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Maverick Hunters

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The insignia of the Maverick Hunters in Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

The Maverick Hunters, known as the Irregular Hunters (イレギュラーハンター) in Japan, are a global law enforcement organization in the X era dedicated to protecting humans and Reploids from dangerous Maverick activity. The central protagonists of the X era, including X, Zero, and Axl, are all Maverick Hunters.



The Maverick Hunters are led by a high-ranked division of individuals known as the Upper Echelon (上層部).[1] Few of the Upper Echelon's members have ever been revealed, save for the military General (総監)[2] to whom all Units of the Maverick Hunters answer.

  • Sigma (defected in Mega Man X)[3]
  • Unknown general (retired after Mega Man X4)[3]
  • Signas (from Mega Man X5-X8)[3]

Dr. Cain is the founder and Advisor (アドバイザー)[1] of the organization, presumably acting as a consultant but not holding an official post in the Maverick Hunters. He operated in this capacity at least up until Mega Man X3.

Hunter Units

The Maverick Hunter troops were formerly divided into Units, depending on their area of specialization. Each Unit was led by a Commander (隊長), assisted by a Vice-Captain (副官). After the catastrophic events of Mega Man X5, all Units were dissolved and reorganized as the Maverick Hunters downsized their ranks.[4]

The 0th Special Unit (Shinobi) (第0特殊部隊(忍び部隊))[1], also translated as the Special 0 Unit,[3] is a team of Hunters for stealth ops.

The 1st-3rd Units remain confidential.

The 4th Land Unit (第4陸上部隊)[4] is a team of Hunters stationed in desert regions.

The 5th Unit remains confidential.

The 6th Naval Unit (第6艦隊)[1] is a team of Hunters stationed in maritime regions.

The 7th Airborne Unit (第7空挺部隊)[1] is a team of Hunters with flight capabilities.

The 8th Armored Unit (第8機甲部隊)[1] is a team of Hunters with high defenses.

The 9th Special Unit (Rangers) (第9特殊部隊(レンジャー部隊))[1] is a team of Hunters stationed in the wilderness.

The 10th-12th Units remain confidential.

The 13th Polar Unit (第13極地部隊)[1] is a team of Hunters stationed in polar regions.

The 14th Special Unit (第14特殊部隊),[4] also known as the 14th Martial Arts Unit (第14格闘技部隊),[5] is a team of Hunters who specialize in hand-to-hand combat.

The 15th-16th Units remain confidential.

The 17th Elite Unit (第17精鋭部隊)[1] is a team of elite Hunters of various specialties.

Other Staff

Many members of the organization don't fall into the categories of leadership or Hunter Units, such as navigators or other support staff. Some of the characters included on this list are simply placed here because their exact position in the Maverick Hunters has never been confirmed.

  • "Green Biker Dude" (Hunter; perished in Mega Man X2)
  • Mac (Hunter; defected in Mega Man X3)
  • Garma's unit (destroyed; mentioned in Mega Man X4)
  • Alia (navigator; from Mega Man X5-X8)
  • Douglas (mechanic; from Mega Man X5-X6)
  • Lifesaver (medic; in Mega Man X5)
  • Axl (Hunter; from Mega Man X7-X8)
  • Layer (navigator; in Mega Man X8)
  • Pallette (navigator; in Mega Man X8)
  • "Navigator" (navigator; in Maverick Hunter X)


All Maverick Hunters are assigned a Hunter Rank depending on their performance in the field, meaning not only their firepower but also their efficiency and accuracy. Officially, they are divided into four ranks: Special A (特A) or SA, A, B, and C. As of Mega Man X, only 0.01% of all Hunters held the SA rank.[7]


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