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Stage (ステージ) is a term used in the Mega Man series to describe certain locations in the games. They are the spaces where the player controls a character, often overcoming obstacles and enemies until a climactic boss fight at the end.

Recurring Elements

They often have many of the same recurring elements.


Things that show up on the stage that the protagonist/player needs to defeat and/or avoid, depending on the circumstance. Many of them have a limited about of health, attack power, and speed. Some have a shield to prevent being damaged by the player.

Minor Enemies
Enemies that scatter around a stage.
Enemies that can't be avoided, only defeated.
Enemies you fight at the end of a stage. The protagonist takes their weapon to the upon their defeat. Each era has a name for bosses in them:
Fortress Bosses
Enemies that show up in Dr. Wily's Fortress and similar locations.

Stage Elements

Things to stand on
If the player stands on these, they instantly die.
Things to climb up
A sealed location where you fight a Bosses or Sub-boss.
Things that can't be defeated, only avoided. They sometimes attack the player, or just fire projectiles in the air in one or more directions, regardless of where the player is.

Recurring Stages

Some stages show up in multiple games, are grouped together in a single game, or both. Some examples:

  1. Dr. Wily's fortress and Dr. Cossack's citadel are end-of-the-game groups of stages that the player takes on
  2. "Cut Man" stage:

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