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Hey there! I'm helping User:Tacopill with this wiki. I try to add as much info as I know, but I'm most comfortable covering enemies from the games that I'm most familiar with. I create enemy table templates and put them in game articles, and I also provide sprites from those games - see Mega Man 5#Enemies for an example.

I'm currently most familiar with the following games:

  • Mega Man 1-7
  • Mega Man X1-X3
  • Mega Man I-IV (Game Boy)
  • (Rockman X DiVE) (somewhat)

I'll need a refresher on these before I can help much:

  • Mega Man Battle Network 1-6
  • Mega Man Zero 1-4
  • Mega Man & Bass

I haven't played these yet, but may get to them eventually:

  • Mega Man V
  • Mega Man Xtreme 1-2
  • Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge
  • Mega Man Soccer?

Feel free to ask questions on my talk page; you will get a reply under your comment.