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A robot (ロボット) is a machine programmed to and capable of carrying out actions automatically.[1] Robots appear in every single era of the Mega Man franchise, debuting in the first Mega Man.

In the Games

Classic era

Robots first appeared in the Classic era. Dr. Light and Dr. Wily are renowned human robotics scientists, together developing advanced robots known as Robot Masters that can mimic human thought. However, the minds and personalities Robot Masters are still dictated by their creators via programming, and they are normally incapable of defying the parameters of their programming. This enabled villains such as Dr. Wily to kidnap and reprogram Robot Masters to force them into unquestioning servitude. Other robotics scientists, such as Dr. Cossack, also appear in this era.

There are also robots created by non-human entities, such as the Stardroids and Ra Moon, who hail from outer space.

X era

Robots persist throughout the X era, though there is a distinction made based on their capacity for intelligence: Reploids are robots that possess full free will and can learn and grow like human beings, while Mechaniloids are robots that remain bound to their programming and possess rudimentary personalities at best. The main robot characters of this era, such as X and Zero, are considered Reploids, while common robot enemies such as Batton Bones are considered Mechaniloids.

Zero era

Both Reploids and Mechaniloids persist in the Zero era. Reploids continue to resemble humans more and more, while Mechaniloids retain their inhuman designs.

ZX era

Reploids and Mechaniloids still exist in the ZX era. Reploids become virtually indistinguishable from the humans, now known as Humanoids. There are many Mechaniloids that no longer serve Humanoids nor Reploids, roaming the wilderness like wild animals; such wild Mechaniloids are often called Mavericks.


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