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Mr. X stage 2

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Stage Info
MM6 - Mr. X Portrait.png
Stage icon(s).
General Info
Name(s):Mr. X stage 2
Type(s):Fortress stage
Game(s):Mega Man 6
Game Info
Boss(es):Power Piston

Mr. X stage 2[conj.] is the second stage of Mr. X's fortress in Mega Man 6.

The stage is the first to be set entirely inside the fortress, with Mega Man making his way through a long corridor with pink and blue blocks and windows to the outside. As such, it is entirely horizontal and full of tight spaces, in which enemies are fought.


Name Image Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Metall MM6 - Metall.png Hides under its helmet until Mega Man comes near, then shoots bullets in three directions. It can only be harmed while attacking or with a fully charged Power Mega Man shot. 1 3 (contact)
Oil Field, Restricted Area, Mr. X stage 2, Dr. Wily stage 1
Molier MM6 - Molier.png A tall and sturdy drill enemy that moves forward at high speed. 5 5 Restricted Area, Capital of Science, Mr. X stage 2
Skull Walker MM6 - Skull Walker.png A skull with spider legs that scurries and jumps around, following Mega Man and occasionally stopping to look for him. 2 2 Restricted Area, Capital of Science, Mr. X stage 1, Mr. X stage 2
Hotchkiss'n MM6 - Hotchkiss'n.png A stapler-like enemy that flies left and right over Mega Man's head and drops spikes on him. 1 3 (contact)
3 (spikes)
Restricted Area, Mr. X stage 1, Mr. X stage 2


The stage starts in a comparatively open section, but the ceiling is soon lowered, with two Metalls guarding the entrance to the corridor. Inside, several Moliers await, tall drill machines that come crashing towards Mega Man and must be destroyed quickly. A large Weapon Energy pickup can also be found near the start, hidden underground behind a series of "fake" striped walls that Mega Man can slide through.

As the section progresses, spikes are added to the ceiling and floor of the hallway, but after a section transition, the stage soons open up into a larger room. A bridge spans the largest pit in the stage and its segments fall away as Mega Man walks across, but there are no enemies to hinder him from doing so.

On the other side of the bridge and across a smaller spike pit that requires Jet Mega Man, the architecture becomes more cramped again, with a tight hallway spanning the top of the level. Multiple long drops are found here that are disguised as solid floor, signified as fake by the same striped walls as the secret near the start. Although the first pit is safe and Jet Mega Man can fly back out of it, the next two contain spikes that will destroy him instantly if he falls in.

The rest of the stage contains no notable gimmicks and revolves mainly around facing Skull Walkers and Hotchkiss'ns in various configurations as Mega Man hops across narrow gaps. Another transition into a short, winding hallway with Metalls leads to the boss doors, where the Power Piston is fought inside a room with a right wall and no ceiling.


Name Sprite Description Stage Weakness
Power Piston MM6 - Power Piston.png Mr. X Stage 2 Silver Tomahawk


  • This is the only stage in Mega Man 6 with no vertical transitions at all.