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Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite

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Game Info
File:MvCI - Title screen.png
General information
Release Date(s):2017
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Steam, Playstation 4, XBox One



File:MvCI - X.png


X is a major character in story mode, being the primary adversary of Sigma before the convergence. He helps the other characters from the Marvel and Capcom universes fight the XGuardians in XGuard, search for the power stone at Knowmoon, and put the final defeat to Ultron-Omega by using the Infinity Buster, 4 infinity stones and powers of the surviving characters being channeled through Dr. Strange to him.

The Stark-Light Library

Robot researcher Dr. Cain discovered and awaked X from his slumber in a mysterious capsule. Dr. Cain was stunned to find that X was a completely new type of robot; one with the ability to think for himself and act upon his own free will. X was reverse engineered by Dr. Cain and although not all of his functions could be fully analyzed, the breakthroughs were enough to create "reploids," a new generation of robot's that shared X's sentience.

However, disaster struck as certain reploids, dubbed Mavericks, developed malfunctions and became a threat to humans. They caused widespread damage and mass panic. X chose to defend humanity as a Maverick Hunter. Now, in the current crisis, I know he will do whatever it takes to rid the world of Ultron-Sigma.


When character is facing right

Name Button Sequence Picture
Unique Moves
Buster Bow Back, High Punch File:MvCI - Buster Bow.png
Shoulder Tackle Back, High Kick File:MvCI - Shoulder Tackle.png
Point Blank Buster (during jump) Down, High Punch File:MvCI - Point Blank Buster.png
Special Moves
X Buster (can be charged) (in air OK) Down-to-Forward, Lower Punch or High Punch File:MvCI - X Buster.png
Buster Combo:Dash (during ground X Buster) Low Punch File:MvCI - Dash.png
Buster Combo:Buster Hamer (during ground X Buster) High Punch File:MvCI - Buster Hamer.png
Buster Combo:Backstep (during ground X Buster) Low Kick File:MvCI - Backstep.png
Buster Combo:Slide (during ground X Buster) High Kick File:MvCI - Slide.png
Sonic Slicer Down-to-Back, Low Punch or Hugh Punch File:MvCI - Sonic Slicer.png
Frost Shield Down-to-Forward, Low Kick or Hugh Kick File:MvCI - Frost Shield.png
Boomerang Cutter Down-to-Back, Low Punch or Hugh Punch File:MvCI - Boomerang Cutter.png
Rising Fire Down, Down, Low Punch or Hugh Punch File:MvCI - Rising Fire.png
Hyper Combos
Full-Powered Charged Shot (in air OK) Down-to-Forward, Low Punch and High Punch File:MvCI - Full-Powered Charged Shot.png
Double Charge Shot (in air OK) (while equipped with Armor of Light) Down-to-Forward, Low Punch and High Punch File:MvCI - Double Charge Shot.png
Special Weapon Rush (S.W.R.) Down-to-Forward, Low Kick and High Kick File:MvCI - Special Weapon Rush.png
Armor of Light Down, Down, Low Kick and High Kick File:MvCI - Armor of Light.png
Ultimate Strike (Lv3 Hyper Combo) Down, Down, Low Kick and High Kick File:MvCI - Ultimate Strike.png

Dr. Light File:MM1 - Dr. Light.png
Zero File:MM1 - Zero.png
Sigma File:MM1 - Sigma.png DLC
Ultron-Sigma File:MM1 - Ultron-Sigma.png
Ultron-Omega File:MM1 - Ultron-Omega.png
Xgardian File:MM1 - Xgardian.png





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