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Enemy Info
General information
Name(s):Enemy Infobox


Infobox that goes in the top right hand corner of every enemy or sub-boss page. Supports the following parameters, all of which are optional:

  • image - [[File:]] code for a picture of the enemy. Artwork is preferred over sprites. (Please size the image down to about 200px - this currently does not happen automatically.)
  • caption - A caption for the image.
  • name - The enemy's name(s). If not used, this will default to the page title.
  • type - An optional enemy "type" if needed, e.g. sub-boss.
  • appearances - The games the enemy appears in.
  • related_numbers - Numbers, such as Smash Bros. spirit number, if any.
  • hp - The enemy's hitpoints. Please put multiple values on multiple lines, followed by a specifier in (parenthese) and <small></small>, e.g. (Dr. Wily's Revenge)
  • damage - How many hitpoints of damage the enemy deals to the player character. (See above for handling multiple values.)
  • points - How many points the enemy is worth (primarily used for Mega Man 1 enemies).
  • weakness - The weapon(s) that the enemy is especially weak to. This can be hard to determine; use Database info where available.
  • 1994_voiced_by - The enemy's English voice actor in Mega Man (1994 animated series), if any.
  • 1994_episodes - Episodes that the enemy appear in in Mega Man (1994 animated series), if any.
  • voiced_by - The enemy's voice actor(s) in other sources, if any.
  • variations - Enemies that are designed as variations of this one, even if they act differently. E.g. Bunby Tank is a variation of Bunby Heli.
  • similar - Enemies that are notably similar or that fill the same role, but are not explicitly variations. E.g. Jumbig is similar to Big Eye.