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Character Info
MHX - X Art 3.png
General information
Name(s):X, Mega Man X, Rockman X
Group(s):Maverick Hunters
Game Info
Weapon(s):X-Buster, Z-Saber, Armor Parts
1994 cartoon Info
1994 animated series info
Voice:Michael Donovan
Episode(s):"Mega X"
Voice Info
Voice (JP):Megumi Ogata (X1), Kentaro Ito (X4), Showtaro Morikubo (X5-X7), Takahiro Sakurai (X8-TEPPEN)
Voice (EN):Ruth Shiraishi (X4), Peter von Gomm (X7), Mark Gatha (X:CM-MHX), Ted Sroka (MvC:I-TEPPEN)

X (エックス), also known as Mega Man X or Rockman X (ロックマンエックス) in Japan,[note 1] is the main protagonist and playable character of the X series. He is the first ever Reploid,[note 2] created by Dr. Light before being sealed away and discovered by Dr. Cain a century later. Now he works in the Maverick Hunters with his comrades Zero and Axl, fighting for peace between humans and Reploids. X also plays an important role in the Zero era, and later returns as the Biometal Model X in the ZX era.

X is distinguished by his blue armor, his arm-mounted X-Buster, and a passionate desire for peace.

In the Games

X era

X was created by Dr. Light sometime in 20XX. Light built X with a unique intelligence akin to that of a human conscience, allowing him to think, feel, and act with no programming limitations, along with highly-adaptable body technology. Light dreamed that X's technology would someday give all robots the ability to live and grow like humans. As Light approached the end of his life, he ensured X's reliability by installing complex viral counter-measures in him before sealing him in a capsule to conduct system tests for 30 years.[1] Finally, Light left a final message including his hopes and fears, wishing for X to be a champion of peace in the future. On September 18, 20XX, X was sealed away.[2]

In 21XX, prior to the events of Mega Man X, X was discovered by Dr. Cain when he stumbled across the remains of Dr. Light's lab. He found X inside a large capsule with Dr. Light's warning message.[note 3] Dr. Cain was amazed by X's specifications, as they were far beyond the current robotics, and began working with X to put his technology to use. They created the first Reploid together, before Reploids went into mass-production and revolutionized the world.[3] While Cain formed the Maverick Hunters to control the dangerous Mavericks, X remained unsure of his place in the world, unaware of his true origins.[4] Eventually he chose to join the Maverick Hunters, hoping to help humans and Reploids coexist, and was enrolled as a middle-rank B-Class Hunter due to his pacifism. In the 17th Unit, X came to befriend Zero while serving under Sigma - however, this would change when Sigma began his rebellion.[5]

Mega Man X

X officially debuted in the original Mega Man X as the sole playable character. He first fights Mavericks in the Highway Stage, where he sees some success but is defeated and paralyzed by Vile in a Ride Armor. Fortunately, he is rescued by Zero who blasts the Ride Armor's arm off and forces him to retreat. X laments his failure, but Zero assures that he shouldn't expect to defeat Vile yet and that he can still grow much stronger.

While Zero scouts for information on Sigma's fortress, X goes up against the eight ex-Maverick Hunter bosses, some being his former colleagues from the 17th Unit. Upon defeating all of them, growing stronger in the process, Zero contacts him with coordinates to Sigma's fortress.

In Sigma Stage 1, X and Zero split up so the latter can keep the main defense force busy while X sneaks in. They reunite when X is stopped by Vile, who leads Zero into a trap to face X alone again. When X is paralyzed again, Zero breaks out of his cage and sacrifices himself to destroy Vile's Ride Armor. Inspired, X escapes the paralysis and completely regains his energy, destroying Vile before moving on to be with Zero in his dying moments. Continuing until Sigma Stage 4, X destroys Velguarder to prove himself, before finally facing Sigma and defeating him. While his former commander collapses, X retreats to a cliff to watch the airborne fortress plunge into the ocean and explode. He ponders the paradox of achieving peace through violence, and the lives that were lost in the process.

Mega Man X2

With Zero gone and Sigma defeated, X is made the new leader of the 17th Unit and begins a campaign to root out the remnants of the rebellion. When Dr. Cain tracks a source of Mavericks bearing Sigma's insignia, X travels to the old factory via Ride Chaser and destroys a Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0, stopping an approaching disaster. On cue, a new rebellion suddenly springs up led by eight SA-Class Mavericks, forcing X to face them.

As X fights, he is contacted by the X-Hunters. The three boast that they each hold the reconstructed pieces of Zero, challenging X to duels over the parts in exchange for Zero's control chip, which is stowed in Hunter Base. The player can defeat all three of them to retrieve Zero's body, but if not, the X-Hunters steal Zero's control chip by force. Either way, X confronts the X-Hunters in their Arctic base, destroying Violen, Serges, and finally Agile, who mysterioualy cries out for his master. Moving deeper into the base, X hears the voice of Sigma challenging him to meet him at the Central Computer Stage. This differs depending on the player's actions:

  • If X collected all three of Zero's parts, a Fake Zero appears at Sigma's side. The real Zero then arrives, having been rebuilt by Dr. Cain, and destroys the Fake Zero for X.[note 4]
  • If X failed to collect all of Zero's parts, Zero appears at Sigma's side as a Maverick, having been reassembled by the X-Hunters. X is then forced to fight Zero as a boss, who returns to his senses upon being defeated.

Either way, X pursues Sigma and destroys his body, forcing him to reveal his true form as the Sigma Virus. X fends off the Sigma Virus until Zero detonates the Central Computer, watching as the virus fades before he escapes the explosion. He then reunites with Zero outside.

Mega Man X3

Zero era

Other Game Appearances

Super Smash Bros. series

Name Source Game Weapon Assist Trophy Smash Tour Item Boss Stage Mii Costume Enemy Trophy Spirit Music
X Mega Man X, Mega Man X5 X-Buster - part of the Mii Costume, Mega Legends - part of Mega Man's Final Smash, also Mega Man's ability to Wall Jump N/A N/A N/A N/A X's Armor, X's Helmet N/A File:SSB4 - X.png 905 - File:SSBU - X.png, 906 - File:SSBU - Full Armor X.png File:SSBU - X vs ZERO.oga

Super Smash Bros. 4

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • Spirit #905, 906

Street Fighter × Mega Man

Street Fighter × Mega Man,

Mavel vs. Capcom series

X appears in Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite.

Project × Zone

Project × Zone

Other Media

1994 animated series

X, Vile and Spark Mandrill appear in the episode Mega X of the 1994 animated series.

Archie Comics

Behind the Scenes

Developer Commentary

"I designed X, but I remember having a very hard time coming up with the initial design... the Super NES allowed me to use a broader range of colors, and that turned out to be quite a challenge, as I was not used to so much freedom." - (Hayato Kaji)[6]
"Usually, I would be the one doing the main characters, and Kaji would take care of the sub characters. This time, however, we decided to change things up a bit. I asked Kaji to do Mega Man, and I made the sub character, Zero, my project. I'm sure I've said this in many different places in more than a few different ways, but I really wanted Zero to be a playable character. I wanted to offer a 'different Mega Man', and possibly a more hardcore game." - (Keiji Inafune)[6]
"The one thing that I always thought was really well established since the beginning of the X series was the relationship between X and Zero. Of course, this is just my own personal interpretation, but I always saw X as the kind of guy who takes a lot of hits and falls early on, but learns from every experience and moves forward to better himself every time. In the end, it's guys like him that win. This is the character that the player can relate to. Zero sees this admirable trait in X, and that is why they are able to share a deep and mutual respect for each other despite the fact that one is B class and the other is Special A class. By allowing my imagination to fly with this idea, I am able to invest more emotion into every illustration. Sometimes, once I'd made sure everyone had gone home for the night, I would yell, 'Man, you guys are the best!' and get all misty-eyed as I finished up my work." - (Haruki Suetsugu)[6]


  1. "Mega Man X" is only used in sources released before 2001. Keiji Inafune confirmed in a Reddit AMA that his name is just "X".
  2. Though X was technically created before the Reploids, he is consistently referred to as a Reploid (e.g. Mega Man X Legacy Collection Gallery), since he is made to "replicate" human thought.
  3. The dimensions of X's capsule vary: "The Journal of Dr. Cain" lists it at 14 meters tall and 8 meters wide, while animations such as the CD Mega Man X3 ending and "The Day of Σ" depict it as much smaller.
  4. Zero being reassembled by Dr. Cain appears to be the canon scenario, as the X5 opening depicts Zero facing the Fake Zero.


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