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Mega Man

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Mega Man, MegaMan or Megaman can refer to the following things:



Multiple characters throughout the Mega Man franchise are named Mega Man or have been referred to as such:

  • Mega Man (Classic era), the original Mega Man from the Classic games.
  • X, the hero of the X era games, who is sometimes referred to as Mega Man X or variations thereof.
  • Mega Man Volnutt, the main protagonist of the Legends era games.
  • MegaMan.EXE, a Net Navi operated by Lan Hikari in the Battle Network era.
  • Zero, from the X and Zero eras, who is called Megaman Zero in some English-language sources.
  • Mega Man (ZX era), a term for Biometal users in the ZX games.
  • Mega Man (Star Force era), Geo and Omega-Xis' fused EM form in the Star Force era.

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