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Rockman Strategy

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Game Info
RMS - Box Art.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Rockman Strategy, Rockman War
Developer(s):Dream Come True
Publisher(s):Acer TWP
Release Date(s):Taiwan: October 29, 2001
Game mode(s):Single Player

Rockman Strategy, known in Taiwan as Rockman War (洛克人大戰), is a strategy video game set in the Classic era. Officially licensed by Capcom, it was developed by Dream Come True and published by Acer TWP. It released only in Taiwan in 2001 for Windows 95, 98, 2000, and XP.


Despite his frequent defeats, Dr. Wily never gave up on his dream of conquering the world, and continued to develop robots in his island laboratory. One day, while Wily was conducting his experiments, there was an intruder alert. Rather than Mega Man, a group of mysterious alien robots similar to the Stardroids had landed in his backyard. Taking advantage of the situation, he chose to join forces with the aliens.

Several months later, Mega Man and Dr. Light were invited to a plant exhibition at an elementary school. But on their way, they were struck by a huge earthquake, and the plants at the school and around the world began to wither. News flashes reported that four giant fortresses had arisen from underground. Dr. Wily broadcast to every world leader, ordering them to surrender the world before all plants were destroyed and the humans ran out of oxygen due to a hole in the ozone layer. With little time, Mega Man rallied his allies to fight the devious Wily and stop his plans. However, there are new enemies lurking in the dark...[1]


Name Image Description
Mega Man RMS - Mega Man Art Small.png A fighting robot with a strong sense of justice, who was created by Dr. Light.
Dr. Light RMS - Dr. Light Menu.png A renowned robotics scientist who created Mega Man and other good robots.
Roll RMS - Roll Menu.png A household robot who acts as Mega Man's sister, supporting him from home.
Fan RMS - Fan Art Small.png A Chinese-style robot of unknown origin. He helps Mega Man out of trouble in combat.
Dr. Wily RMS - Dr. Wily Dialogue.png An evil robotics scientist who constantly seeks to take over the world. This time, he joins forces with a group of alien robots and demands the world to surrender.
Apollo & Luna RMS - Apollo Art Small.png RMS - Luna Art Small.png The leaders of the alien robots, who join forces with Dr. Wily to conquer the planet.


Minor Enemies


Main Bosses

Name Image Description Element Stage
RMS - Aries Art Small.png
Fire Steelmaking Factory
RMS - Taurus Art Small.png
Earth Coastal Attack and Defense
RMS - Gemini Art Small.png
Air Mine Cave
RMS - Cancer Art Small.png
Water Battle in the Clouds
RMS - Leo Art Small.png
Fire Caldera
RMS - Virgo Art Small.png
Earth Undersea City
RMS - Libra Art Small.png
Air Desert Storm
RMS - Scorpio Art Small.png
Water Aerial Combat Airship
RMS - Sagittarius Art Small.png
Fire Magma Inferno
RMS - Capricorn Art Small.png
Earth Arctic Sea
RMS - Aquarius Art Small.png
Air Meteorite Surface
RMS - Pisces Art Small.png
Water Tornado Interior
Bass & Treble RMS - Bass Art Small.png RMS - Treble Art Small.png None Building Block Room
RMS - Apollo Art Small.png
None Temple of the Sun
RMS - Luna Art Small.png
None Temple of the Moon
Wily Machine α
RMS - Wily Machine α Art Small.png
None Laboratory
Wily Capsule α
RMS - Wily Capsule α Art Small.png
None Dimensional Space

Robot Masters

Name Image Description Element Stage(s)
Fire Man
RMS - Fire Man Art Small.png
Fire City Battle, Magma Inferno
Cut Man
RMS - Cut Man Art Small.png
Earth City Battle, Desert Storm
Bomb Man
RMS - Bomb Man Art Small.png
Fire Steelmaking Factory, Dimensional Space
Flame Man
RMS - Flame Man Art Small.png
Fire Steelmaking Factory, Laboratory
Ice Man
RMS - Ice Man Art Small.png
Water Coastal Attack and Defense, Secret Sewer
Frost Man
RMS - Frost Man Art Small.png
Water Coastal Attack and Defense, Laboratory
Guts Man
RMS - Guts Man Art Small.png
Earth Mine Cave, Secret Sewer
Metal Man
RMS - Metal Man Art Small.png
Earth Mine Cave, Laboratory
Elec Man
RMS - Elec Man Art Small.png
Air Battle in the Clouds, Tornado Interior
Spark Man
RMS - Spark Man Art Small.png
Air Battle in the Clouds, Laboratory
Cloud Man
RMS - Cloud Man Art Small.png
Air Secret Sewer, Aerial Combat Airship
Heat Man
RMS - Heat Man Art Small.png
Fire Caldera, Temple of the Sun
Napalm Man
RMS - Napalm Man Art Small.png
Fire Caldera, Uncharted Tribe
Bubble Man
RMS - Bubble Man Art Small.png
Water Undersea City, Bridge
Freeze Man
RMS - Freeze Man Art Small.png
Water Undersea City, Jungle
Hard Man
RMS - Hard Man Art Small.png
Earth Desert Storm, Jungle
Yamato Man
RMS - Yamato Man Art Small.png
Air Aerial Combat Airship, Chemical Plant
Tomahawk Man
RMS - Tomahawk Man Art Small.png
Air Uncharted Tribe, Tornado Interior
Pharaoh Man
RMS - Pharaoh Man Art Small.png
Fire Uncharted Tribe, Building Block Room
Stone Man
RMS - Stone Man Art Small.png
Earth Bridge, Meteorite Surface
Burst Man
RMS - Burst Man Art Small.png
Water Bridge, Magma Inferno
Dive Man
RMS - Dive Man Art Small.png
Water Arctic Sea, Chemical Plant
Aqua Man
RMS - Aqua Man Art Small.png
Water Arctic Sea, Dimensional Space
Astro Man
RMS - Astro Man Art Small.png
Air Meteorite Surface, Chemical Plant
Knight Man
RMS - Knight Man Art Small.png
Earth Building Block Room, Temple of the Sun
Sword Man
RMS - Sword Man Art Small.png
Fire Temple of the Moon, Dimensional Space
Skull Man
RMS - Skull Man Art Small.png
Earth Temple of the Moon, Dimensional Space





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  1. "Rockman Strategy", The Mechanical Maniacs.

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