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Other media

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Other media is an unofficial term used on the Mega Man Wiki for organizational purposes. It is loosely defined as Mega Man media that is not a video game, and often which is set outside the official canon of the seven eras of the Mega Man universe. This includes most adaptations of video games, and also stories set in original canons.

Original media

This is a list of media with its own original canon; art that does not seek to adapt or take direct inspiration from any specific Mega Man video games, instead using characters and story elements from the video games to create new settings and stories.

Title Release Studio Description
Captain N: The Game Master September 1989 - October 1991 DIC Entertainment A crossover cartoon with elements from several NES and Game Boy video games, including Mega Man, Mega Man 2, and Mega Man 3.
Mega Man September 1994 - January 1996 Ruby-Spears Productions
Ashi Productions
A cartoon series loosely inspired by the Mega Man video games of the Classic era, up until Mega Man 5.
Mega Man: Fully Charged August 2018 - May 2019 Man of Action Entertainment An original 3D-animated series with its own unique story, taking inspiration mostly from the Classic era.
Pachislot Rockman Ability September 2018 Enterrise A pachislot game with its own unique story, taking inspiration mostly from the Classic era.


While predominantly a video game franchise, Mega Man has had many forays into other art forms across the years. Rather than a comprehensive list of every adaptation of Mega Man over the years, this section will instead link to other pages for each kind of media: