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Character Info
MMXCM - Spider Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man X: Command Mission.
General information
Appearances:Mega Man X: Command Mission

Spider (スパイダー) is a character from the X era, first appearing as a party member in Mega Man X: Command Mission. He is a bounty hunter Reploid with a gambler motif, fighting with playing card projectiles.

In the Games

Mega Man X: Command Mission

Spider Figure in Mega Man X: Command Mission.

Spider debuted in Mega Man X: Command Mission, first appearing in Chapter 2. After communication with Colonel Redips cuts out in Central Tower, X is accosted by the Rowdy Reploid in Air City North Square. Spider introduces himself by killing the Reploid so that he can get the bounty placed on X's head by the Rebellion Army. The player then fights Spider in a brief boss battle; once his LE is depleted, an alarm goes off and Spider retreats.

After X frees the Resistance soldiers, Spider reappears in a cutscene, negotiating a blank check for X's head with Wild Jango in the Command Room. Once X approaches the Data Backup Room to rescue Chief R, he is ambushed by Spider again. Spider knocks Aile's ID out of X's hands, and goes to pick it up but stops when X reveals who it belonged to. Moved by the story of Aile's sacrifice, Spider decides to turn on Wild Jango and begins heroically fighting Preons to buy time for X to free Chief R. Soon after, Wild Jango calls them to reveal that he has personally fought and defeated Spider. X defuses the Rebellion's time bomb and heads to the High Altitude Heliport No. 3, where Spider returns, and the two work together to destroy Wild Jango.

In Tianna Camp in Chapter 3, Spider voices his distaste in following Chief R's orders, and implies he still has his own goals. He continues to aid the Resistance throughout the game, though he is notably absent during every single one of X's communications with Colonel Redips, which X eventually notices.[1] Spider is also openly interested in Axl's copy ability,[2] and Professor Gaudile can reveal that Spider refused to undergo any maintenance since joining the Resistance.[3] Before Chapter 6, X notices a suspicious light around a corner, followed by Spider emerging and acting as if nothing happened.[4]

In Gimialla Mine, Spider and the party are ambushed by Shadow. After Zero returns, Spider tanks Shadow's last-ditch attack for him, earning Zero's respect. Despite his injury, Spider insists on continuing so he can learn about Supra-Force Metal. The party eventually faces Incentas, who locks them in a room and sets it to self-destruct upon his defeat. Spider chooses to sacrifice himself along with Incentas to blow open the door, and both Reploids are apparently destroyed in the explosion. X and the party escape to safety, mourning Spider's sacrifice.

In Chapter 8, Spider reappears partially obscured in Melda Ore Plant, killing Botos for the Supra-Force Metal in the Rebellion's warhead. Afterwards, rumors spreads that Spider was spotted at Central Tower.[5] Before the Final Chapter, Marino can also reveal that she found Spider's data in a copy ability research facility on Giga City.[6]

In the Final Chapter, Colonel Redips reveals his own copy ability and that he had been using it to masquerade as Spider in the party. He transforms into Spider one last time to attack Zero, before reverting to Redips. Supplementary material such as the Rockman X: Command Mission Original Soundtrack has confirmed that Redips was his original form, and that Spider was merely a disguise.[7]

Other Game Appearances

  • In TEPPEN, Spider appears as a Unit Card.

Official Data

Rockman X: Command Mission Website

Capcom Japan's website featured a promotional Flash application for Rockman X: Command Mission, including character profiles.[8]

MMXCM - Spider FlashArt.png Spider Voice Actor: Canna Nobutoshi
A mysterious, razor-sharp bounty hunter. Although he is often selfish, he is also surprisingly considerate of his friends. He attacks by shooting cards at ultra-high speed from the card slits on his sleeves.

(Translated by Mega Man Wiki)

Mega Man X: Command Mission Stats

Boss information from the Mega Man X: Command Mission Official Strategy Guide by BradyGames.


  • It is unknown how "real" Spider was as an individual. Wild Jango and other civilians of Central Tower seem aware of Spider's reputation as a bounty hunter, and he describes a backstory with Aile. However, Aile never confirms that he actually knew Spider, leaving the possibility that Spider's backstory was a fabrication to give him an excuse to join the Resistance. Notably, Spider never says Aile's name aloud until after Chief R has said it at the end of Chapter 2.
  • Spider's Hyper Mode, Trickstar, functions almost identically to Axl's Hyper Mode, Stealth Mode. This foreshadows the connection between the two's abilities, as both possess copy abilities.


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