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Mega Man 2

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Damage data
Game Info
MM2 - Box Art NA.jpg
MM2 - Box Art EU.jpg
MM2 - Box Art DE.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man 2, Mega Man II, Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo
Release Date(s):
JP: December 24, 1988
NA: June 2, 1989
EU: December 14, 1990
Mobile phone:
NA: June 2007
NA: March 26, 2009
Virtual Console:
JP: August 8, 2012
NA: February 7, 2013
EU: February 7, 2013
January 5, 2017
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Nintendo Entertainment System

Mega Man 2, known in Japan as Rockman 2: Dr. Wily no Nazo (ロックマン2 Dr.ワイリーの謎, Rokkuman 2: Dr. Wairī no Nazo, "Rockman 2: The Mystery of Dr. Wily") is the second game in the Classic era of the Mega Man series, developed and published by Capcom and released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1988-1990.


After his defeat at the hands of Mega Man in the previous game, Dr. Wily has created eight new Robot Masters to get his revenge. Mega Man must once again defeat the evil robots and stop Dr. Wily's plan for world domination.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

After defeating all the Robot Masters and making his way through Dr. Wily's fortress, Mega Man encounters and destroys the Wily Machine 2, piloted by the doctor himself. However, Wily gets away, fleeing into an underground cavern. There, Mega Man discovers Wily apparently transforming into an Alien, which floats around the room and attacks him; however, this is soon revealed to be trickery, created by a hologram projector operated by the real Dr. Wily. With the illusion dispelled and his machine broken, Dr. Wily surrenders and Mega Man makes the journey home.


Mega Man

Mega Man.

The protagonist and player character. Formerly a human-like household robot designed by Dr. Light, Rock was reconfigured into the fighting robot Mega Man to stop Dr. Wily's plans. He has the ability to take and use his enemies' weapons as he defeats them, allowing him to exploit their weaknesses.

Dr. Light

The brilliant scientist who created Mega Man, his sister Roll, and several other advanced robots. He aids Mega Man by developing new mobility "items", which he installs in his creation after certain stages.

Dr. Wily

Dr. Wily.

Dr. Light's rival scientist, who is back and once again trying to take over the world. He previously stole and reprogrammed Dr. Light's robots to do so, but has created his own Robot Masters this time around.


Like most games in the Classic era, Mega Man 2 is a side-scrolling platformer. Players take control of Mega Man, who can run, jump, shoot and climb on ladders to make his way through eight Robot Master stages (up from the previous game's six) in any order before taking on Dr. Wily's fortress. Defeating a Robot Master grants Mega Man his weapon, and sometimes a new mobility item from Dr. Light; all of these can be used in place of the standard Mega Buster in exchange for weapon energy, which is recharged when Mega Man picks up certain items found throughout stages and dropped by enemies. Bosses (as well as some smaller enemies) are typically weak to one or more special weapons, which can be used to take them down more easily and quickly than with the Mega Buster alone.

Mega Man 2 strongly builds on its predecessor, but includes various gameplay improvements. New in this game are E-Tanks, which can be found in some stages and used in a pinch to refill Mega Man's life energy completely. Mega Man can carry up to four of them simultaneously in this game, which are lost when the player loses all of their lives. The game is also the first in the series to feature a password system rather than requiring it to be beaten in one sitting, which would become a staple of later games.

The NA and PAL releases of Mega Man 2 include a difficulty selection, allowing players to pick from "Difficult" (the original game as it was released in Japan) and a newly added "Normal" mode. The two difficulties play largely the same, but Mega Man's weapons deal twice as much damage to enemies and Robot Masters on "Normal", changing the way some enemies are fought. The drop rate of large refill items is also increased, and the Air Man boss battle made slightly easier by reducing the number of tornadoes to dodge. The difficulty selection feature remains relatively unique within the Classic era, though it was eventually brought back (for all regions) in Mega Man 10 and 11.


(Note: When playing on "Normal" difficulty in versions that include a difficulty selection, Mega Man's shots deal twice the amount of damage. As a result, enemy HP is effectively halved.)

Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Batton MM2 - Batton.png A bat that takes some time to wake up, then chases after Mega Man. Can only be harmed while it's awake. 2 4 Wood Man's stage
Big Fish MM2 - Big Fish.png A giant fish that jumps out of a pit, then falls back down. It can only be destroyed with the Quick Boomerang or Crash Bomber. 1 1 Dr. Wily stage 3
Blocky MM2 - Blocky.png A slow-moving stack of blocks; only the one with eyes can be harmed. Non-lethal damage makes it break apart into harmful, indestructable blocks, then reform (this cannot happen on Normal difficulty, as any damage destroys it instantly). 2 8 Metal Man's stage, Flash Man's stage, Crash Man's stage
Changkey Maker MM2 - Changkey Maker.png A stationary robot that illuminates the room and throws Changkeys in an arc. Defeating it causes the screen to go dark. 10 8 Quick Man's stage
Claw MM2 - Claw.png A crab that falls from the sky and bounces, then walks towards Mega Man. 1 4 Bubble Man's stage
Fly Boy MM2 - Fly Boy.png A pullstring robot that falls from the sky and respawns endlessly. It uses its string to pull itself upwards diagonally before falling back down. 5 4 Heat Man's stage, Crash Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Goblin MM2 - Goblin.png A large head that hangs in the sky and spawns Petit Goblins from its ears, which launch upwards and then float towards Mega Man. It acts as a platform, but its retracting horns cause damage. - (Goblin)
(Petit Goblins)
2 (horns)
(Petit Goblins)
Air Man's stage
Kaminari Goro MM2 - Kaminari Goro.png A robot riding a cloud that goes in circles while throwing thunder bolts at Mega Man. Defeating it lets him ride its cloud. 3 4 Air Man's stage
Kerog MM2 - Kerog.png A stationary frog that releases three tiny Petit Kerogs from its mouth, which jump around. 10 (Kerog)
(Petit Kerogs)
4 (contact)
(Petit Kerogs)
Bubble Man's stage
Kukku MM2 - Kukku.png A rooster than runs very fast and jumps at certain points. It spawns infinitely and has to be avoided. 10 4 Wood Man's stage
M-445 MM2 - M-445.png A bubble-encased machine that drops from above and curves towards Mega Man when it is on the same height. 1 2 Bubble Man's stage
Matasaburo MM2 - Matasaburo.png A stationary robot that blows Mega Man away with the fan in its body. 5 6 Air Man's stage
Mole MM2 - Mole.png Drill bits that constantly spawn to Mega Man's left and right in certain corridors, drilling up or down through solid tiles and through the air. 5 4 Metal Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Monking MM2 - Monking.png A monkey robot that hangs from the bottom of a platform, then climbs up and jumps back and forth until destroyed. 3 4 Wood Man's stage
Neo Metall MM2 - Neo Metall.png Hides under its helmet until Mega Man comes near, then shoots bullets in three directions and quickly dashes forward before hiding again. Only vulnerable while attacking or running. 1 4 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Crash Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 4
Pierobot MM2 - Pierobot.png A clown robot balancing on a gear, which can be damaged separately. Destroying the robot first slows down the gear, destroying the gear first makes the robot drop off the screen. 1 (robot)
4 (gear)
4 Metal Man's stage
Pipi MM2 - Pipi.png A bird that flies overhead and drops an egg. If the egg reaches the ground without being destroyed, eight Copipis are released that dart towards Mega Man after a while. 1 (Pipi)
1 (egg)
1 (Copipis)
4 (contact)
4 (egg)
2 (Copipis)
Air Man's stage, Wood Man's stage, Crash Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 1
Press MM2 - Press.png An invincible, spiked press on a chain that drops down, then is slowly pulled up again. - 8 Metal Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Returning Sniper Joe MM2 - Returning Sniper Joe.png A robot with a gun and shield that stands in one place, periodically shooting three bullets forward in a straight line. It is spawned by destroying a Sniper Armor and only vulnerable while attacking. 10 4 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Quick Man's stage, Heat Man's stage, Flash Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 1, Dr. Wily stage 4
Robbit MM2 - Robbit.png A robo-rabbit that hops and fires three carrots at Mega Man between jumps. 10 4 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Wood Man's stage
Scworm MM2 - Scworm.png A contraption on the ground that flailing metal tubes jump out of. Mega Buster shots go over it if Mega Man is on the same level. 5 (Scworm)
5 (tubes)
2 (contact)
2 (tubes)
Air Man's stage, Quick Man's stage, Heat Man's stage, Dr. wily stage 1
Shotman MM2 - Shotman.png A stationary robot that fires shots in an arc to the left, occasionally changing its firing angle. 5 4 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Flash Man's stage, Crash Man's stage, Dr. wily stage 2, Dr. wily stage 3
Shrink MM2 - Shrink.png A shrimp robot that sinks a short distance, propels itself towards Mega Man, then repeats. 3 2 Bubble Man's stage
Sniper Armor MM2 - Sniper Armor.png A Returning Sniper Joe in a mech that jumps or rapid-fires projectiles at Mega Man. Destroying it releases the Joe. 20 8 (contact)
Quick Man's stage, Heat Man's stage, Flash Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 4
Springer MM2 - Springer.png Slides along the ground, speeding up when on the same level as Mega Man and popping up on a spring when touched. Can only be harmed by special weapons. 3 4 Quick Man's stage, Heat Man's stage, Metal Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 1
Tanishi MM2 - Tanishi.png A hermit crab that crawls along the ground. Non-lethal damage knocks off the shell, which can be shot or harm Mega Man as it falls, while the Tanishi speeds up (this cannot happen on Normal difficulty, as any damage destroys it instantly). 2 4 Bubble Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 3
Telly MM2 - Telly.png A spinning robot that slowly floats towards Mega Man. They are usually spawned endlessly from holes or the side of the screen. 1 2 Heat Man's stage, Crash Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 1, Dr. Wily stage 4


Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Anko MM2 - Anko.png A giant anglerfish that stays on the ground and spawns Shrinks from its mouth. It can only be harmed by shooting the lure. 10 12 (contact)
2 (Shrinks)
Bubble Man's stage
Friender MM2 - Friender.png A gaint dog that stands in place and breathes a line of fire in an inverted arc. 20 8 (contact)
4 (projectile)
Wood Man's stage

Robot Masters

Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Bubble Man MM2 - Bubble Man.png Bubble Man is fought underwater, beneath a ceiling of deadly aquatic mines. Mega Man must dodge his bubbles and straight-moving projectiles without jumping too high. Bubble Man Stage Bubble Lead Metal Blade
Air Man MM2 - Air Man.png Air Man has a large fan in his belly and is able to unleash small tornados from across the room, which form specific patterns and block Mega Man's shots. Air Man Stage Air Shooter Leaf Shield
Quick Man MM2 - Quick Man.png An agile robot who runs and leaps around the room while throwing sets of three Quick Boomerangs at Mega Man. Using the Flash Stopper will half his health, whereas Crash Bomber shots act as a secondary weakness. Quick Man Stage Quick Boomerang Flash Stopper
Crash Bomber
Heat Man MM2 - Heat Man.png A robot resembling a mechanical lighter. He throws exploding fire pellets or zips around the room, becoming briefly invincible as he lights himself on fire. Heat Man Stage Atomic Fire Bubble Lead
Wood Man MM2 - Wood Man.png A tree-like robot that throws his spinning Leaf Shield forwards and causes leaves to fall from above. He is weak to Heat Man's Atomic Fire, which destroys him instantly on normal mode if fully charged. Wood Man Stage Leaf Shield Atomic Fire
Metal Man MM2 - Metal Man.png The master of metal fights by throwing buzzsaw projectiles at Mega Man, which are fast and move in a straight line. He is weak not only to the Quick Boomerang, but also his own weapon, the Metal Blade, which destroys him in one hit in the rematch in Wily's Fortress on normal mode. Metal Man Stage Metal Blade Quick Boomerang
Metal Blade
Flash Man MM2 - Flash Man.png A robot that can stop time and shoot at Mega Man while he's unable to move. Flash Man Stage Flash Stopper Metal Blade
Crash Bomber
Crash Man MM2 - Crash Man.png A robot that jumps into the air and drops bombs on Mega Man, which explode after a delay. Crash Man Stage Crash Bomber Air Shooter

Fortress Bosses

Name Sprite Description Stage Weakness
Mecha Dragon MM2 - Mecha Dragon.png A large, robotical dragon that starts the battle by chasing Mega Man across a chasm as he jumps from block to block to escape it. It attacks by breathing fire once it stop chasing. Wily Stage 1 N/A
Picopico-kun MM2 - Picopico-kun.png A group of 14 flying robots that attack Mega Man individually. Each one is built out of two blocks from the boss room's walls or floor and ceiling, which detach and move towards the centre of the screen. Wily Stage 2 Bubble Lead
Guts Tank MM2 - Guts Tank.png A giant tank fashioned after Guts Man that spits falling projectiles and releases Metalls from its stomach. Mega Man must climb onto its tracks and attack its head to damage it. Wily Stage 3 Quick Boomerang
Boobeam Trap MM2 - Boobeam Trap.png The Boobeam Trap is a puzzle boss consisting of four wall-mounted hemispheres that shoot directly at Mega Man, arranged in a maze-like room with parts blocked off by walls. As both Boobeams and walls can only be destroyed with Crash Bomber shots, Mega Man must ration his weapon energy and take the correct path through the room or he will run out of bombs before all the Boobeams are destroyed. Wily Stage 4 Crash Bomber
Wily Machine 2 (phase 1) MM2 - Wily Machine 2 (phase 1).png Dr. Wily is hidden in a giant flying machine that moves back and forth and shoots large projectiles from a cannon on the bottom, which travel along an inverted arc. Its weak point is on the front and takes massive damage from a fully charged Atomic Fire. Wily Stage 5 Atomic Fire
Crash Bomber
Wily Machine 2 (phase 2) MM2 - Wily Machine 2 (phase 2).png Wily is now revealed as parts of his machine are destroyed. This phase is similar to the first, but the projectiles bounce along the ground instead. The weak point is the cockpit. Wily Stage 5 Crash Bomber
Alien MM2 - Alien.png Wily appears to transform into an Alien, which floats around in an infinity figure 8 and fires glowing projectiles at Mega Man. It can only be harmed with Bubble Lead. Wily Stage 6 Bubble Lead


Name Sprite Description
Mega Buster MM1 - Mega Buster.png (sprite reused from Mega Man)
Bubble Lead MM2 - Bubble Lead.png
Air Shooter MM2 - Air Shooter.png
Quick Boomerang MM2 - Quick Boomerang.png
Atomic Fire MM2 - Atomic Fire.png
Leaf Shield MM2 - Leaf Shield.png
Metal Blade MM2 - Metal Blade.png
Flash Stopper MM2 - Time Stopper.png
Crash Bomber MM2 - Crash Bomber.png
Item-1 MM2 - Item-1.png
Item-2 MM2 - Item-2.png
Item-3 MM2 - Item-3.png


Bubble Man's stage (Mega Man 2)Air Man's stage (Mega Man 2)Quick Man's stage (Mega Man 2)Heat Man's stage (Mega Man 2)Wood Man's stage (Mega Man 2)Metal Man's stage (Mega Man 2)Flash Man's stage (Mega Man 2)Crash Man's stage (Mega Man 2)Mega Man 2 Boss Select Screen
About this image
Dr. Wily's fortress, as it appears in-game in Mega Man 2.


Name Sprite Description
1 UP MM1 - 1 UP.png Awards an extra life.
Energy (small) MM2 - Energy (small).png Restores 2 units of life energy.
Energy (large) MM2 - Energy (large).png Restores 10 units of life energy.
Energy Tank MM2 - Energy Tank.png Can be used at any time to refill Mega Man's health completely. Mega Man can carry up to four of these, and they are lost on Game Over.
Weapon Energy (small) MM2 - Weapon Energy (small).png Restores 2 units of weapon energy.
Weapon Energy (large) MM2 - Weapon Energy (large).png Restores 10 units of weapon energy.

Relation to other games

Classic era

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Name Time Limit Unlock condition Related Games
MM2 Remix 1 6:45:00 Open at the start Mega Man 2
MM2 Remix 2 ??:??:?? Complete 3 or More Challenges to Unlock Mega Man 2
MM2 Robot Rush ??:??:?? Complete 6 or More Challenges to Unlock Mega Man
MM2 Mega Mix ??:??:?? Complete 6 or More Challenges to Unlock Mega Man
Wily Machine 2 (challenge) ??:??:?? Complete 6 or More Challenges to Unlock Mega Man
MM1-2 Mashup ??:??:?? Complete 6 or More Challenges to Unlock Mega Man
MM2 Robot Rush (No Items) ??:??:?? Complete 44 or More Challenges to Unlock Mega Man
All appearing blocks (No Items) ??:??:?? Complete 50 or More Challenges to Unlock Mega Man
All Robot Rush (No Items) ??:??:?? Complete 50 or More Challenges to Unlock Mega Man

Icon Title Unlocked by Related Games
MMLC - The Mystery of Dr. Wily.png The Mystery of Dr. Wily Take out the Alien and complete Mega Man 2. Mega Man 2

Super Smash Bros. series

Name Source Game Weapon Assist Trophy Smash Tour Item Boss Stage Mii Costume Enemy Trophy Spirit Music
Air Man Mega Man 2 Air Shooter, Mega Man's Up aerial N/A N/A N/A Smash Run and Wily Castle (Wii U and Ultimate) N/A N/A N/A 884 - SSBU - Air Man.png File:SSBU - Air Man Stage.oga

File:SSBU - Mega Man 2 Retro Medley.oga

Crash Man Mega Man 2 Crash Bomber, Mega Man's Side special N/A N/A N/A Wily Castle (Wii U and Ultimate) N/A N/A N/A 886 - SSBU - Crash Man.png File:SSBU - Crash Man Stage.oga

File:SSBU - Mega Man 2 Retro Medley.oga

Dr. Wily Mega Man 2, Mega Man 10 N/A File:SSB4 - Wily Capsule.png N/A N/A Wily Castle (Wii U, 3DS and Ultimate) N/A N/A File:SSB4 - Dr. Wily.png 873 - File:SSBU - Dr. Wily.png, 874 - File:SSBU - Wily Capsule.png File:Mega Man 2 Medley.oga, File:Dr. Wily Stage 1.oga, File:Dr. Wily Stage 2.oga, File:We're Robots (Dr. Wily Stage 2).oga, File:Flash in the Dark (Dr. Wily Stage 1).oga
Heat Man Mega Man 2 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A File:SSBU - Quick Man Stage.oga
Mega Man (Classic era) Mega Man, Mega Man 2, Mega Man 3, Mega Man 4, Mega Man 5, Mega Man 6, Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, Super Adventure Rockman, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters Mega Buster N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 864 - File:SSBU - Mega Man.png N/A
Metal Man Mega Man 2 Metal Blade, Mega Man's Neutral special & Kirby's Neutral special when he has copied Mega Man's ability. N/A N/A N/A Wily Castle (Wii U and Ultimate) N/A N/A N/A 883 - SSBU - Metal Man.png File:SSBU - Flash Man Stage.oga

File:SSBU - Mega Man 2 Retro Medley.oga

Quick Man Mega Man 2 N/A N/A N/A N/A Smash Run and Wily Castle (Wii U and Ultimate) N/A N/A N/A 885 - SSBU - Quick Man.png File:SSBU - Air Man Stage.oga

File:SSBU - Mega Man 2 Retro Medley.oga

Wood Man Mega Man 2 Leaf Shield, Mega Man's Down Special N/A N/A N/A Wily Castle (Wii U and Ultimate) N/A N/A N/A 888 - SSBU - Wood Man.png File:SSBU - Wood Man Stage.oga

File:SSBU - Mega Man 2 Retro Medley.oga

Super Smash Bros. 4

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • 2 Music Tracks from previous game returns
  • Spirits:
    • Cut Man - #876

Relation to other media

1994 Animated series


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