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Charge Man's stage (Mega Man 5)

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Stage Info
MM5 - Charge Man Portrait.png
Stage icon(s).
General Info
Name(s):Charge Man's stage
Type(s):Robot Master stage
Game(s):Mega Man 5
Game Info
Boss(es):Charge Man
Notable item(s):Beat part "A" (2nd)
Reward(s):Charge Kick
Other Info
Related Stage(s):Charge Man's stage (Mega Man IV)

Charge Man's stage[conj.] is a Robot Master stage in Mega Man 5, appearing 4th on the stage select screen (in reading order).

Appropriately for its boss - the train-themed Charge Man - the stage has a railway setting and requires Mega Man to board a moving train, walking on its roof and exploring compartments as he makes his way towards the boss. Its layout is largely flat and horizontal, with no bottomless or spike pits in Mega Man's way, making it very combat-focussed.


Name Image Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Rembakun MM5 - Rembakun.png Flies to one side and drops its three destructible bombs one by one when Mega Man is near. 1 (Rembakun)
1 (bombs)
5 (contact)
6 (bombs)
Charge Man's stage, Proto Man stage 1
Metall K-1000 MM5 - Metall K-1000.png A Metall driving a train. When Mega Man is in range, it will stop and shoot bullets in three directions, then accelerate and eventually explode. Only vulnerable when attacking or speeding. 1 4 (contact)
3 (projectile)
Charge Man's stage, Proto Man stage 2
Lyric MM5 - Lyric.png A flying enemy that slowly moves towards Mega Man. 1 2 Stone Man's stage, Charge Man's stage, Gyro Man's stage, Proto Man stage 3, Dr. Wily stage 1
Cocco MM5 - Cocco.png A chicken that constantly releases walking and jupming eggs, called Corocoro. It can only be harmed by attacking its head. 6 (Cocco)
1 (Corocoro)
7 (contact)
3 (Corocoro)
Charge Man's stage, Gyro Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 1,

Dr. Wily stage 2

Mousubeil MM5 - Mousubeil.png Scoots across the floor and turns around when it reaches the edge. Due to being close to the ground, small shots will go over it. 2 3 Stone Man's stage, Crystal Man's stage, Charge Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Taban MM5 - Taban.png A Batton-like enemy that takes some time to wake up, then chases after Mega Man and occasionally shoots. Can only be harmed while it's awake. 1 4 (contact)
3 (projectile)
Stone Man's stage, Charge Man's stage, Napalm Man's stage, Proto Man stage 3, Dr. Wily stage 1, Dr. Wily stage 2
Bomb Thrown MM5 - Bomb Thrown.png Similar to Rock Thrown. Throws bombs in an arc, which explode on impact. The bombs can be destroyed through damage. (Bomb Thrown)
1 (bomb)
6 (contact)
6 (bomb)
5 (explosion)
Charge Man's stage, Napalm Man's stage
Yudon MM5 - Yudon.png A large, stationary enemy that releases two homing missiles at a time from its stomach. It can only be harmed by attacking the head, but will sometimes raise its arms to block shots. 5 (Yudon)
1 (missiles)
8 (contact)
4 (missiles)
Charge Man's stage, Napalm Man's stage


The stage begins at a railway station, with a stationary train in the background and Rembakun enemies approaching from the right. At the end of the section is a ladder, allowing Mega Man to get on top of a train, which starts moving.

The roof of the train is patrolled by Metall K-1000s, Metalls riding along in small locomotives of their own. Lyrics are also found here. At the end is a drop down into the train's inside.

The inside section is split into three compartments, which contain Coccos, Mousubeils and Tabans. In the third and final one, the Beat part "A" is found, hanging in front of a window and requiring the New Rush Coil to obtain. Just right of it, a ladder leads back onto the roof.

This final section of the roof has more Metall K-1000s as well as Bomb Throwns, which throw bombs at Mega Man. Finally, a drop at the end leads back into a small room inside the train, where a Yudon blocks the boss doors to Charge Man.


Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Charge Man MM5 - Charge Man.png Charge Man Stage Charge Kick Power Stone

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