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Wood Man's stage (Mega Man 2)

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Stage Info
MM2 - Wood Man Portrait.png
Stage icon(s).
General information
Name(s):Wood Man's stage
Type(s):Robot Master stage
Game(s):Mega Man 2, Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Game Info
Boss:Wood Man
Completion reward:Leaf Shield
Other Info
Related Stages:Wood Man's stage (Mega Man II)

Wood Man's stage[conj.] is a Robot Master stage in Mega Man 2, appearing 5th on the stage select screen (in reading order).

The stage houses Wood Man, and is set in a mechanised forest, with varying outdoor and underground/tree sections. Rather than having a single underlying gimmick, it is largely divided into different setpieces, with their own distinct enemies and challenges, most of which are unique to this stage.


Name Image Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Batton MM2 - Batton.png A bat that takes some time to wake up, then chases after Mega Man. Can only be harmed while it's awake. 2 4 Wood Man's stage
Robbit MM2 - Robbit.png A robo-rabbit that hops and fires three carrots at Mega Man between jumps. 10 4 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Wood Man's stage
Monking MM2 - Monking.png A monkey robot that hangs from the bottom of a platform, then climbs up and jumps back and forth until destroyed. 3 4 Wood Man's stage
Pipi MM2 - Pipi.png A bird that flies overhead and drops an egg. If the egg reaches the ground without being destroyed, eight Copipis are released that dart towards Mega Man after a while. 1 (Pipi)
1 (egg)
1 (Copipis)
4 (contact)
4 (egg)
2 (Copipis)
Air Man's stage, Wood Man's stage, Crash Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 1
Kukku MM2 - Kukku.png A rooster than runs very fast and jumps at certain points. It spawns infinitely and has to be avoided. 10 4 Wood Man's stage


Name Image Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Friender MM2 - Friender.png A gaint dog that stands in place and breathes a line of fire in an inverted arc. 20 8 (contact)
4 (projectile)
Wood Man's stage


The stage opens with a hilly outdoor section, where Battons and Robbits are found. At the end of it, a ladder leads underground, with more Battons in the way, and yet further down from there.

In this underground section, a Friender mini-boss is encountered on each screen, with three consecutive ones in total. These are placed in different terrain, requiring a different approach each time to dodging their fire breath while still hitting them. At the end, a ladder leads back up.

After passing a few more Battons, Mega Man emerges above the treetops and needs to cross a gap by jumping between floating branches. Monkings will jump up from below and hang from these before climbing on top, while aunique brown (but otherwise identical) variations of Pipi birds fly overhead.

On the other end, ladders lead down again through a vertical section. It consists of three screens, each of which has a Robbit on different terrain; while the first is encountered on even ground, the second is on a steep flight of stairs, while the third uses more gradual stairs to its advantage.

At the bottom, Mega Man drops down into the final outdoor section, a short climb and long stretch that sees chicken-like Kukku enemies running at him. They jump at specific points, which can be used to dodge them and make it to the boss doors.


Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Wood Man MM2 - Wood Man.png A tree-like robot that throws his spinning Leaf Shield forwards and causes leaves to fall from above. He is weak to Heat Man's Atomic Fire, which destroys him instantly on normal mode if fully charged. Wood Man's stage Leaf Shield Atomic Fire

Other Versions


  • If Mega Man uses the Time Stopper in the underground section with Frienders, they can be prevented from spawning in entirely, allowing him to progress without having to fight them.