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Mega Man X

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Game Info
MMX - Box Art.jpg
MMX - Box Art JP PC.png
MMX - Box Art NA DOS.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man X, Megaman X, Rockman X
Publisher(s):Capcom (JP, NA), Nintendo (PAL)
Release Date(s):
JP: December 17, 1993
NA: January 1994
EU: August 25, 1994
PC: [1]
NA: March 10, 1995
JP: May 24, 1996
Virtual Console: 
JP: March 5, 2011
NA: April 18, 2011
EU: March 8, 2012
AU: March 8, 2012
Wii U:
JP: May 22, 2013
NA: May 30, 2013
EU: September 19, 2013
AU: September 19, 2013
JP: May 9, 2016
NA: August 11, 2016
EU: July 14, 2016
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Mega Man X, known in Japan as Rockman X (ロックマンX) is the first entry in the main X series, developed by Capcom and released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1993-1994, becoming the first Mega Man game on a 16-bit console. Although published by Capcom in Japan and North America, the game was published by Nintendo in PAL regions.

Rather than continuing the Classic era in which all games up to its release had been set, Mega Man X instead marks the beginning of the X era, taking place roughly 100 years later in the year 21XX and featuring a new cast of characters, including a new protagonist, X. Despite this change in setting, it continues to build upon the Classic action-platformer formula and features a similar structure and gameplay mechanics.


In the year 21XX, humans live with advanced robots known as Reploids. The Maverick Hunters are an organization that deals with defective Reploids that seek to harm humans, known as Mavericks. However, one day the most powerful Maverick Hunter, Sigma, goes Maverick himself and starts a rebellion to eradicate humanity. All Hunters to challenge him have failed and been destroyed, leaving only two Hunters left to save humanity: the rookie X and his mentor Zero.[2]


Name Sprite Description
X MMX - X.gif X is a Reploid and the hero of this adventure. As a member of the 17th Unit of Maverick Hunters, X is tasked with tracking down and putting a stop to Mavericks. No one knows for sure who created X or why, but he is dedicated to stopping the evil machinations of Sigma, his former commander. Despite X's exceptional abilities, he is still a B-Class (middle-grade) Hunter. And although he is viewed by his fellow Hunters as a rookie for his tendency to hesitate in the thick of battle, it is actually mercy, not inexperience, which stays his hand.[3]
Zero MMX - Zero.png Zero is an SA-Class Hunter who belongs to the Maverick Hunters' 17th Unit along with X. Fiercely opposed to evil in all its forms, he conducts his missions with a cool demeanor and unparalleled speed. Zero is one of the few to notice X's hidden potential, so he is eager to watch over X and guide him toward discovering his true power for himself.[3]
Vile MMX - Vile.png Vile is a former Maverick Hunter of the 17th Unit. Like Zero, Vile held the coveted SA-Class rank, but a malfunction in his cortex made him obsessed with destroying Mavericks, prioritizing the thrill of the hunt. As such, he was taken off duty and detained, but he broke loose during Sigma's uprising and is now free to resume his wanton carnage.[3]
Sigma MMX - Sigma.png Sigma is the greatest creation of Dr. Cain, the scientist who first developed Reploids. When he served as the leader of the Maverick Hunters' 17th Unit, with X and Zero under his command, he was the ideal commander. Possessed of an exaggerated pride in his supreme strength, and perhaps unsatisfied with his role as a glorified police officer, one day Sigma suddenly turned on his creators and called for all Reploids to rise up and destroy humanity.[3]
Dr. Cain MMX - Dr. Cain Cropped Art.png Dr. Cain is the scientist who discovered X and used his design to put the Reploids into mass-production, ushering in a new age of robotics. He does not physically appear in the game, but his writings are featured in "The Journal of Dr. Cain" in the game's instruction manual.[4]
Dr. Light MMX - Dr. Light.gif Dr. Light was a gifted scientist who created X sometime in 20XX. Though he has since passed away, he left a final message on X's capsule which plays in the game's opening, and he has hidden Light Capsules that feature a holographic replica in his likeness to bestow Armor Parts upon X.


Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Amenhopper MMX - Amenhopper.png A water insect that jumps and glides across water surfaces or hops around on land. It sometimes drops a small bomb. 2 2 (contact)
1 (bombs)
Ocean Stage, Forest Stage
Armor Soldier MMX - Armor Soldier.png A robot that pilots a Ride Armor and uses it to punch, dash and jump at X. If X has no Ride Armor himself, the enemy will spawn outside of its Armor before jumping in, giving him time to destroy it and take its Armor. If X takes the Armor without destroying the Soldier, it will shoot at him. 16 (Armor)
3 (Soldier)
1 (contact)
3 (punch)
2 (contact)
1 (projectile)
Snow Mountain Stage, Forest Stage, Sigma Stage 2
Axe Max MMX - Axe Max.png A robotic lumberjack that uses its axe to knock segments of the pillar in front of it at X. The segments can be stood on or destroyed, but they regrow immediately while the Axe Max is not attacking, blocking a clear shot on it. If it scores a hit, it will laugh and stop attacking for a short time. 8 (Axe Max)
3 (segment)
3 (Axe Max)
2 (segment)
Snow Mountain Stage, Forest Stage
Ball De Voux MMX - Ball De Voux.png A robot with a spherical body that walks back and forth on its and long, bendy legs. Only its main body can be harmed. 2 1 Highway Stage, Sky Stage, Power Plant Stage, Sigma Stage 1
Batton Bone MMX - Batton Bone.png A bat robot like Batton that starts out on the ceiling and starts following X around if he comes close. If it touches him or he moves too far, it stops following and flies back up to the ceiling. 1 1 Snow Mountain Stage, Gallery Stage, Sigma Stage 2, Sigma Stage 3
Batton M-501 MMX - Batton M-501.png A hidden "easter egg" enemy that is identical to Batton Bone in all but appearance. All items it drops are guaranteed to be 1 UPs. 1 1 Gallery Stage
Bomb Been MMX - Bomb Been.png A bee robot that drops mines, which explode after a delay. 2 2 (contact)
1 (mines)
Highway Stage, Snow Mountain Stage
Crag Man MMX - Crag Man.png These robots are found inside large boulders that drop from the ceiling, being completely invincible until they have fully broken out. They toss rocks while standing in place. 8 2 Forest Stage
Creeper MMX - Creeper.png A spiky caterpillar whose small size makes it hard to hit. They are mainly thrown by Mad Peckers, but will also emerge from holes in the walls in Sigma Stage 4, where they crawl down the wall a short distance before dropping. 2 1 Forest Stage, Sigma Stage 4
Crusher MMX - Crusher.png Flying robots that often appear in groups. They patrol a small area, stopping to drop their spiky weight, which destroys a part of the floor before being retracted again. If its body is destroyed first, the weight will still fall. 2 (Crusher)
2 (weight)
4 Highway Stage
Dig Labour MMX - Dig Labour.png Pickman-like robots that stand in place and throw their picks at X in an arc. 4 3 (contact)
2 (pickaxe)
Gallery Stage, Factory Stage, Sigma Stage 2, Sigma Stage 3
Dodge Blaster MMX - Dodge Blaster.png A wall-mounted gun that slides up or down towards X to charge up a slow-moving shot and fire it straight forward, but attempts to quickly slide away if not already charging when X returns fire. 3 2 Tower Stage, Sigma Stage 1, Sigma Stage 2
Dripping liquid MMX - Dripping liquid.png Red liquid (possibly lava) that drips from pipes at set intervals and harms X on touch. N/A 2 Factory Stage
Flame pillar MMX - Flame pillar.png A pillar of fire that shoots up from the lava in the Factory Stage and destroys the floor section it goes through. If Chill Penguin has been defeated, it will not be there. N/A 2 Factory Stage
Flamer MMX - Flamer.png A flamethrower turret that creates a beam of fire with a set length in front of it. It is only found on moving platforms. 6 3 (contact)
2 (flames)
Sky Stage
Flammingle MMX - Flammingle.png A tall, stationary bird robot that spins its body around to throw the sawblade crest on its head at X. 8 3 (contact)
2 (sawblade)
Snow Mountain Stage, Gallery Stage, Power Plant Stage, Sigma Stage 2
Gulpfer MMX - Gulpfer.png A fish that attempts to suck in and swallow X. X will take 2 damage every few seconds if he remains trapped for too long, but can break free and destroy the enemy from the inside by rapidly jumping or shooting. 10 2 Ocean Stage, Sigma Stage 3
Gun Volt MMX - Gun Volt.png A stationary robot that either fires two rockets straight ahead or releases sparks that travel along the floor. 16 3 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Highway Stage, Sky Stage, Power Plant Stage, Sigma Stage 1
Hoganmer MMX - Hoganmer.png A stationary enemy that throws its ball & chain at X when he come close. It carries a shield that blocks X's shots when not attacking, and the spiked ball will likewise deflect them, making the enemy difficult to damage. 8 3 (contact)
2 (spike ball)
Factory Stage, Sky Stage, Tower Stage, Forest Stage, Sigma Stage 1, Sigma Stage 2
Hotarion MMX - Hotarion.png A fast-moving firefly found in dark rooms. It soars in a straight line and pulls a beam of light across the screen, which briefly illuminates part of the room. 1 2 Power Plant Stage
Jamminger MMX - Jamminger.png A flying robot that flies in quickly, stops, and slowly moves towards X's last position before flying off the top of the screen if it cannot get to him. If it can touch him, it repeats its movement. 2 1 Highway Stage, Snow Mountain Stage, Tower Stage, Forest Stage, Sigma Stage 1
Ladder Yadder MMX - Ladder Yadder.png A lizard-like robot that crawls a small distance up and down ladders, briefly stopping at the ends of its path. 3 2 Tower Stage
Lift Cannon MMX - Lift Cannon.png A Turn Cannon atop a pillar that rises from the ground, lowering itself again with every shot. 2 3 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Sky Stage
Mad Pecker MMX - Mad Pecker.png A woodpecker that clings to and pecks at trees, occasionally pulling out and tossing a caterpillar-like Creeper enemy. 6 2 Forest Stage
Mega Tortois MMX - Mega Tortois.png A large and very durable tortoise robot that fires bombs from its back, which fall down on parachutes and can be destroyed. 16 (Mega Tortois)
3 (bombs)
4 (contact)
3 (bombs)
Ocean Stage, Tower Stage, Power Plant Stage, Sigma Stage 1, Sigma Stage 3
Metal Wing MMX - Metal Wing.png A bird that flies towards the cave exit during the last minecart section of the Gallery Stage. It flies away from X, making it mostly harmless, but it can be shot down. 1 3 Gallery Stage
Metall C-15 MMX - Metall C-15.png A Metall that hides under its helmet, popping up occasionally to spit a projectile at X when he is close or run towards him when his back is turned. While under its helmet, it is invincible. 2 2 (contact)
1 (projectile)
Gallery Stage, Factory Stage, Sky Stage, Sigma Stage 1
Planty / Iworm MMX - Planty.png A Metall disguised as a bush, which pops up and throws out many Iworm enemies that crawl around. 2 (Planty)
1 (Iworm)
3 (Planty)
1 (Iworm)
Forest Stage
Ray Bit MMX - Ray Bit.png A robo-rabbit that hops around and occasionally fires a laser from its ears. 2 4 (contact)
2 (laser)
Snow Mountain Stage
Ray Trap MMX - Ray Trap.png An invincible, floating drone that shoots fast-moving laser projectiles at X if he trips any of the red beams near it, which flash in and out. It acts like a solid block to X and his shots bounce off. N/A 2 (laser) Tower Stage, Sigma Stage 1
Road Attacker MMX - Road Attacker.png A robot in a car that drives and shoots at X. X can stand on the car like a platform after the driver is destroyed, which keeps going in the same direction and may still harm him, or he can shoot it further to disable it fully and then destroy it as well. 5 (Rider)
4 (car, moving)
3 (car, broken down)
2 (contact)
1 (laser)
Highway Stage
Rolling Gabyoall MMX - Rolling Gabyoall.png A mostly invincible guard robot that moves along pipes, occasionally flipping from the top to the bottom of the pipe. The Rolling Shield can destroy it. N/A or 1 3 Factory Stage
Rush Roader MMX - Rush Roader.png A Roader-like enemy with a single wheel that drives back and forth and attempts to ram X, but will attempt to stay on its platform. Dealing more than one point of damage to it at once makes it go haywire and quickly spin in place. 6 2 Power Plant Stage, Sigma Stage 3
Scrap Robo MMX - Scrap Robo.png The upper half of a robot that drops from factory chutes and shoots lasers from its eye. It cannot move by itself, but is moved by conveyor belts. 4 3 (contact)
2 (laser)
Factory Stage
Scrapped Utuboros MMX - Scrapped Utuboros.png The scrapped head of a Utuboros that drops from factory chutes and can only harm X if it falls on it. They can be stood on like platforms and are moved by conveyor belts 6 3 Factory Stage
Sea Attacker MMX - Sea Attacker.png Seahorses that emerge from the ground in groups of two or three and start spinning in place. They quickly launch themselves forward, then down. 2 2 Ocean Stage
Sine Faller MMX - Sine Faller.png Robots that slowly float down from the top of the screen, swaying left and right and trying to land on X as they do so. 1 2 Tower Stage, Sigma Stage 2
Sky Claw MMX - Sky Claw.png A flying drone that attempts to snatch up X, eventually self-destructing and dropping him. He can free himself by mashing buttons or firing a charge shot, the latter of which also destroys the enemy. 2 2 (contact)
3 (explosion)
Ocean Stage, Factory Stage, Sky Stage
Slide Cannon MMX - Slide Cannon.png A turret on a platform that slides in and out of a wall, firing a single shot straight forward each time. The platform can be stood on and remains after the turret is destroyed. 3 2 Tower Stage
Snow Shooter MMX - Snow Shooter.png A contraption that announces itself with one or two large, rolling snowballs, which can be destroyed and grow as they roll. It then proceeds to throw smaller snowballs at X (the first one encountered throws only one snowball). 4 (Snow Shooter)
3 (large snowball)
3 (contact)
2 (any snowball)
Snow Mountain Stage
Spark MMX - Spark.png A spark of electricity that travels through the glass pipe floor in the Power Plant Stage, harming X on touch. If Storm Eagle has been defeated, it will not be there. N/A 2 Power Plant Stage
Spiky MMX - Spiky.png A spiked wheel that rolls in one direction. It falls over and slides when on its last point of health, before self-destructing. 3 2 Highway Stage, Snow Mountain Stage, Gallery Stage, Sigma Stage 1, Sigma Stage 2, Sigma Stage 3
Tombot MMX - Tombot.png Small, flying robots that start on the ground or are released by igloo-like structures. They jet up quickly, then drop their propulsion rockets and slowly follow X. 1 2 Snow Mountain Stage
Turn Cannon MMX - Turn Cannon.png A cannon that turns between shots to alternatively shoot at diagonals or left and right. It is often found on moving platforms and can also appear on the ceiling, or standing atop a growing pillar as a Lift Cannon. 5 3 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Tower Stage, Power Plant Stage, Sigma Stage 1, Sigma Stage 2, Sigma Stage 3


Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Anglerge MMX - Anglerge.png A submarine that sits on the ocean floor and releases four eels, which quickly wriggle away while making 90° turns. It can also suck X towards it or blow him away. If X is not in front of it, it will release no eels and activate its search light, which can be destroyed separately (though it does nothing). 32 (Anglerge)
2 (eels)
4 (contact)
2 (eels)
Ocean Stage
Bee Blader MMX - Bee Blader.png A large, bee-like robot that hovers above the ground, shooting machine gun fire diagonally downward and releasing Ball De Voux or homing missiles. It moves closer to X every time it is hit and causes the floor to collapse after it is destroyed. 32 4 (contact)
2 (rockets)
1 (gunfire)
Highway Stage
Cruiziler MMX - Cruiziler.png A whale-like battleship that drops or flings depth charges and releases Sky Claws. X can stand on top and must attack the blue crystal on its back to damage it. Once destroyed, it will break through the floor below, opening up another path. 64 3 (charges) Ocean Stage
Death Rogumer MMX - Death Rogumer.png A massive carrier ship that is encountered twice, each time directly before the boss of the stage. In the Highway Stage, it cannot be damaged and simply drops Road Attackers for X to destroy before eventually lowering Vile in his Ride Armor.

In the Sky Stage, X must board the ship, which attacks with two destructible turrets shooting straight forward. After getting inside, most of the Rogumer explodes, luring out Storm Eagle. Once this boss is defeated, the ship crashes and cannot be encountered in the stage again.

7 (turrets) 3 (turret contact)
2 (projectiles)
Highway Stage, Sky Stage
Mole Borer MMX - Mole Borer.png A large mining machine that moves relentlessly forward, destroying the walls in front of it. X can destroy it, but loses a life instantly if he touches it. 60 30 Gallery Stage
RT-55J MMX - RT-55J.png A powerful robot that guard a Dr. Light Capsule. It makes large jumps and attempts to catch X with its extendable claws, either harming him directly or grabbing and slamming him into a wall. It can also pull itself towards a wall this way. The claws block shots while not extended. 64 2 Forest Stage
Thunder Slimer MMX - Thunder Slimer.png A miniboss that bounces between the floor and ceiling, regularly spreading four slime drops that X can get stuck in. He can wiggle free by rapidly moving. If Storm Eagle has not yet been defeated, the miniboss periodically zaps the ground with lightning; otherwise, it can only damage X by colliding with him. 46 5 (contact)
4 (lightning)
Power Plant Stage
Utuboros MMX - Utuboros.png A giant worm that emerges from the ground, twists a few times and eventually burrows into the ground again. Only its head and tail end can hurt X, but they are also the only vulnerable parts, with the rest blocking his shots. 72 4 Ocean Stage
Vile MMX - Vile.png Vile's miniboss fight has two phases: one in a Ride Armor and one on foot. The first phase is similar to the Highway Stage boss fight and cannot be "won", instead lasting until Vile traps X, which triggers a cutscene leading to his Armor's destruction.

In the second phase, Vile dashes or makes giant leaps across the room, firing paralysing energy shots at X while on the ground or dropping bombs while in the air, the latter of which split into two blasts travelling left and right when they hit the ground. He takes normal damage from X's weapons in this phase and is weak to the Homing Torpedo.

N/A (phase 1)
32 (phase 2)
Phase 1:
1 (contact)
6 (punch)
Phase 2:
8 (contact)
4 (bombs)
Sigma Stage 1


Eight Mavericks

Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Launch Octopus MMX - Launch Octopus.png Ocean Stage Homing Torpedo Rolling Shield
Chill Penguin MMX - Chill Penguin.png A penguin who can slide or jump at X, spit bullet-deflecting ice blocks, or create two ice sculptures and move them by summoning a snowstorm as he hangs from a hook on the ceiling. His sculptures block shots, even his own, but can be destroyed with a charged buster shot. Snow Mountain Stage Shotgun Ice Fire Wave
Armored Armadillo MMX - Armored Armadillo.png Gallery Stage Rolling Shield Electric Spark
Flame Mammoth MMX - Flame Mammoth.png Factory Stage Fire Wave Storm Tornado
Storm Eagle MMX - Storm Eagle.png Sky Stage Storm Tornado Chameleon Sting
Boomer Kuwanger MMX - Boomer Kuwanger.png Tower Stage Boomerang Cutter Homing Torpedo
Spark Mandrill MMX - Spark Mandrill.png Power Plant Stage Electric Spark Shotgun Ice
Sting Chameleon MMX - Sting Chameleon.png Forest Stage Chameleon Sting Boomerang Cutter

Other Bosses

Name Sprite Description Stage Weakness
Vile MMX - Vile (Ride Armor).png Vile appears in his Ride Armor at the end of the Highway Stage, acting as an invincible cutscene boss who punches, dashes and fires shots at X. After X gets paralysed by one of the shots, Zero arrives and blasts Vile, damaging his armor and causing him to retreat. Highway Stage N/A
Bospider MMX - Bospider.png Sigma Stage 1 X-Buster
Shotgun Ice
Rangda Bangda MMX - Rangda Bangda.png Sigma Stage 2 Chameleon Sting
D-Rex MMX - D-Rex.png Sigma Stage 3 Boomerang Cutter
Velguarder MMX - Velguarder.png Sigma Stage 4 Shotgun Ice
Sigma MMX - Sigma (battle).png Sigma Stage 4 Electric Spark
Wolf Sigma MMX - Wolf Sigma.png Sigma Stage 4 Rolling Shield


Name Sprite Description Source
X-Buster File:MMX - X-Buster.png X's default weapon. It fires shots horizontally, which can be charged for up to four levels of Charge Shot using the Arm Parts. Default
Shotgun Ice MMX - Shotgun Ice.png Fires an ice shot horizontally, which shatters into four fragments on contact.
Charge Shot creates an ice sculpture of Chill Penguin that slides like a sled.
Chill Penguin
Electric Spark MMX - Electric Spark.png Fires an electric shot horizontally, which splits vertically on contact.
Charge Shot creates two electric walls that split forwards and backwards.
Spark Mandrill
Rolling Shield MMX - Rolling Shield.png Fires a rolling shot horizontally, which bounces off of walls.
Charge Shot surrounds X in a barrier that can take one enemy attack.
Armored Armadillo
Homing Torpedo MMX - Homing Torpedo.png Fires a torpedo horizontally, which changes trajectory to home in on enemies.
Charge Shot fires four piranha-shaped torpedoes simultaneously.
Launch Octopus
Boomerang Cutter MMX - Boomerang Cutter.png Fires a boomerang that curves upwards before returning to X.
Charge Shot fires four giant boomerangs that swirl around before disappearing.
Boomer Kuwanger
Chameleon Sting MMX - Chameleon Sting.png Fires a laser that splits into three lasers at different angles.
Charge Shot makes X flash colors, giving him temporary invincibility.
Sting Chameleon
Storm Tornado MMX - Storm Tornado.png Fires a tornado horizontally that pierces through enemies.
Charge Shot briefly surrounds X in a vertical tornado.
Storm Eagle
Fire Wave MMX - Fire Wave.png Fires a short-range flamethrower horizontally as long as the button is held.
Charge Shot drops a fireball that bursts into a moving wave of fire on the ground.
Flame Mammoth


Ocean StageSnow Mountain StageForest StageTower StageFactory StagePower Plant StageSky StageGallery StageSigma's fortressMega Man X Boss Select Screen
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Name Sprite Description
Energy File:MMX - Energy.png
Weapon Energy File:MMX - Weapon Energy.png
1 UP MMX - 1 UP.png
Sub Tank MMX - Sub Tank.png
Heart Tank MMX - Heart Tank.png
Dr. Light Capsule (First Armor) MMX - Dr. Light Capsule.png
MMX - First Armor X.png

Armor Upgrades

MMX - Dr. Light Capsule.png

X may step into Light Capsules to obtain a piece of the First Armor from Dr. Light's hologram.

Name Sprite Description Stage
Head parts File:MMX - Head parts.png
Body parts File:MMX - Body parts.png
Leg parts File:MMX - Leg parts.png
Arm parts File:MMX - Arm parts.png


Related Media


Ports and Remakes

Icon Title Unlocked by Related Games
File:MMXLC - Just Plain Dillo.png Just Plain Dillo Knock off Armored Armadillo's armor in Mega Man X. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - First Armor.png First Armor Obtain all four armor upgrades in Mega Man X. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - Never Hearts to Be Careful.png Never Hearts to Be Careful Obtain all Heart Tanks and max out X's energy gauge in Mega Man X. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - Pretty (Devastating) In Pink.png Pretty (Devastating) In Pink Use the Spiral Crush Buster to defeat a boss in Mega Man X. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - It's Over.png It's Over Defeat Wolf Sigma in Mega Man X Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - In the Heart of Battle.png In the Heart of Battle Learn the Hadoken in Mega Man X. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - Nobody Nose My Sorrow.png Nobody Nose My Sorrow Cut off Flame Mammoth's trunk in Mega Man X. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - It's Over... Right?.png It's Over... Right? Defeat any of the eight Maverick bosses in Mega Man X. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - Re-Armed.png Re-Armed Receive Zero's arm part in Mega Man X. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - Half the Saga.png Half the Saga Complete Mega Man X1, X2, X3, and X4. Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3 and Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - Elite.png Elite Complete an X Challenge stage equipped with only the X-Buster. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - Reconnaissance Complete.png Reconnaissance Complete View 20 images across all four titles, then change the wallpaper to the secret image. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - What's Your Hunter Rank?.png What's Your Hunter Rank? Check your own ranking in X Challenge. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - A-Class Hunter.png A-Class Hunter Complete all X Challenge stages. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - Audio Signal Incoming.png Audio Signal Incoming Listen to 10 tracks for long enough with the Music Player, and then listen to the secret track. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - Identity erased.png Identity erased Blast through the mystery of the staff credits and return to the future. Mega Man X
File:MMXLC - How Long Will He Keep Fighting?.png How Long Will He Keep Fighting? Complete Mega Man X (cannot be earned in Rookie Hunter mode). Mega Man X

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