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Robot Museum

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A Robot Museum is a museum of robotics that features as a location and two separate stages in the Classic era, first appearing in Mega Man 7.

In the Games

Mega Man 7

In Mega Man 7, Dr. Wily launches an attack on the Robot Museum after the first four Robot Masters - Freeze Man, Cloud Man, Junk Man and Burst Man - have been defeated. Mega Man is sent there to help, leading to a small intermission stage. He arrives too late to stop Dr. Wily, however, who is already using the Wily Capsule to steal Guts Man from the building, leaving the jester-like robot boss Mash in his place to deal with Mega Man.

The stage starts the player off in an outside section with statues of Metalls and Brain Breaks, while reliefs of Twin Roaders can be seen on the main walls of the building. Through a short corridor, an exhibit of several Robot Masters from past games is reached, all apparently deactivated and placed in display cases (apart from Guts Man, who has been removed from his now shattered case). Visible robots include Snake Man, Blizzard Man, Pharaoh Man and Heat Man in the foreground as well as Flame Man, Skull Man, Ring Man and two copies of Plant Man in the background. It is unknown whether these are the original robots or replicas of them, as no further information can be viewed by the player.

In a gameplay sense, the stage contains no enemies, pick-ups or other points of interest apart from Mash, who is fought as the stage's boss behind a boss door. Defeating him progresses the story and unlocks the next set of Robot Masters on the stage select screen.

Mega Man & Bass

A Robot Museum appears again in Mega Man & Bass as the game's intro stage, though it is unclear whether this museum is intended to be the same facility seen before or a different one, as the similarities are mostly superficial. In this game, the museum is attacked by King, who wishes to steal robot data from it to further his campaign.[1]

Mega Man (or Bass) must fight his way through multiple sections modelled on past Robot Master stages to find King, who is already being confronted by Proto Man. After some banter, King easily defeats Proto Man and escapes, leaving the player to fight the Green Devil as the stage's boss instead.

Oddly, apart from a few replicas of Rush in the final room, none of the display cases seen in this version of the museum seem to contain any robots. It is possible that the roaming enemies were part of the exhibits on display before King reactivated them, but this is never made clear.


  • In Mega Man 7, the Robot Museum's stage music contains bits of the original stage themes from Snake Man's, Guts Man's and Heat Man's stages.
  • In the room with Mash's boss fight in Mega Man 7, two smaller broken display cases can be seen in the background, flanking the larger ones containing Skull Man and Ring Man. It is not clear which robots they used to contain or what happened to them.
  • Mega Man 5 is the only main series game to not be specifically represented in Mega Man 7's museum. Mega Man 6 has the most representation (two minor enemies and three Robot Masters), Mega Man 4 likewise has three Robot Masters present, and 3, 2 and 1 each feature only one.


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