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Wild Jango

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Boss Info
MMXCM - Wild Jango Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man X: Command Mission.
MMXCM - Wild Jango Portrait.png
X Order portrait.
General information
Name(s):Wild Jango
Title(s):Ultra Mobile Bobcat Reploid
Group(s):Rebellion Army
Appearances:Mega Man X: Command Mission
Game Info
Location(s):Central Tower, Far East HQ

Wild Jango (ワイルドジャンゴー) is a Maverick from the X era, appearing as a boss in Mega Man X: Command Mission. He is an electricity-themed Reploid based on a bobcat, who attacks with razor-sharp claws and high-speed combat maneuvers. He is a leader in the Rebellion Army who takes over Central Tower in Chapter 2.

In the Games

Mega Man X: Command Mission

Wild Jango Figure in Mega Man X: Command Mission.

In Mega Man X: Command Mission, Wild Jango is first mentioned in the Lagrano Ruins in Chapter 1, where X finds a Force Metal modification pod labeled ""Ultra Mobile Bobcat Reploid" Wild Jango" that is empty.

Wild Jango then serves as the final boss of Chapter 2. He is first seen after X rescues the Resistance soldiers in Central Tower, when a cutscene shows Jango in the Command Room being approached by Spider to negotiate a blank check for X's destruction. Once Spider changes sides and breaks his deal with Jango, the latter sends Preons to attack them both. After X rescues Chief R, Jango contacts them to show that he has personally defeated Spider and is setting a time bomb to bring down all of Central Tower. X deactivates the time bomb before pursuing Wild Jango to the High Altitude Heliport No. 3. Jango knocks Aile's ID out of X's hand, but Spider comes to the rescue before he can grab it. Spider then joins X for the boss battle against Wild Jango, which ends when Jango is destroyed.

Wild Jango reappears in Far East HQ in the Final Chapter, where X's party is suddenly ambushed by him as the first boss in the Boss Attack. Upon his second defeat, Axl theorizes that a Reploid used a Copy Chip to replicate him.

A Figure of Wild Jango, belonging to the "Part 2 - The Bounty Hunters" series, can also be obtained for the Sky Room. It can be unlocked using the gacha machines found in Air City South Square or Air City East Square.

Other Game Appearances

  • In TEPPEN, Wild Jango appears as a Unit Card.

Official Data

Rockman X: Command Mission Website

Capcom Japan's website featured a promotional Flash application for Rockman X: Command Mission, including character profiles.[1]

MMXCM - Wild Jango FlashArt.png Wild Jango Voice Actor: Masutani Yasunori
A high-mobility wildcat Reploid. He has a ruthless and cunning personality, and is the type who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals. His eight claws unleash razor-sharp attacks that can tear through any material.

(Translated by Mega Man Wiki)

Mega Man X: Command Mission Stats

Boss information from the Mega Man X: Command Mission Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames.


  • Wild Jango has a verbal tic of saying "nyar", a corruption of the Japanese onomatopoeia "nya" (にゃ) which is used to describe cat vocalizations (similar to "meow" in English).


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