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Crystal Man's stage (Mega Man 5)

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Stage Info
MM5 - Crystal Man Portrait.png
Stage icon(s).
General information
Name(s):Crystal Man's stage
Type(s):Robot Master stage
Game(s):Mega Man 5
Game Info
Boss:Crystal Man
Notable item(s):
Completion reward:Crystal Eye
Other Info
Related Stages:Crystal Man's stage (Mega Man IV)

Crystal Man's stage[conj.] is a Robot Master stage in Mega Man 5, appearing 3rd on the stage select screen (in reading order).

The stage is set in and around a network of mysterious crystal caverns, in which Crystal Man dwells. Though it has no central gimmick, the caves include dangerous drops and spikes, Crystal Joe enemies, and Falling Crystals in the early parts of the cave, which fall at random times and can knock Mega Man into a pit.


Name Image Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Pukapucker MM5 - Pukapucker.png Walks left and right in a small range with its head bobbing up and down above its body. If the body is destroyed first, the head bounces around like a ball. 2 (body)
3 (head)
3 Crystal Man's stage
Camon MM5 - Camon.png A wheeled enemy that speeds towards Mega Man. 1 3 Crystal Man's stage
Falling Crystal MM5 - Falling Crystal.png Crystals that drop endlessly from the ceiling in certain spots. Their pattern is random, with a pause after each crystal falls. Star Crash can destroy them. 1 4 Crystal Man's stage
Crystal Joe MM5 - Crystal Joe.png A Joe that stands in place and charges up a crystal, which it then shoots forward. Can only be harmed while it's not charging; the crystal blocks shots. 3 6 (contact)
8 (crystal)
Crystal Man's stage, Proto Man stage 2
Daidine MM5 - Daidine.png A floating platform that is not dangerous. It moves in a preset direction when stepped on, then stops and falls down. Mega Man spins and can't walk while on it. N/A N/A Stone Man's stage, Crystal Man's stage, Gyro Man's stage, Proto Man stage 3
Foojeen MM5 - Foojeen.png A cleaning robot that scoots along the floor and fires shots upwards in three directions. 3 7 (contact)
3 (projectile)
Crystal Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 1
New Shield Attacker MM5 - New Shield Attacker.png Flies left and right within a set range and can only be harmed by attacking from behind. 6 6 Crystal Man's stage
Bombier MM5 - Bombier.png Flies to one side and drops a destructible bomb when Mega Man is directly under it. 1 (Bombier)
1 (bomb)
6 (contact)
6 (bomb)
Crystal Man's stage, Proto Man stage 2, Proto Man stage 3
Mousubeil MM5 - Mousubeil.png Scoots across the floor and turns around when it reaches the edge. Due to being close to the ground, small shots will go over it. 2 3 Stone Man's stage, Crystal Man's stage, Charge Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Subeil MM5 - Subeil.png Waits for Mega Man to approach, then flattens itself and glides across the floor. Due to being close to the ground, small shots will go over it. 1 3 Stone Man's stage, Crystal Man's stage, Napalm Man's stage, Proto Man stage 1, Proto Man stage 3
Power Muscler MM5 - Power Muscler.png A very large enemy that leaps into the air and tries to get above Mega Man, then stops and rapidly slams straight down. 13 8 Gravity Man's stage, Crystal Man's stage, Napalm Man's stage, Gyro Man's stage, Proto Man stage 3, Dr. Wily stage 2


The stage starts just outside the cave entrance, with strange machines in glass tubes in the background and Pukapuckers in the way. It then leads down into the cave, where Camons immediately come at Mega Man, going down a flight of stairs.

Climbing up and over the stairs, Mega Man advances deeper into the cave, into a bottom section with more Pukapuckers and several two-tile-wide pits. Falling Crystals drop from chutes over these pits at random intervals, making jumps very dangerous, although the Star Crash shield can block them.

Climbing back up again, Mega Man meets Eddie, who gives out a random item. After that, he ascends into a strange, pink chamber with Crystal Joes on platforms, with rows of crystal spikes underneath and additional pits and falling crystals between them. At the end is another ladder, leading further up.

In the small room above, Mega Man encounters a Foojeen driving on spikes, and a Platform platform taking him up diagonally to reach another hanging ladder. It leads to a wide and rather open room with more Camons and New Shield Attackers, but at the end of it, a hole leads down again.

What follows is a vertical drop with Bombiers flying around. Although they move horizontally and can only attack target below them, Mega Man can take collision damage from falling onto them. At the bottom is a split room that requires the slide for both paths, with Foojeens on the bottom one and a Mousubeil patrolling the top one. On the top path - reached via Rush or Super Arrow - is a rare M-Tank, a variant of E-Tank that also refills all of Mega Man's weapons, but he can only carry one at a time.

Going right, both paths quickly merge and a hole leads to another long drop, this time with spikes that must be avoided while falling. The Beat part V (5 in the Japanese version) appears here and must be collected by steering left at the right time during the fall; if Mega Man misses it, he must restart or sacrifice a life for another chance.

At the bottom, a group of Subeils stands in the way of going even further down, to the very bottom of the cave. Finally, a Power Muscler is the last obstance standing in the way of the boss doors.


Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Crystal Man MM5 - Crystal Man.png Crystal Man's stage Crystal Eye Gyro Attack

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  • Throughout the stage, hollow sections and paths can often be seen on the other side of walls. Though these cannot be reached, they imply that the caverns may be bigger and more complex than the path taken by Mega Man.
  • The stage theme bears some superficial similarities to Flash Man's stage (Mega Man 2), which likewise consists of crystal-like blocks that are animated to cycle through multiple colours.