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Mega Man X: Command Mission

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Game Info
MMXCM - Box Art NA.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man X: Command Mission
Release Date(s):
JP: July 29, 2004
NA: September 21, 2004
EU: November 19, 2004
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):PlayStation 2
Nintendo GameCube

Mega Man X: Command Mission, known in Japan as Rockman X: Command Mission (ロックマンXコマンドミッション) is a spin-off in the X series, developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube in 2004. It is a turn-based role-playing game rather than an action platformer, and is set in an alternate timeline from the mainline X era, in the year 22XX.[1]


In year 22XX, the mysterious mineral Force Metal is discovered from the remains of a meteorite which landed in the Pacific Ocean, labeled 2202XA8.[2] In order to mine and collect the precious Force Metal, which revolutionized Reploid engineering, the giant man-made island of Giga City was constructed. One day, the Reploids in one area of the island suddenly went berserk. The government deemed these Reploids Maverick, and deployed teams of agents to Giga City to gather information and to solve the crisis. However, the investigation teams fail as fast as they can be sent in. Eventually, the government's final hope rests on the Maverick Hunters X, Zero and Shadow.[3]


Name Image Description
X MMXCM - X FlashArt.png The commander of the 17th Unit, X is a legendary Maverick Hunter who has solved numerous cases. He's been dispatched by the government to bring the insurrection on Giga City under control. With a one-hit knockout from his X-Buster, X mops the floor with his enemies.[4]
Zero MMXCM - Zero FlashArt.png Zero is a go-getter S-Class Hunter. He's the commander of the Special 0 Unit, and with his cool personality takes a relaxed approach to emergencies. Together with X and Shadow, Zero makes his way to Giga City. With a Z-Saber of incomparable strength, Zero breaks enemies in two.[4]
Axl MMXCM - Axl FlashArt.png Axl is an S-Class Hunter along with X and Zero. He balances his youthful personality with controlled aggression. He's traveled to Giga City alone to search for the secrets surrounding his birth. With the power of transformation and a powerful gun, he tosses his enemies about.[4]
Spider MMXCM - Spider FlashArt.png Spider is often selfish, and always on the lookout for opportunities to put himself first. In spite of that, he is a valuable friend.[4]
Massimo MMXCM - Massimo FlashArt.png Massimo is a colossal man protected by powerful armor. Beneath his tough exterior lies a cowardly heart.[4]
Cinnamon MMXCM - Cinnamon FlashArt.png Cinnamon is a warm-hearted nurse Reploid who regards Professor Gaudile as her father. Lovingly cared for in a laboratory for her entire life, Cinnamon is out of touch with the world. She always goes her own way, but her inner core is solid.[4]
Marino MMXCM - Marino FlashArt.png Although a thief, Marino has a policy of being more than a mere crook. In fact, she is gallant and courageous, and despises crookedness. She is always upbeat and never worries.[4]
Shadow MMXCM - Shadow FlashArt.png Shadow is dispatched to Giga City along with X and Zero, as a hot-shot Maverick Hunter.[4]
Colonel Redips MMXCM - Colonel Redips FlashArt.png Redips is the commander-in-chief supervising the suppression of the Rebellion Army. X and his friends know they can depend on him.[4]


Minor Enemies


Name Image Description Element Weakness Chapter
Hippopressor MMXCM - Hippopressor Figure.png The Hippopressor's name is well deserved; one of its attacks involves smashing its opponents under its bulk, hitting multiple targets. Thankfully, Hippopressor is a slow and easy target. Destroy the Shark Missile on top of its back before its launch sequence finishes, or else one of your party will eat some hefty damage. None None Chapter 1
Spider MMXCM - Spider Figure.png Spider seems intimidating at first; his Counter Card blocks your attacks, and his various card attacks can hit multiple times. Thankfully, this card-shark is bluffing big time, and beats a retreat pretty quickly. None None Chapter 2
Wild Jango MMXCM - Wild Jango Figure.png Jango is fast, fast, fast, and can get even faster as the fight goes on. He also has Thunder-based attacks, and enjoys inflicting Viruses as well to slowly drain your LE. Thankfully, he is weak to Fire-based moves, of which you have plenty. Thunder Fire Chapter 2
Silver Horn MMXCM - Silver Horn Figure.png Silver Horn is big and nasty, and packs a major wallop. Most of his moves are Water-based and attack the entire party, so have Water Guard Force Metals installed in everyone to keep the damage down. Water Thunder Chapter 3
Dr. Psyche MMXCM - Dr. Psyche Figure.png Psyche's opening move is to summon a trio of Needles, forcing you to deal with them rather than focus on the weirdo himself. X's Charge Shot is perfect for taking them out right away. Save your Hyper Mode turns, though. Even when he goes down, Psyche's not done with you yet and enters a second form: Mad Nautilus. None None Chapter 4
Mach Jentra MMXCM - Mach Jentra Figure.png Unlike other bosses, Jentra is backed up by Preon units, making him quite annoying. Destroy a Preon, and Jentra calls another to take its place, but it does eat a turn he'd otherwise use for a Fire attack. When he's in the air, Jentra's good at dodging. But a powerful enough series of attacks can temporarily ground him, leaving him open. Fire Water Chapter 5
Shadow MMXCM - Shadow Figure.png Powered by Supra-Force Metal, Shadow's more than ready to send his former comrades to the scrap heap. When he charges up his cannon, hit him hard, preferably with Hyper Modes, to knock him down and dissipate the charge before he can unleash it. Once his HP has been depleted once, a special guest appears for round two: Zero. None None Chapter 6
Incentas MMXCM - Incentas Fire Figure.png Since Incentas changes his elemental state every turn, his weakness changes too. He takes double damage from the proper counter-element attack, but timing can prove difficult. Varies Varies Chapter 6
Botos MMXCM - Botos Figure.png Botos' first move is to summon a pair of Q-Bits to the fight. Since they like using Fire attacks, make sure your party members have Fire Guards installed. Like fighting Dr. Psyche, getting rid of the secondary enemies here is key, especially since the Q-Bits are incredibly fast. A failed entertainer, Botos uses his voice as a weapon, often striking all your teammates at once. Fire Water Chapter 7
Ferham MMXCM - Ferham Figure.png Ferham's greatest assets are her speed and the fact that she can fly. Because she's airborne, Combat attacks have a high chance of missing her unless you equip your melee fighters correctly. Her Crimson Shade ups her dodge percentage, but a solid strike can dissipate it, forcing her to waste a turn restoring the shade. She uses Blizzard attacks often, so have some Water protection. Water Thunder Chapter 8
Scarface MMXCM - Scarface Figure.png Scarface plays a power game, and has a trick similar to Mettaur Counters; if you hit him with a Combat or Shot attack, he defends against that same type of attack for your next character's turn, plus he has a high chance of using Counter in general. Alternate between Combat and Shot attacks, otherwise your attacks will do decreased damage regardless of element. Thunder Fire Chapter 9
Epsilon MMXCM - Epsilon Figure 2.png Epsilon usually opens with a Metacrush, reducing a party member down to 1 LE. He also has attacks for all elements, but you should be protected form at least Thunder. Thankfully, he's not particularly fast. Stick with built-up normal attacks and the occasional Action Trigger, saving your Hyper Modes for after his Omega Force. This restores his LE and seriously ramps up his power ratings as Eject Epsilon. None None Chapter 9
Duckbill Mole MMXCM - Duckbill Mole Figure.png Sadly, there's actually two Duckbill Moles to take care of. They use mostly Fire-based attacks, so be sure to load up Fire protection Force Metals. The Kamikaze Drill attack does nasty damage and reduces your team's Armor. Duckbill Mole also likes to use Mega Fire to heal, which also charges them up and enables more deadly moves. Fire Water Any
Rafflesian MMXCM - Rafflesian Figure.png Rafflesian by herself is bad enough; she restores a large amount of LE every turn, her Sunburst attack strikes the entire party numerous times, she gets slightly stronger every round, plus she's pretty fast to boot. But she also has backup, a pair of Belladonnas whose powers practically make them bosses themselves. Ignore the Belladonnas until after Rafflesian is down; they're a relatively minor threat if you don't feed their attacks. None None Any
Depth Dragoon MMXCM - Depth Dragoon Figure.png With a name like that, you'd think he'd be Water-based and therefore weak to Thunder. Such a mistake can be fatal, as Thunder is his element and he flings it like nobody's business, so have Thunder-resistance equipped. Even then, he can be a real pain as his Thunder Clap forces a character's next turn back several rounds. Thunder Fire Final Chapter
Colonel Redips MMXCM - Colonel Redips Figure.png Redips doesn't believe in fighting alone, so he summons a pair of Red Hubcaps to do his dirty work. These critters are incredibly annoying, using elemental attacks and machine guns on your entire party. Redips himself is no pushover, with a variety of multi-hit moves. He also defends quite often, reducing the strength of your attacks. None None Final Chapter
Great Redips MMXCM - Great Redips Figure.png At first, Redips has 999999 LE, and his Supra-Force Metal L restores his LE while R creates a barrier for him. His attacks are geared towards striking every member of the party, plus inflicting status effects like Virus, Freeze, and Berserk. Not only that, but the Supra-Force Metals attack as well, using powerful elemental blasts. Target the Metals and survive until round two, when he loses the left Metal and becomes vulnerable. Defeat the last Metal to remove his barrier, then let loose on Redips himself. Just keep at him, and he falls in due time. None None Final Chapter
Ninetails MMXCM - Ninetails Figure.png Ninetails is an odd one. His sheer power gives him the strength to decimate your party, but he also uses Regeneartion, which revives any of your fallen members. His Nine Fragments move hits up to nine times, each hit ranging from 699-999 damage. He also regenerates LE each turn and has the full range of elements, but consider yourself lucky if he uses a Fire attack rather than Annihilator Hadouken or Nine Fragments. None None Any


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