png
This napalm can attack foes above, but has a narrow horizontal range. 8 Launch Octopus
Territorial Pow
MHX - Territorial Pow Icon.png
Though offensively weak, this napalm destroys some enemy shots. 4 Armored Armadillo
Bang Away Bomb
MHX - Bang Away Bomb Icon.png
This napalm travels along the ground, laying a path of fire. 4 Storm Eagle
Deadstar Hug
MHX - Deadstar Hug Icon.png
Unleash balls of energy which bounce once when contacting walls. 4 Ball Armored Armadillo
Peace Out Roller
MHX - Peace Out Roller Icon.png
This ball of energy splits into two upon contact with the ground. 6 Spark Mandrill
Sword Bouquet
MHX - Sword Bouquet Icon.png
Unleash a wave that follows the ground and stops at walls. 16 Flame Mammoth
Hot Icicle
MHX - Hot Icicle Icon.png
Send destructive energy upward in areas with ceilings. 10 Sting Chameleon
Stubborn Crawler
MHX - Stubborn Crawler Icon.png
This energy ball travels over terrain, but uses much energy. 12 Boomerang Kuwanger
Wild Horse Kick
MHX - Wild Horse Kick Icon.png
Shoot jets of flame from your leg. Strong, but not energy efficient. 6 Flamethrower Flame Mammoth
Dragon's Wrath
MHX - Dragon's Wrath Icon.png
A long-range arcing flamethrower useful against far away enemies. 8 Storm Eagle
Green-Eyed Lamp
MHX - Green-Eyed Lamp Icon.png
Powerful, but with a short range, this weapon consumes much energy. 10 Sting Chameleon
Sea Dragon's Rage
MHX - Sea Dragon's Rage Icon.png
This powerful freezing gas can even be used underwater. 12 Chill Penguin
Burning Drive
MHX - Burning Drive Icon.png
Create a powerful ball of flame using nearby oxygen as fuel. 16 Boomerang Kuwanger
Frozen Castle
MHX - Frozen Castle Icon.png
By utilizing a thin layer of ice, this armor reduces damage by half. N/A Armor Chill Penguin
Speed Devil
MHX - Speed Devil Icon.png
A layer of atmospheric pressure adds speed by reducing resistance. Storm Eagle



Name Sprite Description
Life Energy File:MHX - Life Energy Small.png File:MHX - Life Energy Large.png
Weapon Energy File:MHX - Weapon Energy Small.png File:MHX - Weapon Energy Large.png
1 UP File:MHX - 1-UP (X).png File:MHX - 1-UP (V).png
Ride Armor
Life Up
Sub Tank
Light Capsule

Armor Parts


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