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Ice Man's stage (Mega Man 1)

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Stage Info
Portrait from The Wily Wars.
Stage icon(s).
General Info
Name(s):Ice Man's stage
Type(s):Robot Master stage
Game(s):Mega Man, Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Game Info
Boss(es):Ice Man
Reward(s):Ice Slasher
Other Info
Related Stage(s):Ice Man's stage (Dr. Wily's Revenge), Ice Man's stage (Powered Up)

Ice Man's stage[conj.] is a Robot Master stage in the original Mega Man and its enhanced port in Mega Man: The Wily Wars, appearing 4th on the stage select screen (in reading order).

Ice Man's stage takes place in an icy environment, implied by palm trees in the background to have formerly been a tropical location. It has indoor and outdoor environments and is one of the two stages in Mega Man 1 to feature Appearing Blocks, as well as one of two to contain water.


Name Image Description HP Damage Score Stage(s)
Crazy Razy MM1 - Crazy Razy.png A robot that runs at Mega Man and rarely shoots. Destroying its bottom half or getting too close causes the upper half to detach, flying around and swooping at Mega Man; attacking the upper half first destroys it completely. 1 (top)
4 (contact)
500 (each half) Ice Man's stage
Pepe MM1 - Pepe.png A penguin that spawns endlessly from the right side of the screen and flies forward in a wave motion. 1 4 500 Ice Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 3
Gabyoall MM1 - Gabyoall.png An enemy confined to a platform that speeds up when Mega Man is on the same height. It is too flat to shoot normally and buster shots merely stun it, but special weapons destroy it in one hit. 1 3 200 Elec Man's stage, Ice Man's stage, Fire Man's stage, Bomb Man's stage
Adhering Suzy MM1 - Adhering Suzy.png A square, one-eyed robot that moves between walls horizontally or vertically, stopping for a random amount of time when it touches something. 5 4 300 Cut Man's stage, Ice Man's stage, Bomb Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2, Dr. Wily stage 3
Foot Holder MM1 - Foot Holder.png A floating platform that moves in random, erratic patterns, occasionally firing shots to both sides. - 3 (contact)
- Ice Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 1
Big Eye MM1 - Big Eye.png A large, one-legged enemy that only moves by jumping, making low or tall jumps at random. 20 10 10,000 Cut Man's stage, Guts Man's stage, Elec Man's stage, Ice Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 1


The stage starts outside, in a slippery horizontal section where Crazy Razys come running at Mega Man, their only appearance in the game. Overcoming these, Mega Man must traverse a lake full of Gabyoalls while Pepes fly in from the right. As the low gravity underwater physics from later games do not exist yet, this lake merely slowly Mega Man down. At the end is a chance for a big Energy pickup behind an Adhering Suzy and a drop down into an underground section.

This room drops Mega Man in water again and requires him to jump across a pattern of seven scattered Appearing Blocks to scale a wall to the left. Though there is solid ground below, a Gabyoall in the water poses a threat if not destroyed with a special weapon. Dropping down into the room below, the puzzle then repeats with a more complex pattern of 11 blocks to climb up to the right.

What follows is a horizontal section consisting mainly of a wide chasm, which can either by crossed with the unreliable Foot Holder platforms or the Magnet Beam utility weapon, for which there is a large Weapon Energy pickup on a small pillar in the middle of the pit. Pepes are again flying in from the right, which can knock Mega Man off platforms and to his demise.

At the end is a drop down, with a 1 UP that can be gathered by pressing against the left wall; doing the same on the next drop leads to 3 small Energy and Weapon Energy pickups each.

The final obstacle before the boss door corridor, in the bottommost underground part of the stage, is a large, otherwise empty room with a single Big Eye enemy; the corridor itself contains more Pepes.


Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Ice Man MM1 - Ice Man.png Ice Man Stage Ice Slasher Thunder Beam

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  • The text on the back of the North American Mega Man 1 box alludes to Ice Man's stage twice, redundantly mentioning that the game's bosses are found "Below icefields" and "even in subterranean passages under icefields".[1]


  1. Mega Man North American game box, 1987.