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Rockman ✕over

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Game Info
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Final App Icon, commemorating 1.5 million downloads
General information
Game Title(s):Rockman ✕over, Rockman Xover, Rockman Crossover
Release Date(s):
JP: November 29, 2012
Genre(s):Action, RPG
Game mode(s):Single Player, Online Multi-Player
Platform(s):Android, iOS

Rockman ✕over, read as Rockman Crossover (ロックマン クロスオーバー), was a Japan-only mobile game released for iOS and Android on November 29, 2012. The game was a mobile RPG crossover featuring characters from the entire Mega Man franchise, starring an original character called OVER-1. It ended service on March 31, 2015.


This story is a crossover between all eras of Mega Man. In it, Mega Man and other heroes are trapped in space and time by a band of historical villains such as Dr. Wily and Sigma. To solve this crisis, Dr. Light and Dr. Cossack work together to create a new type of robot called OVER-1. Although mass-produced, each OVER-1 unit has infinite potential to strengthen itself using the Battle Memories that have been scattered throughout space-time. Create your own "Mega Man" and fight for everlasting peace with your friends![1]


World 1

The setting of Mega Man X, where the player rescues X. Enemies include Batton Bone and Ray Bit.

Boss Sprite Element
Chill Penguin Xover - Chill Penguin.png Water
Spark Mandrill Xover - Spark Mandrill.png Elec
Storm Eagle Xover - Storm Eagle.png Wood
Flame Mammoth Xover - Flame Mammoth.png Fire
Vile Xover - Vile.png Water

World 2

The setting of Mega Man X, where the player rescues Zero. Enemies include Crusher, Spiky, and Metall FX.

Boss Sprite Element
Boomer Kuwanger Xover - Boomer Kuwanger.png Wood
Launch Octopus Xover - Launch Octopus.png Elec
Armored Armadillo Xover - Armored Armadillo.png Water
Sting Chameleon Xover - Sting Chameleon.png Fire
Sigma Xover - Sigma X1.png None

World 3

The setting of Mega Man, where the player rescues Proto Man. Enemies include Bunby Top DX and Crazy Razy.

Boss Sprite Element
Cut Man Xover - Cut Man.png Wood
Elec Man Xover - Elec Man.png Elec
Ice Man Xover - Ice Man.png Water
Fire Man Xover - Fire Man.png Fire
Wily Machine 1 Xover - Wily Machine 1.png None

World 4

The setting of the Battle Network era, where the player rescues MegaMan.EXE. Enemies include Fishy and Beetank.

Boss Sprite Element
SharkMan.EXE Xover - SharkMan.png Water
HeatMan.EXE Xover - HeatMan.png Fire
WoodMan.EXE Xover - WoodMan.png Wood
ThunderMan.EXE Xover - ThunderMan.png Elec
Life Virus Xover - Life Virus.png None

World 5

The setting of the Star Force era, where the player rescues Star Force Mega Man. Enemies include Crowcar, Hot Roader, and Heli Metall.

Boss Sprite Element
Cygnus Wing Xover - Cygnus Wing.png None
Queen Ophiuca Xover - Queen Ophiuca.png Wood
Gemini Spark Xover - Gemini Spark.png Elec
Cancer Bubble Xover - Cancer Bubble.png Water
Andromeda Xover - Andromeda.png None

World 6

The setting of the Zero era, where the player rescues Zero. Enemies include Condoroid and Garm.

Boss Sprite Element
Aztec Falcon Xover - Aztec Falcon.png Elec
Maha Ganeshariff Xover - Maha Ganeshariff.png Fire
Blizzack Staggroff Xover - Blizzack Staggroff.png Water
Herculious Anchus Xover - Herculious Anchus.png Wood
Leviathan Xover - Leviathan.png Water

World 7

The setting of Mega Man X8, where the player rescues Axl. Enemies include MAME-Q and Crabs-K.

Boss Sprite Element
Optic Sunflower Xover - Optic Sunflower.png Wood
Avalanche Yeti Xover - Avalanche Yeti.png Water
Burn Rooster Xover - Burn Rooster.png Fire
Bamboo Pandamonium Xover - Bamboo Pandamonium.png Wood
Sigma Xover - Sigma X8.png None

World 8

The setting of Mega Man 7, where the player rescues Mega Man. Enemies include Batton M48 and Astro Zombieg.

Boss Sprite Element
Junk Man Xover - Junk Man.png Water
Spring Man Xover - Spring Man.png Elec
Slash Man Xover - Slash Man.png Wood
Shade Man Xover - Shade Man.png Fire
Bass Xover - Bass.png Wood

World 9

The setting of Mega Man Star Force 3, where the player rescues Harp Note. Enemies include Rhino Horn, Dark Reaper, Metall FX, and Heli Metall.

Boss Sprite Element
Spade Magnes Xover - Spade Magnes.png Elec
Queen Virgo Xover - Queen Virgo.png Water
Jack Corvus Xover - Jack Corvus.png Fire
Dread Joker Xover - Dread Joker.png Wood
Crimson Dragon Xover - Crimson Dragon.png None

World 10

The setting of Mega Man ZX, where the player rescues Vent (Model X). Enemies include Heli Metall, Crickaleap, and Sci-Sensor.

Boss Sprite Element
Fistleo the Predatoroid Xover - Fistleo the Predatoroid.png Fire
Lurerre the Abysroid Xover - Lurerre the Abysroid.png Water
Hurricaune the Wolveroid Xover - Hurricaune the Wolveroid.png Elec
Hivolt the Raptoroid Xover - Hivolt the Raptoroid.png Wood
Serpent Xover - Serpent.png None

World 11

The setting of Mega Man Battle Network 6, where the player rescues Roll.EXE. Enemies include Metall FX, Killer Eye, and Fighter Plane.

Boss Sprite Element
BlastMan.EXE Xover - BlastMan.png Fire
DiveMan.EXE Xover - DiveMan.png Water
TenguMan.EXE Xover - TenguMan.png Wood
GroundMan.EXE Xover - GroundMan.png Elec
Cybeast Gregar Xover - Gregar.png None

World 12

An original world where Nero L and the Four Heavenly Kings await.

Boss Sprite Element
Rosso M Xover - Rosso M.png Fire
Blu D Xover - Blu D.png Water
Verde R Xover - Verde R.png Wood
Oro S Xover - Oro S.png Elec
Nero L Xover - Nero L.png None

25th Anniversary World

A retro Classic era world for the franchise's 25th anniversary.

Boss Sprite Element
Toad Man File:Xover - Toad Man.png None
Guts Man File:Xover - Guts Man.png Fire
Shadow Man File:Xover - Shadow Man.png Wood
Air Man File:Xover - Air Man.png Water
Fire Toad Man File:Xover - Fire Toad Man.png Fire
Wood Guts Man File:Xover - Wood Guts Man.png Wood
Electric Shadow Man File:Xover - Electric Shadow Man.png Elec
Skull Man File:Xover - Skull Man.png None
Wily Capsule 4 File:Xover - Wily Capsule.png None

X Special World

An extra world based on the X era.

Boss Sprite Element
Dynamo Xover - Dynamo.png Wood
Zain Xover - Zain.png None
High Max Xover - High Max.png None
Double Xover - Double.png None
Black Zero Xover - Black Zero.png None

Team Bosses

Team Bosses are only fought in Team Battle mode.

Master Bosses

Master Bosses must be unlocked using Map Parts.


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