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<strong>MediaWiki has been installed.</strong>
<div style="border:5px solid #02efee;width:100%;padding:1px;">
<div style="background:#01017c;color:#ffffff;">Welcome to <big>Mega Man Wiki!</big></div>
<div>We have [[Special:Statistics|{{NUMBEROFARTICLES}} articles]] including articles on [[Mega Man (game)]] and [[Mega Man (character)]].</div>

Consult the [ User's Guide] for information on using the wiki software.
<div style="border:5px solid #02efee;width:48%;padding:1px;float:right;">
{| style="width:100%;"
! style="background:#01017c;color:#ffffff;" | Series
| [[Classic series]] {{dot}} [[X series / Zero series]] {{dot}} [[ZX series]] {{dot}} [[Legends series]] {{dot}} [[Battle Network series]] {{dot}} [[Star Force series]] {{dot}} [[Power Battle series]] {{dot}} [[Marvel vs. Capcom series]] {{dot}} [[Super Smash Bros. series]]

== Getting started ==
<div style="border:5px solid #02efee;width:48%;padding:1px;float:left;">
* [ Configuration settings list]
<div style="background:#01017c;color:#ffffff;">Main Areas of the Wiki</div>
* [ MediaWiki FAQ]
* [ MediaWiki release mailing list]
* [[Games]] ([[:Category:Games]] {{dot}} [[Template:Games]])
* [ Localise MediaWiki for your language]
* [[Characters]] ([[:Category:Characters]] {{dot}} [[Template:Characters]])
* [ Learn how to combat spam on your wiki]
* [[Series]] ([[:Category:Series]] {{dot}} [[Template:Series]])
* [[Items]] ([[:Category:Characters]] {{dot}} [[Template:Characters]])

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