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Gallery (Mega Man X Legacy Collection)

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The Gallery in Mega Man X Legacy Collection is a collection of promo and concept artwork of characters, enemies, objects, and locations that appear within the games included in the collection. It also includes story blurbs and bios for each game's major characters, most of which are translations of text found in the games' original Japanese game manuals. The Gallery can be accessed from the Museum in the title menu, allowing the player to select a game and browse the artwork related to that title, one at a time.

Gallery Info

Mega Man X

Mega Man X has 14 text pages.

Mega Man X Gallery
File:MMX - Box Art JP.png Story
The year is 21XX AD.
Reploids — robots with the ability to think and feel for themselves — are present throughout society, liing in harmony with mankind. But when a Reploid suffers a cortex malfunction and becomes a threat to humans, it is reclassified as a 'Maverick.'
X is a member of the Maverick Hunters.
His mission: to track down and destroy Mavericks before they can cause havoc and harm humans and other Reploids.
Within the Maverick Hunters, one Reploid is renowned for being the mightiest of all, with a highly advanced cortex as well. This is Sigma, leader of the 17th Unit and X's commanding officer.
Sigma's prestige makes it all the more shocking when one day, he announces a great rebellion against humankind, calling all Reploids to turn on their makers.
The city is filled with terror as Reploids everywhere go berserk... But X stands firm against the chaos. His comrade Zero joins him in the battles to come, strengthening the mysterious bond between them.
MMX - First Armor X Alt Art.png X
X is a Reploid (a kind of sentient robot) and the hero of this advneture. As a member of the 17th Unit of Maverick Hunters, X is tasked with tracking down and putting a stop to Mavericks — malfunctioning robots that pose a threat to humanity.
No one knows for sure who created X or why, but he is dedicated to stopping the evil machinations of Sigma, his former commander who has gone rogue and now leads a rebellion against the human race.
Despite X's exceptional abilities he is still a B-Class (middle-grade) Hunter. And although he is viewed by his fellow Hunters as a rookie for his tendency to hesitate in the thick of battle, it is actually mercy, not inexperience, that stays his hand.
Even when faced with the most despicable of Mavericks, his urge to deal justice to evildoers clashes with his underlying forgiving nature, keeping him from realizing the true power that lies within him. Only Zero and Sigma have begun to suspect his incredible potential.
MMX - Zero Art.png Zero
Zero is an SA-Class Hunter who belongs to the Maverick Hunters' 17th Unit along with X. Fiercely opposed to evil in all its forms, he confronts Mavericks without a trace of pity or mercy, and conducts his missions with a cool demeanor and unparalleled speed.
Zero is one of the few to notice X's hidden potential, so he is eager to watch over X and guide him toward discovering his true power for himself. X, meanwhile, views Zero as a kind of role model, and as the only other Hunter he can really open up to.
In Zero's eyes, Sigma is nothing more than a Maverick that needs to be hunted down and destroyed. For Zero, it's just another day on the job when he tells X to prepare for battle against Sigma's forces...
MMX - Sigma Art.png Sigma
Sigma is the greatest creation of Dr. Cain, the scientist who first developed Reploids. When he served as the leader of the Maverick Hunters' 17th Unit, with X and Zero under his command, he was the ideal commander; calm and controlled when giving orders, but a furious whirlwind when called to fight. As things turned out, though, he had only been displaying a fraction of his power.
Possessed of an exaggerated pride in his supreme strength, and perhaps unsatisfied with his role as a glorified police officer, one day Sigma suddenly turned on his creators and called for all Reploids to rise up and destroy humanity.
Many loyal Maverick Hunters fought against his forces, but none could stand for long against the world's strongest Reploid. Some were destroyed, but others bent the knee and joined Sigma's cause. Now, only X and Zero are left to stop him.
Sigma knows X hasn't realized his full potential, but he doesn't believe X poses a threat to his plans.
MMX - Vile Art 2.png Vile
A former Maverick Hunter of the 17th Unit.
Like Zero, Vile held the coveted SA-Class classification, but a malfunction in his cortex made him obsessed with destroying Mavericks, prioritizing the thrill of the hunt over lesser concerns such as 'order' and 'safety.' He was only a hair's breadth from turning Maverick himself. As such, he was taken off duty and detained, but he broke loose during Sigma's uprising and is now free to resume his wanton carnage.
MMX - Chill Penguin Art 2.png Lord of the Snowy Plains
Chill Penguin
Penguin was designed for operating in sub-zero temperatures. He was deployed along with the 13th Polar Unit to guard a station at the South Pole, but soon grew tired of his dull, isolated life, and when the news of Sigma's uprising reached him, he saw his chance to return to civilization.
He destroyed his own commander, made his escape, and joined up with Sigma.
He's rowdy and belligerent despite his small stature, and gets along poorly with Flame Mammoth out of jealousy for his large size.
Currently he is planning to use avalanches to crush cities near mountains under tons of snow.
MMX - Flame Mammoth Art 2.png Fiery Oil Tanker
Flame Mammoth
Mammoth spent years fighting in the Middle East as leader of the 4th Land Unit. He saw Sigma's uprising as his first chance to really use his massive size to the fullest and go on record-breaking rampages of destruction. A cruel bully, he uses his size to boss around anyone smaller or weaker than he is.
Sigma has him guarding captured factories, which he is planning to convert to produce weaponry.
MMX - Armored Armadillo Art 2.png Steel-Armored Warrior
Armored Armadillo
Leader of the 8th Armored Unit. Though Armadillo is a stoic soldier who never disobeys an order, he is loyal to a fault, continuing to obey Sigma's orders despite the fact that he has turned against humanity. The mine he has captured is the prime source of the raw materials Sigma needs to manufacture weapons.
With a body shielded by a stout steel, Armadillo is ideally suited to fighting underground.
MMX - Storm Eagle Art 2.png Prince of the Skies
Storm Eagle
Leader of the 7th Airborne Unit, and a taciturn, careful strategist. Eagle's first reaction to Sigma's uprising was to fight against him, but realizing he was severely outmatched, he decided to join Sigma rather than be destroyed. Now he has taken control of the Death Rogumer, a new class of aerial battleship.
MMX - Sting Chameleon Art 2.png Spirit Sharp-Shooter of the Haunted Forest
Sting Chameleon
Chameleon was a highly-skilled Hunter operating with the 9th Special Unit (Rangers), but his sly, sneaky tricks and sharp tongue left him unpopular and he was never chosen for promotion to unit leader. Never one to pass up an opportunity, he has used Sigma's uprising as a means to rise through the ranks. Now, he is grimly protective of his post as a defender of a front-line base in the jungle.
MMX - Boomer Kuwanger Art 2.png Space-Time Jumper
Boomer Kuwanger
A fellow member of the 17th Unit, the beetle-like Kuwanger fought alongside X and Zero many times. He doesn't agree or disagree with Sigma's motives; he simply joined the uprising because it looked like more fun. The high-rise tower he has taken over should have been a shining symbol of the city's progress, but instead it has become an oppressive fortress. Within, Kuwanger sits plotting, sneering at the despair in the city below.
MMX - Spark Mandrill Art 2.png Lightning King of the Bullet Fists
Spark Mandrill
Mandrill once fought with X and Zero in the 17th Unit, but when the uprising began, he blindly followed Sigma's orders and joined in with the destruction.
Now, by overtaking the power station he has secured an energy source for Sigma's forces and cut off power to the city. Because there was only light resistance, Mandrill leaves most of the fighting to his underlings, spending his time gorging himself on pure electricity, fresh from the generator.
MMX - Launch Octopus Art 2.png Military General of the Deep
Launch Octopus
Octopus distinguished himself as a Maverick Hunter in the 6th Naval Unit, but secretly always harbored contempt towards the weak humans he was tasked with protecting.
Sigma's goals line up with his long-held dream of creating a Reploid nation, so he was among the first to join the uprising. He has deployed his fleet of whale, anglerfish, and eel-shaped Mechaniloids to assault cities built on the ocean and blockade important shipping lanes.
MMX - First Armor X Concept.png WARNING
"X" is the first of a new generation of robots which contain an innovative new feature — the ability to think, feel, and make their own decisions. However, this ability could be very dangerous. If "X" were to break the first rule of robotics, "a robot must never harm a human being", the results would be disastrous and I fear that no force on Earth could stop him.
Approximately 30 years will be required before we can safely confirm his reliability. Unfortunately, I will not live to see that day, nor do I have anyone to carry on my work. Therefore, I have decided to seal him in this capsule, which will test his internal systems until his reliability has been confirmed. Please do not disturb the capsule until that time.
"X" possesses great risks as well as great possibilities. I can only hope for the best.
September 18, 20XX
T. Light

Mega Man X2

Mega Man X2 has 14 text pages.

Mega Man X2 Gallery
File:MMX2 - Box Art J.png Story
The year is 21XX AD.
Once, people lived in harmony with Reploids — robots with the ability to think and feel for themselves — until the might Reploid known as Sigma declared a rebellion against mankind and triggered the greatest crisis humanity had ever faced.
But in this time of need, a hero emerged from within the ranks of the Maverick Hunters — Reploids tasked with tracking down and eliminating malfunctioning robots. His name was X.
X fought back against the rebellion alongside his comrade Zero. The battles pushed him to his limit and made him discover the true power within himself. At the summit of Sigma's fortress, X was victorious at last; Sigma was vanquished, and his plans brought to ruin.
The battle was not without its losses. Zero was all but destroyed, and the Maverick Hunters were reduced to just a quarter of their original numbers. But for X, there was no time to grieve. The new, fragile world peace needed Maverick Hunters to protect it.
And now...
Six months have passed since Sigma's uprising. At first, there seemed to be far fewer Reploids turning Maverick in the wake of Sigma's destruction, but in recent weeks there has been a sudden surge in Maverick activity. Several Maverick Hunter bases have come under attack and been destroyed.
What's more, analysis of captured Mavericks has revealed that they were build with a chip implanted in their system — something capable of brainwashing normal Reploids and making them turn Maverick. Each chip is emblazoned with Sigma's insignia.
The factory creating these Mavericks has been located. X has no doubt that the factory is being operated by remnants of Sigma's uprising, so he mobilizes the 17th Unit for a strike.
X's attack on the factory is watched from afar by three mysterious figures. They are the X-Hunters, the masterminds behind the recent attacks, who are dedicated to the eradication of the Maverick Hunters.
For destroying Sigma and halting his rebellion, X has made bitter enemies of the X-Hunters... and now their plan begins. Eight SA-Class Mavericks capture objectives around the world... but is this just a distraction tactic to cover the X-Hunters' true goal? Whatever the case, in the name of world peace, X must once more dive headfirst into the fires of battle!
MMX2 - X 12 Art.png X
The hero of this adventure. Since putting down Sigma's rebellion, X has been assigned to lead the Maverick Hunters' 17th Unit, but he still regrets that the only solution to the Maverick problem is more destruction. Few understand the turmoil he faces when his pacifist nature clashes with the need to use force to protect the innocent. X is truly alone; he has never discovered the truth of his origins, and even the most advanced technology cannot determine the extent of his full potential. Despite all this, he believes the day will come when the world will be at peace, and he never stops fighting to make that day a reality. His official Hunter Rank remains unchanged, but there are those who whisper that he might have actually exceeded the abilities of SA-Class Hunters.
MMX2 - Zero Art.png Zero
Zero was an SA-Class Hunter who fought alongside X in the 17th Unit. He was X's closest friend and one of the few who could truly understand him. During Sigma's uprising, Zero detonated his own power core to save X and was critically damaged, but miraculously his cortex chip was unscathed. It is currently being stored at Maverick Hunter HQ, but even Dr. Cain has proven incapable of repairing his Reploid body.
MMX2 - Neo Sigma Art 2.png Sigma
Formerly the commander of the 17th Unit and X's superior. Sigma was hailed as the world's strongest Reploid. His mad ambitions led him to launch a Reploid uprising against humanity in an attempt to create a world just for Reploids. However, X destroyed him and put a stop to his schemes. Now, six months later, there have been repeated sightings of Mavericks bearing Sigma's insignia. Has Sigma really returned, or is there another enemy hiding behind his name...?
MMX2 - Dr. Cain Art.png Dr. Cain
The most gifted roboticist of the 22nd century. Dr. Cain's groundbreaking development of Reploids broke down the barriers between robot and human as his creations exhibited the capacity to think, feel, and make decisions for themselves. Dr. Cain now spends his days as the founder and director of the Maverick Hunters, but he remains a mysterious figure even to those closest to him.
MMX2 - Wire Sponge Art 2.png Wire Sponge
A mysterious Reploid of unknown allegiance. Wire Sponge is actually a failed experiment created in Sigma's war machine factory. He is strangely cheerful despite his violent nature, and loves nothing more than to dance and play.
Sigma has obliged him with his very own playground: the weather control center, where he loves to alter the weather on a whim.
MMX2 - Morph Moth Art 2.png Morph Moth
Moth is a strange Reploid not found in any database.
A prototype equipped with advanced circuitry, he may take a lackadaisical approach to his duties, but his abilities are fearsome; he can absorb the junk from scrap Reploids to power himself up. Under Sigma's orders, he has occupied a robot junkyard and is using its scrap to resurrect destroyed Mavericks.
MMX2 - Flame Stag Art 2.png Flame Stag
This former member of the 17th Unit defected along with Boomer Kuwanger, but vanished soon after joining Sigma. A hot-tempered braggart, he has been using his fiery piston-like punches to set off a string of eruptions across a volcanic mountain range. His plan is to block out the sun with volcanic ash and trigger a new ice age.
MMX2 - Magna Centipede Art 2.png Magna Centipede
A ninja-like Reploid and former member of the Maverick Hunters' Special 0 Unit. Has the unique ability to infect enemies with a computer virus and make their power his own.
Centipede was captured by Sigma's forces during the uprising and brainwashed into becoming a Maverick, leaving him as nothing more than a cold, emotionless killer who will not hesitate to destroy his former comrades.
He has taken over a computer center and is transmitting the Maverick Virus around the world.
MMX2 - Overdrive Ostrich Art 2.png Overdrive Ostrich
Ostrich was once a proud member of the 7th Airborne Unit, but an accident robbed him of his ability to fly and he resigned from the Maverick Hunters in shame.
However, Sigma did not intend to let his abilities go to waste. Ostrich is forever grateful to Sigma for showing him he could still be an excellent fighter on the ground.
Ostrich has captured a hidden missile silo in the desert, and intends to carry out Sigma's order to launch a warhead at Hunter HQ.
MMX2 - Bubble Crab Art 2.png Bubble Crab
An amphibious Reploid who once belonged to the 6th Naval Unit. His bitter rivalry with Wheel Gator left him with a spotty record as a Hunter. He considers himself a pragmatist, but that's only a thin justification for his shameless pursuit of personal gain. His only reason for joining Sigma was the chance to get rich.
Currently, Crab acts as leader of a transport unit that operates out of an undersea base, smuggling Mavericks to destinations around the world.
MMX2 - Wheel Gator Art 2.png Wheel Gator
Gator was second-in-command of the 6th Naval Unit until during a mission, he got caught up in a frenzy of destruction and turned his weapons on his fellow Hunters. He became a fugitive, fleeing the very Hunters he had once commanded.
Working under Sigma has proven to be ideal for Gator, as he can slaughter and destroy to his heart's content. Recently he has acquired the means to enact even greater devastation: a massive land-based mobile fortress.
MMX2 - Crystal Snail Art 2.png Crystal Snail
Where this Reploid appeared from his a mystery, and he is also prone to disappearing... into his own shell. Sigma has ordered him to occupy the facility for mining Energen Crystals, a new power source for Reploids. Snail treats the entire mine like a second shell, hiding himself away in its safest depths.
File:MMX2 - ? Characters Art.png ? Characters
X-Hunters. Mysterious figures who have masterminded the recent Maverick outbreaks. Their sole purpose is the eradication of the Maverick Hunters, and they have already succeeded in defeating over a hundred highly-skilled Hunters in just a fortnight. With their eight SA-Class Mavericks dispatched to valuable objectives around the world, their uprising has begun in earnest, but who knows what their true goals may be...

Mega Man X3

Mega Man X3 has 15 text pages.

Mega Man X3 Gallery
File:MMX3 - Box Art J.png Story
The year is 21XX AD.
Reploids — robots with the ability to think and feel for themselves — are present throughout society. They have become an indispensable aid to mankind. But when a Reploid suffers a cortex malfunction and becomes a threat to humans, it is reclassified as a 'Maverick.' X and his comrade Zero are members of the Maverick Hunters, an organization tasked with tracking down and destroying Mavericks.
Recently, talented Reploid researcher 'Dr. Doppler' claims to have found the cause for Reploids turning Maverick — an insidious program he has dubbed the 'Sigma Virus.' With the virus identified, he has been able to create a counteractive virus, purging the Sigma Virus from Reploids' systems. This single act has rid the world of Mavericks once and for all. In celebration, he announces the creations of 'Dopple Town,' a city where humans and Reploids can coexist in peace, earning him the praise and support of Reploids and people everywhere.
In order to begin construction of Dopple Town, Dr. Doppler has gathered the most capable Reploids from around the globe. A few months later...
Tragedy strikes out of the blue. All the former Mavericks who were cured by Dr. Doppler's counteractive virus suddenly rise up in a violent rebellion! X and Zero are out on a mission when they receive the emergency message from Hunter HQ:
"X! Hunter HQ has been captured by Mavericks... and Dr. Doppler is commanding them! We need backup, now!"
Once more, X and Zero are plunged into the storm of battle. Can they restore peace and harmony between humans and Reploids? No matter what the outcome... X will never give up the fight!
MMX3 - X Art 2.png X
X is a Reploid (a kind of sentient robot) and the hero of this adventure. As leader of the elite 17th Unit of Maverick Hunters, X is an expert at destroying Mavericks — malfunctioning robots that pose a threat to humanity.
However, his duty to use force in the protection of peace often clashes with his kind, pacifist nature, and there are few who understand this struggle within him.
No one truly knows who created X or why, and even the latest technology of the 22nd century is incapable of predicting his full potential. X is shrouded in mystery.
MMX3 - Zero Art.png Zero
Zero is an SA-Class Hunter who has spent years fighting alongside X. He has been a mentor to X, a firm friend, and even a rival at times, and all this has made him one of the few who understands how X feels.
Zero is renowned for being a cool, professional pragmatist who never wastes time when out on a mission. Beneath that veneer, however, is an unforgiving hatred for Mavericks that X does not share.
During Sigma's original uprising, Zero detonated his own power core to save X's life, but he was miraculously repaired some time later. Now he leads the Maverick Hunters' Special 0 Unit, and continues to fight by X's side.
MMX3 - Dr. Doppler Art.png Dr. Doppler
Dr. Doppler is a Reploid scientist equipped with extremely advanced computer banks to fulfill his role of supporting human scientists. He was devoted to the research of machines and computer network that might help realize the goal of a peaceful world in which humans and Reploids can coexist, but since he started looking into a certain computer program his behavior has changed. He has modified himself into a battle machine, gathered powerful Mavericks to his cause, and declared war on humanity.
What is the program that has driven Dr. Doppler insane? And what modifications is he hiding beneath his lab coat?
MMX3 - Nightmare Police Art.png The Nightmare Police
Bit & Byte
A pair of high-spec law enforcement Reploids designed by Dr. Doppler to maintain security in Dopple Town. They have been designed with all the best qualities of the world's top Reploids, so their performance exceeds that of the average Reploid.
Dr. Doppler's madness has spread to Bit and Byte, and they have joined him in the war against humanity. They can be found wherever Doppler's forces have captured territory, relaying the doctor's orders to the Reploids under their command.
File:MMX3 - Vile MK-2 Art.png Vile MK-2
Formerly an SA-Class Hunter with the elite 17th Unit, Vile aided Sigma during his uprising and was destroyed by X as a result...
Or at least that's what everyone assumed.
Vile has dragged himself back from the brink of oblivion to seek revenge against X. Vile MK-2 has equipped himself with an arsenal of secret weaponry designed specifically to defeat X.
The irony is that this devotion to a grudge may be even more human than X's way of thinking. But is Vile really rational enough to notice?
MMX2 - Dr. Cain Art.png Dr. Cain
The most gifted roboticist of the 22nd century. Dr. Cain's groundbreaking development of Reploids broke down the barriers between robot and human as his creations exhibited the capacity to think, feel, and make decisions for themselves. Dr. Cain now spends his days as the founder and director of the Maverick Hunters, but he still bears guilt for the damage caused by his creation, Sigma. He understands X's problems and often supports him from behind the scenes.
MMX3 - Blast Hornet Art.png Blast Hornet
Second-in-command of the Special 0 Unit.
When Dr. Doppler sent a message inviting Zero to Dopple Town, Zero was too busy and sent Hornet in his stead. Little did he know that his friend would soon become a Maverick.
Hornet is armed with compact bee bombs which he will unleash in punishing swarms until the enemy is obliterated. He is not the most powerful of Reploids, so he uses agility and good planning to his advantage, flitting through the air with his lightweight body when danger draws near.
MMX3 - Blizzard Buffalo Art.png Blizzard Buffalo
A Reploid created for ski slope security. He was designed from the ground up to to operate in extreme cold, so he is exceptionally well-suited to snowy regions. Contrary to his fearsome appearance, Buffalo was always a gentle sort whose hobby was ice sculpture.
Now, however, he charges his enemies in a blind fury, smashing foes too slow to dodge, but apparently he also has some other weapons up his sleeve. Loves the cold, but can't handle hot things.
MMX3 - Gravity Beetle Art.png Gravity Beetle
Though he was once a loyal member of the Maverick Hunters' 17th Unit, Beetle now harbors a grudge towards X for destroying his fellow beetle Reploid, Boomer Kuwanger. He deserted his duties and fled in order to pursue his revenge.
Beetle has modified an aerial transport he stole from Hunter HQ into a flying fortress, and has been assaulting airfields around the world. His ability to manipulate gravity and create black holes makes him a fearsome opponent.
MMX3 - Toxic Seahorse Art.png Toxic Seahorse
The massive Monarch Dam is an important water source in its own right, but it also acts as a hub for remotely controlling many dams at once. Seahorse has taken control of this system to cut off the water supply to human cities. Many will perish of thirst unless he is stopped.
Seahorse is unique in that his body is made of a malleable 'liquid metal,' enabling him to blend into the walls and floor to avoid detection. He is also a master of manipulating water. Of course, there's only one way to deal with an enemy who turns into liquid...
MMX3 - Volt Catfish Art.png Volt Catfish
Catfish is equipped with a powerful built-in electricity generator; he was designed to help people during disasters by acting as a mobile power station. Now, there is little left of his kind personality.
As a Maverick, he has taken over the city's power grid control station... but the massive amounts of energy he has absorbed there have driven him berserk, challenging anyone to stop him if they can. To defeat him, you'll need some way of piercing his powerful electric shield.
MMX3 - Crush Crawfish Art.png Crush Crawfish
Crawfish was designed as a military combat Reploid, but his controlled violence and inability to tell friend from foe led to him being kept in storage, buried at the back of a forgotten warehouse. Somehow he has reawakened and taken over the naval yard, where he mercilessly cuts up any who come near.
Once caught in his massive claws, most targets have zero chance of survival. If only there were a way to overload his faulty cognitive circuits...
MMX3 - Tunnel Rhino Art.png Tunnel Rhino
Some Reploids specialize in mining, and Rhino was the best of the bunch, so before becoming a Maverick he was tasking with mining the precious Energen Crystals that power Reploids.
A diligent worker, his giant drill was his pride and joy, but he made a fatal mistake in accepting Dr. Doppler's invitation to show it off in Dopple Town. Now he uses the drill to surge through rock and earth to strike at enemies invading his territory. What weapon could stop such a huge opponent?
MMX3 - Neon Tiger Art.png Neon Tiger
Unlike most Reploids, Tiger is no stranger to fighting against humans; he was designed to hunt down poachers threatening the world's few remaining wild animals.
Since he is solar-powered, he can operate indefinitely without an external power source, and his wickedly-sharp claws and extreme speed make him a tough enemy. To defeat him, you'll have to fight blades with blades!
MMX2 - Neo Sigma Art.png Sigma
Sigma was once the leader of X's 17th Unit and the most powerful of all Reploids. Twice he has started rebellions to crush humanity and create a world just for Reploids, but each time X has halted his plans and destroyed him. Surely all that is left of him now is burnt scrap lying under a pile of rubble somewhere...

Mega Man X4

Mega Man X4 has 15 text pages.

Mega Man X4 Gallery
File:MMX3 - Box Art J.png Story
The year is 21XX AD.
The world prospers as humans coexist with Reploids — robots with the ability to think, feel, and make decisions for themselves.
This peaceful society is home to two major Reploid organizations: the Maverick Hunters, who are tasked with tracking down and destroying Reploids who have malfunctioned and pose a risk to humanity, and Repliforce, an army composed entirely of Reploids, designed to respond to large-scale emergencies. Until now, they have always cooperated and aided one another in their duties.
All this comes to a violent end as a series of events causes General, the Repliforce's supreme commander, to declare a coup d'état and seize important bases around the world. Maverick Hunter HQ has no choice but to classify the renegade Repliforce as Mavericks, dispatching X and Zero to handle the situation.
What is the cause behind Repliforce's actions? The Maverick Hunters hurl themselves into battle, with doubts resting heavy on their hearts. What will be revealed at the fighting's end...?
MMX4 - X 3 Art.png X
The hero of this adventure, and leader of the Maverick Hunters' 17th Unit. X is always troubled by his conscience; though his duty is to destroy Mavericks, he is a pacifist at heart who always strives for peaceful solutions.
MMX4 - Zero 3 Art.png Zero
Zero is an SA-Class Maverick Hunter of incredible skill, and one of the few who understand X's struggle. He leads the Special 0 Unit, and unlike X, he never hesitates to carry out his duty in a cool, professional manner.
File:MMX4 - Double Art 2.png Double
A rookie Reploid recently assigned to the Maverick Hunters. He's clumsy and easily rattled, but he's determined to help out X in any way he can.
File:MMX4 - Iris Art 2.png Iris
Colonel's sister. When Zero saves her life during the Sky Lagoon incident, she finds herself falling for him. All she wants is to stop Zero and her brother from fighting each other.
File:MMX4 - Colonel Art 2.png Colonel
A young officer in Repliforce, the army comprised entirely of Reploids. In addition to being a supremely capable soldier, he also shows a compassionate side towards his subordinates and his sister, Iris.
MMX4 - General Art.png General
The supreme commander of Repliforce. General is highly respected by soldiers everywhere, but his sudden coup d'état has forced X and the Maverick Hunters to take up arms against him.
MMX4 - Web Spider Art.png Web Spider
A former Maverick Hunter and comrade of Zero. Spider then transferred into Repliforce to lead their commando division, earning multiple honors for his excellent service.
Since the coup began, he has been assigned to guard a beam weapon hidden in the jungle.
MMX4 - Frost Walrus Art.png Frost Walrus
A loose cannon infamous for causing trouble within Repliforce. Walrus was well on his way to being declared a Maverick when General instead put him to use as a soldier.
He believes that being a soldier means smashing everything in sight, so he has welcomed the coup with open arms.
MMX4 - Split Mushroom Art.png Split Mushroom
When his laboratory was shut down, Split Mushroom was decommissioned, but someone has resurrected him to fortify the lab and aid Repliforce's coup. He has the cruel, playful nature of a child, and sees the destruction of intruders as the best game of all.
MMX4 - Magma Dragoon Art.png Magma Dragoon
Leader of the Maverick Hunters' 14th Special Unit, and a superlative martial artist who has perfected his own unique form of fist fighting. At the start of the coup, he suddenly turned Maverick and disappeared. Now, he has been discovering hiding in an active volcano, destroying any Hunter foolish enough to come after him.
MMX4 - Jet Stingray Art.png Jet Stingray
Fiercely proud of his military career and his advancement through the ranks of Repliforce's navy, Stingray sees General and Colonel as the ideal soldiers.
During the coup, he sabotaged the city's underground power generators to cause mass panic and confusion before escaping to the sea.
MMX4 - Cyber Peacock Art.png Cyber Peacock
Peacock originally functioned as a protection program designed to stop hackers from infiltrating important computer systems. However, someone has rewritten his program to make him an arrogant and vicious villain who indiscriminately attacks anyone accessing the network.
MMX4 - Storm Owl Art.png Storm Owl
A cunning general belonging to Repliforce's leadership staff. Like many Repliforce officers, he has a strong sense of military pride, and is severely indignant that Repliforce has been branded a Maverick organization.
At the start of the coup, he commanded his air fleet to set a course for the combat zone as a diversionary tactic.
MMX4 - Slash Beast Art.png Slash Beast
Perhaps the wildest and most dangerous combatant in Repliforce. His reason for joining up was purely to satisfy his urge to carve up his enemies, and on the battlefield he is known for fearlessly challenging enemies even twice his size.
He supports the coup by running guard duty on military supply trains carrying weapons and ammunition to Repliforce units.

Mega Man X5

Mega Man X5 has 16 text pages.

Mega Man X5 Gallery
File:MMX5 - Box Art J.png Story
The year is 21XX AD.
Months have passed since the Repliforce incident, and Earth is at peace once more.
The battles took a heavy toll on the space colony, forces but they are finally almost back to full strength. All that remains is to repair the massive, aging space colony "Eurasia," which sits at the Lagrange point between Earth and the moon. But as the time for the repairs draws near, the fragile peace is shattered as an unidentified force invades Eurasia!
The station's artificial gravity device is reprogrammed to push the colony onto an orbit that will bring it crashing down to Earth. If left alone, it will impact in 16 hours with enough force to devastate most of the world... or in the worst case scenario, extinguish all life from the planet's surface. Earth has only one chance of survival: the old, long-unused giga-particle cannon "Enigma" must be repaired and used to destroy Eurasia before time runs out. X and Zero are the only ones who can secure the parts needed to bring Enigma online. The fate of the Earth rests in their hands!
MMX5 - X Art 2.png X
Leader of the elite 17th Unit of the Maverick Hunters. Though X has remained a B-Class Hunter for years since his pacifist nature keeps him from unleashing his full strength in battle, beneath the surface he has near-limitless potential.
MMX5 - Zero Art.png Zero
An SA-Class Hunter of incredible skill, and leader of the Special 0 Unit. Unlike X, he never hesitates to carry out his duty in a cool, professional manner.
MMX5 - Signas Art.png Signas
The previous director of the Maverick Hunters retired in shame after the Repliforce War incident, and Signas was quickly assigned to take his place. Though not much of a fighter, his highly-advanced CPU puts his cognitive abilities far above those of most Reploids.
MMX5 - Alia Art.png Alia
Previously a researcher at a Reploid engineering facility, Alia's mastery of programming languages and encyclopedic knowledge of Reploids soon saw her being offered a job as the Maverick Hunters' navigator.
MMX5 - Douglas Art.png Douglas
Douglas is a gifted mechanic, who oversees maintenance of the Maverick Hunters' vehicles, weapons, and even their base facilities. When not busy with repairs, he spends his time manufacturing upgrade parts for X and his comrades.
MMX5 - Dynamo Art.png Dynamo
A carefree mercenary who has sold his services to an unknown client. He may be an irritating nuisance with a bad sense of humor, but he has the combat skilled of an SA-Class Hunter. His mission is to disrupt X and Zero's operations as much as possible.
MMX5 - Lifesaver Art.png Lifesaver
Lifesaver works on maintenance of the Maverick Hunters' Reploid bodies and the creation of virus vaccines. In his professional opinion, there is something very wrong about Zero's reaction to virus exposure...
MMX5 - Crescent Grizzly Art.png Crescent Grizzly
An arms dealer who uses his custom-built drill arm in battle. In the past, he lived to fight and take the best weaponry from his fallen opponents, but in recent years he only concerns himself with selling his weapons to the highest bidder.
His drill lets him burrow rapidly through the earth in any direction, and the Crescent Shots launched from his claws are sharp enough to slash through any armor.
MMX5 - Volt Kraken Art.png Volt Kraken
Kraken was once a Maverick Hunter, but resigned when he started to disagree with the work he was ordered to do. Since then he has worked in energy research, devoting himself to a peaceful lifestyle. His Tr-Thunder weapon was developed as a remote manipulator for use in experiments, but can be overcharged for use in combat as an electromagnetic energy blast.
MMX5 - Shining Firefly Art.png Shining Firefly
Firefly is the foremost authority on laser technology, but he is so paranoid about his inventions being turned into weapons that they rarely see the light of day. His firefly-shaped remote laser emitters are highly mobile, to compensate for his own lack of agility.
MMX5 - Tidal Whale Art.png Tidal Whale
Whale is both the curator of an oceanographic museum and captain of a maritime security force. Never one to back off from a crisis, his tendency to blunder into dangerous situations without a second thought often gets him into disputes with Repliforce's navy. His Gel Shaver weapon tears along flat surfaces, literally shaving away anything in its path.
MMX5 - Spiral Pegasus Art.png Spiral Pegasus
A headstrong young Repliforce officer commanding a unit of the air force. Pegasus' excessive pride has often led him to make costly mistakes. He saw Colonel as his mentor and still bears a grudge about his death. His Wing Spiral weapon blasts anything it touches into the air.
MMX5 - Spike Rosered Art.png Spike Rosered
Rosered is an extremely rare mutation resulting from a Reploid, an ecosystem control unit, and the Sigma Virus fusing into a single being. Though the mutation process is still fraught with mystery, what's certain is that those who undergo it almost always become Mavericks. This could be a threat to exceed even the Sigma Virus. Rose defends himself with a flexible rose-vine whip that can wrap around enemies and puncture them with deadly thorns.
MMX5 - Dark Necrobat Art.png Dark Necrobat
A Maverick purpose-built by Sigma three years ago, he escaped his former master and has been missing ever since. Though almost entirely forgotten by Sigma, who grew dissatisfied with his sub-par combat abilities, he still wields a terrifying power with his Dark Hold technology, which can stop time for a few vital seconds.
MMX5 - Burn Dinorex Art.png Burn Dinorex
Previously a member of Repliforce's disaster response team. He was given command of a facility in Sunhouse Mountain, but secretly turned it into a private stockpile of weapons developed to run on magma energy. His intimidating Ground Fire weaponry spits a gout of searing flame that then sticks to the ground until it burns out.

Mega Man X6

Mega Man X6 has 17 text pages.

Mega Man X6 Gallery
File:MMX6 - Box Art J.png Story
The year is 21XX AD.
Three weeks have passed since Sigma brought a massive space colony crashing down to Earth. The Maverick Hunter known as Zero gave his life to prevent the worst of the impact, but the Sigma Virus was spread across the planet nonetheless, leaving much of the surface a barren wasteland...
Now, humans cannot survive in the open atmosphere and instead are confined to underground colonies. The viral pollution on the surface has finally decreased enough for Reploids to work on restoring the planet to its former state.
But one day, X receives an emergency signal from Maverick Hunter HQ! "Maverick alert! A huge Mechaniloid has gone haywire — hurry to these coordinates and shut it down!" The message is a shock — Sigma's death was thought to be the end of all Mavericks. X has only one option: to take up his fallen comrade Zero's saber once more, and find out what's behind this incident!
MMX6 - X Art 2.png X
The hero of this adventure, and the leader of the Maverick Hunters' elite 17th Unit. After a virus-laden space colony crashes into Earth, X and the few remaining Maverick Hunters work to restore the planet.
MMX6 - Zero 2 Art.png Zero
An SA-Class Hunter of incredible skill, and former leader of the Special 0 Unit. Three weeks ago, Zero proved his heroism by saving Earth from the brunt of the space colony crash, but he has been missing since the battle with Sigma.
MMX6 - Signas Art.png Signas
The young but capable director of the Maverick Hunters. His knack for calm planning and quick decisiveness has earned him the respect of the Hunters under his command.
MMX6 - Alia Art.png Alia
Alia is a navigator who specializes in quickly analyzing tactical situations during the Maverick Hunters' missions. Her program decryption skills are also second to none.
MMX6 - Douglas Art.png Douglas
Douglas is a gifted mechanic who oversees maintenance of the Maverick Hunters' vehicles, weapons, and even their base facilities. Since the space colony incident, he has been hard at work restoring vital infrastructure.
File:MMX6 - Gate Art 2.png Gate
A genius scientist who made a name for himself in advanced Reploid development, his research is so ahead of its time that he feels lonely and underappreciated. But one day, he finds something that will change his destiny forever...
File:MMX6 - High Max Art 2.png High Max
The leader of Isoc's investigation team. His power is said to rival even X's, but why and how he was created is a mystery.
File:MMX6 - Isoc Art 2.png Isoc
A researcher Reploid who has organized an investigation into the Nightmare phenomenon that has appeared since the space colony incident.
MMX6 - Commander Yammark Art.png Commander Yammark
A Reploid created to support forest preservation projects. Yammark functions as the leader of an ecological observation team. In order to ensure the most thorough investigations, he is equipped with independent dragonfly Mechaniloids that act as his eyes and ears.
MMX6 - Blizzard Wolfang Art.png Blizzard Wolfang
Former leader of a sub-zero environment land development team. Wolf's responsible, level-headed approach to crises makes him a trusted comrade to his subordinates. He is built to withstand icy climates, and equipped with sharp claws to prevent him slipping on icy surfaces.
MMX6 - Blaze Heatnix Art.png Blaze Heatnix
Heatnix is a Reploid specially designed to search out subterranean hotspots —the places where magma breaks through the Earth's mantle. Currently he is assigned to a disaster relief team helping to minimize the damage from a chain of recently erupting volcanoes.
MMX6 - Metal Shark Player Art.png Metal Shark Player
A former member of a recycling research team. Shark specialized in taking the junk parts of destroyed Mavericks and preparing them for re-use as materials for new Reploids. His outstanding DNA research capabilities meant he was soon appointed chief of the recycling facility.
MMX6 - Rainy Turtloid Art.png Rainy Turtloid
As an amphibious Reploid, Turtle was a valued member of a water purification team charged with investigating ocean and river water supplies. His shielded shell is designed to withstand even the harshest acid rain, so he is one of the few Reploids authorized to enter restricted "Level A" pollution zones.
MMX6 - Ground Scaravich Art.png Ground Scaravich
This enterprising treasure hunter has been under investigation by the Maverick Hunters for breaking into precious ancient ruins in search for loot. He collects data from the ancient artifacts he finds, and recently has been making secret incursions into a certain forbidden area.
MMX6 - Shield Sheldon Art.png Shield Sheldon
This well-defended Reploid was formerly tasked with guarding VIPs. His impeccable service record made him highly sought-after as a bodyguard, so he often found himself protecting top-flight researchers belonging to well-funded science organizations. His formidable shields will deflect any attack, making him ideally suited to his job.
MMX6 - Infinity Mijinion Art.png Infinity Mijinion
Originally designed as a test pilot for giant-sized piloted war machines, the optic fiber material built into Mijinion's body gives him the processing power of several supercomputers. Within moments of climbing into a vehicle, he can scan and analyze its capabilities and be ready to pilot it into battle.

Mega Man X7

Mega Man X7 has 15 text pages.

Mega Man X7 Gallery
File:MMX7 - Box Art J.png Story
The year is 21XX AD.
While humanity lives safely in underground colonies, Reploids work tirelessly to make the surface habitable once more. However, Reploid crime is on the rise.
X is an extremely high-spec Reploid and leader of the elite unit within the Maverick Hunters, the organization officially tasked with putting a stop to malfunctioning Reploids. But his pacifist conscience has made him re-evaluate his life of resolving problems with violence, and he has decided to leave the front lines to pursue more peaceful solutions. Without him, the Maverick Hunters are ill-equipped to combat the crime wave. In their stead, the unsanctioned vigilante group "Red Alert" is becoming more and more active.
One day, the Maverick Hunter known as Zero deploys to a crime scene to find a young Reploid, "Axl," being chased by a massive Mechaniloid. He claims to have defected form Red Alert to join the Maverick hunters, but he won't share any more information.
Red Alert's infamous leader Red then appears, demanding that Axl be returned to him, but Zero will never let a Reploid be taken against their will.
Thus begins a battle for the freedom of one Reploid; a battle between the Maverick Hunters and Red Alert with the true meaning of justice on the line!
MMX7 - X 4 Art.png X
The hero of this adventure, X spent years as the leader of the Maverick Hunters' elite 17th Unit, but he no longer believes that peace can be obtained through violence, so he has stepped away from the front lines to pursue more peaceful solutions.
MMX7 - Zero 3 Art.png Zero
An SA-Class Maverick Hunter of incredible skill. As the former leader of the Special 0 Unit, he fought alongside X to resolve countless incidents. Though alone now, he continues to fight.
MMX7 - Axl 2 Art.png Axl
A Reploid of unknown origins; no data exists about his past. He possesses the ability to mimic the appearance and abilities of other robots and Reploids. Axl leaves the vigilante organization Red Alert to join the Maverick Hunters, but this brings about a clash between the two forces.
MMX7 - Signas 2 Art.png Signas
Director of the Maverick Hunters. The many disasters he resolved with the help of X and Zero have made him a respected authority to turn to in a crisis. However, the many incidents in recent years have taken a toll on the Maverick Hunters, and Signas is perpetually troubled by how to handle the explosion in crime with the diminishing resources of his weakened organization.
MMX7 - Alia 2 Art.png Alia
A Reploid who serves as the Maverick Hunters' top navigator. Her superb information-processing skills make her an ideal source of support for Hunters in the field, who are always glad to know she's analyzing the situation from back at Hunter HQ.
MMX7 - Red Art.png Red
The leader of Red Alert. Ignoring due process and official approval, Red has taken it upon himself to destroy Mavericks along with his ragtag band of disreputable bounty hunters.
What is Red Alert? Red Alert is an unofficial vigilante organization that searches out and destroys Mavericks without government approval, but since the Maverick Hunters' numbers have dwindled, many Reploids see Red Alert as a hope for security and stability.
MMX7 - Flame Hyenard Render.png Flame Hyenard
Hyenard has taken over an industrial complex, where he now lies in wait for the Maverick Hunters. He has taken control of a huge gazelle-shaped Mechaniloid and produces diversionary clones of himself to confuse enemies.
MMX7 - Vanishing Gungaroo Render.png Vanishing Gungaroo
Gungaroo is a bounty hunter who has holed up in an underground tunnel system converted for heavy weapons storage. His Reploid brain was only programmed with the intellect of a child, so he feels most comfortable cradled in the cockpit of his humongous kangaroo Ride Armor, like it's a mother's pouch. His comrades are glad to have him around, but they try to stay out of his way.
MMX7 - Ride Boarski Render.png Ride Boarski
A wild maniac of a biker who prowls the highways at night. His preferred method of attack is to smash into enemies using his shield, then follow up by slinging wheel bombs along the ground.
MMX7 - Tornado Tonion Render.png Tornado Tonion
This bizarre Reploid has taken control of a radio tower, and lurks at the summit waiting for the Maverick Hunters to arrive. His electrical tornadoes restrain any enemy they catch.
MMX7 - Splash Warfly Render.png Splash Warfly
Warfly has taken over an abandoned missile submarine and started terrorizing the high seas. Those who come within range of his deadly twin-ended spear find themselves sliced in two.
MMX7 - Snipe Anteator Render.png Snipe Anteator
A master of misdirection, Anteator has created a digital maze of the Maverick Hunters to get lost in. His unusual fighting style is to trap enemies with his long tongue to feed power to his built-in weapons.
MMX7 - Soldier Stonekong Render.png Soldier Stonekong
Bursting forth from his hiding place in the deep jungle, Stonekong faces his enemies in fair fights like an honorable warrior of old. He plans to smash the Maverick Hunters with his sword of ultra-hard stone while his shield deflects any and all attacks.
MMX7 - Wind Crowrang Render.png Wind Crowrang
This winged Reploid has taken control of a massive flying fortress. Crowrang was once a friendly rival of Axl, but now he has no reservations about battling him with his wickedly sharp boomerangs and lethal flying body-slams.

Mega Man X8

Mega Man X8 has 16 text pages.

Mega Man X8 Gallery
File:MMX8 - Box Art J.png Story
The year is 21XX AD.
The endless conflicts of mankind and Reploid alike have forced Earth's environment into an irreversible downward spiral, and humanity now seeks sanctuary among the stars.
Humanity's migration to the Moon has begun in earnest thanks to the completion of the "Jakob" orbital elevator, and countless new-generation Reploids have been transported to the Moon to work on constructing habitats.
These new-generation Reploids can change their form to match the unique DNA code of any other robot... but unbeknownst to them, they carry a DNA code thought to have been wiped out: that of Sigma himself.
Suddenly, a rebellion breaks out among the Reploids. X, Zero, and Axl must travel into space to discover the truth behind this disaster.
File:MMX8 - X Art.jpg X
The former leader of the Maverick Hunters' elite 17th Unit, X is an indefatigable Hunter who has put down Sigma's uprisings time and again. He strongly resents the need to use violence to secure peace.
File:MMX8 - Zero Art.jpg Zero
An SA-Class Maverick Hunter of incredible skill. As the former leader of the Special 0 Unit, he fought alongside X to resolve countless incidents. Maintains a cool, unperturbed manner no matter how dangerous the mission gets.
File:MMX8 - Axl Art.jpg Axl
Formerly a member of the vigilante group Red Alert, Axl defected to join the Maverick Hunters. He is the prototype of a new generation of Reploids capable of mimicking the appearance and abilities of other machines.
MMX8 - Signas Art.jpg Signas
Director of the Maverick Hunters. Signas is equipped with the most advanced CPU of any Reploid currently in operation.
MMX8 - Alia Art.jpg Alia
A navigator with plenty of experience supporting X and Zero during their missions. Her knack for situational analysis is second to none, and the Maverick Hunters trust her as a dependable source of advice or assistance.
MMX8 - Pallette Art.jpg Pallette
A rookie navigator who's still getting used to her support role at Hunter HQ. Pallette excels at analyzing combat zones, finding the best routes to get Hunters to their targets. She joined the Maverick Hunters together with Layer, and looks up to Alia as the more experienced navigator.
MMX8 - Layer Art.jpg Layer
One of the navigators working alongside Alia to support Hunter teams in the field. Layer's specialty is combat analysis — she is quick at discerning enemy weak points during a battle.
MMX8 - Optic Sunflower Art.jpg Assassin from the Depths of Outer Space
Optic Sunflower
Director of a cyber training facility for new-generation Reploids.
MMX8 - Gravity Antonion Art.jpg Twister of Space and Time
Gravity Antonion
Lead researcher at an anti-gravity research institute. His cortex has been heavily upgraded in order to operate his complex research equipment, and he is extremely intellectual as a result.
MMX8 - Dark Mantis Art.jpg Deadly Blade Lurking in Darkness
Dark Mantis
To aid in his duties as security for a subterranean military logistics base, this Reploid can operate in total darkness.
MMX8 - Burn Rooster Art.jpg White-Hot Fowl
Burn Rooster
Rooster is assigned to a scrap treatment facility that uses volcanic heat to melt down junk machinery. His heatproofing and mastery of flame make him well-suited to his job.
MMX8 - Avalanche Yeti Art.jpg Guardian of the Eternally Frozen Fields
Avalanche Yeti
Overseer of an environmental research facility at the South Pole. The continued degradation of the environment has made him cynical and pessimistic.
MMX8 - Earthrock Trilobyte Art.jpg Insect Inhabiting Rich Mineral Deposits
Earthrock Trilobyte
A mining Reploid who excavates the rare metals needed for space development.
MMX8 - Bamboo Pandamonium Art.jpg Fallen Giant of the Forest
Bamboo Pandamonium
Once tasked with management of space development research documents, this Reploid now refuses to leave the overgrown ruins of the launch center.