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Electric Nightmare

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Episode Info
General information
Premier Date:September 18, 1994
Series:Mega Man
Cast and Crew
Written by:Jeffery Scott
Executive Producer:John Ledford
Producers:John Ledford
Voices:Ian Corlett (Mega Man / Rush / Security Guard / Robo Officers)

Jim Byrnes (Dr. Thomas Light / Pharaoh Man / Governor)
Robyn Ross (Roll)
Cathy Weseluck (Doris / Robobeautician)
Scott Mc Neill (Dr. Wily / Proto Man)
Terry Klassen (Cut Man)

Garry Chalk (Guts Man / Bright Man / Captain Evans / Robo Officers)
Dialogue Director:Terry Klassen
Film Editors:Craig Paulsen
Music By:David Iris

Tom Keenlyside

John Mitchell
Telecine Colorist:March Wielage


Note: This is a list of characters who show up in the episode proper. Characters from the Theme song should go in Theme Song (1994 Animated Series)



  • Rolling Cutter - used by Cut Man
  • Mega Buster - used by Mega Man
  • ??? - used by Bright Man
  • ??? - used by Pharaoh Man and Mega Man

Rush Transformations

  • Rush Jet x2


  • Vacuum arm
  • buzz saw


  • Governor's Mansion
  • Power Plant



  • Dr. Wily's ship

Relationship with games

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